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Did The U.s. Constitution Extend The Liberty Won In The Revolutionary War Or Limit It: In Other Words, Was The Constitution Revolutionary Or Reactionary? Suppport Your Answer With Arguments Made At That Time By Political S And Later By Historians. B

[Author][Course Code][Instructor][Date]The transitionary Nature of the U .S . ConstitutionThe Second Continental sex bend passed a resolution on the 7th of July 1776 declaring the independence of the sum of money from Great Britain . The same resolution called for the formation of foreign alliances (especially France and Spain ) and the mechanically skillful drawing of a plan of compact to be submitted to the department states . On the 4th of July 1776 , independence was declared . Thus , the commencement exercise lam to solidify the revolution was initiated by drafting the alleged(prenominal) Articles of conspiracyThe Articles of Confederation adopted by fraction-states had certain impuissancees even before the whirling ended . There was a need to add a revenue amendment because the Congress lacked the authority to lev y taxes . It could only require member states to contri just nowe their fair share to the common exchequer . The collected revenues however were insufficient to finance state reconstruction projects . Thus , the Congress applied the principle of state sovereignty that is , the state has the power to lay duties and collect taxes . All states , withdraw from off the Rhode Island conceded to the amendment , thereby destroying the proposal Consensus was necessary in to machine a proposal in Congress The second weakness tack in the Articles of Confederation was the so-called Liberum Veto . In this placement , each state had the right to possess some(prenominal) amendments to a devoted proposal . Thus , all amendments in incoming acts passed by the Congress would have to be sign by all member states . Legislations of salient political or frugal significance would have needed the check of cardinal states . If some(prenominal) of the state delegates were absent in the ple nary sessions of the Congress , a single del! egate could easily defeat a condition legislative proposal of significant measure .
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The Congress initiated course to strengthen the Articles of Confederation by proposing amendmentsThe period between the verification of the Articles of Confederation and the drafting of the 1787 Constitution had been described by political thinkers and historians as the period of turmoil , weakness and dissension . In the Articles of Confederation , no articles were provided for the institutionalization of an executive branch . A outcome court system was never mentioned nor given importance by the state delegates . The legislati ve branch was the only organ of the bailiwick government . However , it had no authority to enforce the so-called police power of the state to member states . Laws would have to be approved by all the member states (except for laws which of significance nurse . The Congress could declare war and forge foreign policies , besides it could not force a state to support it . The member states had the authority to determine the quota for troops or the arms to be supplied to the conscript army . Tax collection was under the fragility of the states . Financing Union activities were left to the control of the states . The Congress could not even punish a state for not transform to the federal budget . Currency was left to the discretion of the states . theoretically , each state had the...If you want to get a amply essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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