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F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby is Great Essay -- Reviews Fitzg

F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby is GreatF. Scott Fitzgerald, known by some as author of fluffy magazine articles, has shocked us with the novel release of The Great Gatsby. Breaking from his reputation as a clich reporter (his most recent work was on the latest womens shoe style) Fitzgerald proves himself a true intellectual with this tremendous novel. Using eloquent prose and a style fresh to straight offs literature scene, he captures the essence of modern culture. The lavish parties in Gatsby are perfect illustrations of our affable lives that incur become overzealous and desperate in light of the controversial prohibition laws. Fitzgerald describes the floating rounds of cocktails permeating the garden and amusement park behavior of typical partygoers with unmatchable insight (40). The debonair host, Gatsby, is a man we have all met at some pointsignificantly wealthy and relentlessly mysterious. Fitzgerald presents brilliantly complex characters whose cont rasting life views represent the sentiments of today. Gatsbys zealous romance is praiseworthy in the face of inevitable corruption. He willfully denies that the world is fragile and clings to his romantic aspirations. Fitzgerald counters this romanticism with characters Tom and Jordanforceful, blunt characters whose realism starkly contrasts Daisys flippant responsiveness and Gatsbys dreamy aura. The intricacy of these characters warrants significant attention to Fitzgeralds recent accomplishment as a writer. Offering further social commentary, Tom Buchanan blatantly and exaggeratingly points to a common undertone among todays upper class when he says, Civilization is going to piecesits up to us, the prevalent rac... ... spirit and its resulting absurdity in a bizarre scene where Daisy whispers, Id like to just get one of those pink clouds and put you in it and push you around (94). Through such scenes, the author shows us a satisfactory hint of the unreality of realit y, a promise that the rock of the world was founded hard on fairys wingsa brilliantly paradoxical statement unique to Fitzgeralds work (99). With beautiful language unprecedented by any work up to date, Fitzgerald presents a work thematically and aesthetically profound. His characters are remarkably applicable to modern behavior as they express normally felt sentiments. Critics are truly astounded at Fitzgeralds poeticism and metaphorical writing style we can hardly believe that Gatsby is a work by the disregarded magazine columnist. We hope to see more quality works from Fitzgerald.

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Raves :: essays research papers fc

Social Problems of apotheosis and Raves Throughout American history drugs have posed a problem to indian lodge and lawmakers. Many attempts have transpired to try to counteract future problems associated with drugs. Many of the drugs threatening America were originally designed toward the improvement of human health. The most recent epidemic of recreational drug use is ecstasy. Ecstasys popularity is particularly in the possession of the nations youth. The institute of use is at all-night clubs and bars within many large cities. Recent research has been completed roughly the problems and long term effects of the drug. Does the freshly era of rave clubs and club drugs such as ecstasy pose a great threat to society? Before analyzing the societal problems associated with ecstasy it is important to understand what it is and its background. Ecstasy or MDMA (methylenedioxmethamphetamine) first originated in 1914 and was used as an appetite suppressant it was not heavily used again un til the 1970s and was used to treat psychological disorders. Finally in the 1980s the drug administration banned any informal use of ecstasy because of recent test results proving it causes health problems. Recently the drug has become very popular and the rising popularity is from the influence of the rave movement. Boom, Boom, Boom. The sound of the new innovative music, responsible for cultivating and transforming society erupts from the speakers of a rave. Codes of conduct at raves are nonexistent. With out rules the crowds are encouraged to participate in whatever they find pleasing. plurality attend the raves to dance, moreover in actuality the ravers seek thrill through clandestine actions. Raves usually are praised for creating peaceful and positive vibes, but in spite of the manoeuvre and happiness created, raves also have many downfalls. Raving is an all-night activity. Large quantities of "rave kids" use mind and body altering drugs enabling them to indulge in a night of dancing and immoral behavior. Ecstasy is a quintessential part of entertainment at the rave scene. The drug enhances the scene and the raver does not fully appreciate the moment unless in an altered state of mind. Kids who use ecstasy roam around the scene lost, and not in touch with reality. The ravers are experiencing the moment, but to others it sounds as if they are experiencing mass confusion. Some "ravers" consider alcohol to be a square drug, and therefore seek an alternate source of synthetic energy, such as ecstasy.

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Building Foundations for The Future Essay -- Education Teaching Teache

Building Foundations for The Future When I think of how my teaching style will be matchless day, a particular parable comes to brainiac that I have known since my childhood days. In the Bible, in the book of Matthew, Peter and several other fishermen were fishing out on the ocean one night when from far out in the distance, they could see a man walking on the peeing toward them. The man was Jesus. Peter was afraid that the figure wasnt Jesus, but instead a spirit, so Jesus told Peter to get out of the boat and walk over to him. So Peter got out, and walked on the water over to Jesus. But then, the wind began to blow furiously, causing Peter to become afraid. He looked down, began to sink, and then screamed out to Jesus to help him. Immediately Jesus stretched onwards his hand and caught Peter, and said O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt? (Matt. 1431). Most children today are fatalitying to learn, but from clock to time in that respect is an obstacle on their path toward knowledge that they cannot overcome on their own. When faced with such obstacles, whether it is the divorce of their parents, or continually failing in one certain subject, they usually become scared and just need someone to cry Help to. Just as Jesus immediately helped Peter, I want to immediately help those students that are doubting that they can overcome something. I do not want my students to ever doubt that they can do something, and eventually become too reluctant to even try anymore just because they failed a time or two. I want to be there to assure my students that they can do anything they put their minds to, and Ill be there to help them along the way. I believe that children are one of Gods gifts on thi... ...le the latter may not be as important as Math, English, Science, and Social Studies, they do still deserve a great sens of attention, because they work to the students benefit as well by making them a more we ll-rounded individual. My professional developmental plans consist of getting my K-6 Elementary cultivation Degree, and even possibly specializing in one subject area. I am still debating at the present time over whether or not to go for the specialization or not, but if I do I might specialize in Math. Also in my plans for after I graduate is the hap of going for my Masters Degree, so that I can become a Principal one day if I decide that I want to do that or not. But overall, I am still very undecided about my after-graduation plans. I am just really excited at the moment to be nearing the date of receiving my Teaching Degree

Streetcar Named Desire Essay: Themes in A Streetcar Named Desire

Themes in A Streetcar Named Desire A Streetcar Named Desire is a pessimistic work that is the culmination of a view of life in which evil, or at least undiminished insensitivity, conquers throughout no matter what the protagonistic forces do(Szeliski 69). In other words, sensitive individuals altogether meet a similar fate-crushed under the heels of those who lack sensitivity. This play is about Blanche DuBois in that locationfore, the main themes of the drama concern her directly. In Blanche is seen the tragedy of an individual caught between two worlds-the past world of the Southern gentlewoman and the evidence world of crudeness and decay-unwilling to let go of the past and unable, because of her character, to come to any sort of terms with the present (Falk 94). The final result is her destruction. This process began long before her clash with Stanley Kowalski. It started with the death of her young husband, a weak and perverted boy who committed suicide when she taunted him with her disgust at the discovery of his perversion. In retrospect, she knows that he was the only man she had ever loved, and from this early catastrophe evolved her promiscuity. She is lonely and frightened, and she attempts to fight this condition with sex. Desire fills the emptiness when there is no love and desire blocks the inexorable movement of death, which has already wasted and decayed Blanches ancestral home Belle Reve. For Blanche, Belle Reve was the remaining symbol of a life and customs that she knows in her heart have vanished, yet to which she clings with a desperate tenacity. In doing so, she is both an individual and a representative of her society, an emblem of a lost usage (Krutch 39). She is dated. Her speech, manners and habi... ...Adler, Thomas. A Streetcar Named Desire The Moth and the Lantern. New York Twayne, 1990. Baym, Nina et al, eds. The Norton Anthology of American Literature. New York W.W. Norton & Co. 1995. Falk, Signi. Twentieth Century Interpre tations of A Streetcar Named Desire. The Southern Gentlewoman. Ed. Jordan Y. Miller. New island of Jersey Prentice-Hall, 1971. Krutch, Joseph Wood. Twentieth Century Interpretations of A Streetcar Named Desire. Review of Streetcar Named Desire. Ed. Jordan Y. Miller. New Jersey Prentice-Hall, 1971. Szeliski, John T. von. Twentieth Century Interpretations of A Streetcar Named Desire. Tennessee Williams and the cataclysm of Sensitivity. Ed. Jordan Y. Miller. New Jersey Prentice-Hall, 1971. Williams, Tennessee. The Theater of Tennessee Williams. A Streetcar Named Desire. New York Laughlin, 1971.

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Spas in Roman Times :: essays research papers

What is the spa?The word spa is rooted in the Latin language and means salus per aquam. For those of you who are not very polished on your Latin, that means health from water. Spa is also the name of a comminuted village in Belgium where hot mineral springs were ascertained by ancient Romans and employ by soldiers to treat aching muscles and wounds from battle.When?It is unclear when the Romans used the first public bath, but during the reign of Caesar Augustus from 27 B.C. to 14 A.D., at that place were approximately 170 baths throughout Rome.At this time, citizens of Rome began to view baths as a way of providing rest, relaxation, and solace to all people, not just those weary of war.Spa in EnglandIn 70 A.D., the Romans built a spa and dedicated it, as a shrine consisting of a reservoir around the hot springs at Bath, in what is now England, a complex series of baths, and a temple, to the honor of the goddess Sulis Minerva. As the Roman Empire grew, so did the number of public baths. By the year three hundred A.D., there were over 900 baths throughout the empire. The oldest Roman spa still in existence today is located in Merano, Italy, providing evidence of the idea that the Romans used natural springs in an organized manner to provide treatments.Types of SpaAfter exercising, bathers entered the tepidarium, a room where they would prepare for their bath. The first step was to remove the oil from their body. Oil was used as a substitute for soap, which was reserved for only the very wealthy in ancient Rome, then scraped off with an implement known as a strigil, removing dirt and grime with it. Upon completing this step, bathers were ready to enter the caladarium. This room was very hot and filled with steam, created by sunken pools of hot water. Some baths also include a room that was very hot and dry, very much like our modern day saunas, called a laconicum. Visits to the hot rooms were followed by a scrutinise to the frigidarium. As the name implies, this room was cold and served to close pores that were open from sweating in the hot rooms. This room also frequently contained either a small pool of cold water for washing away sweat or a large pool of cold water for swimming.

Spas in Roman Times :: essays research papers

What is the spa?The word spa is rooted in the Latin language and delegacy salus per aquam. For those of you who are not very polished on your Latin, that means health from water. Spa is also the name of a small village in Belgium where heatable mineral springs were discovered by ancient Romans and used by soldiers to treat aching muscles and wounds from battle.When?It is unclear when the Romans used the first public bath, but during the reign of Caesar Augustus from 27 B.C. to 14 A.D., there were approximately 170 baths throughout Rome.At this time, citizens of Rome began to view baths as a way of providing rest, relaxation, and solace to all people, not just those cloy of war.Spa in EnglandIn 70 A.D., the Romans built a spa and dedicated it, as a shrine consisting of a reservoir around the bitter springs at Bath, in what is now England, a complex series of baths, and a temple, to the honor of the goddess Sulis Minerva. As the Roman Empire grew, so did the number of public baths . By the year 300 A.D., there were over 900 baths throughout the empire. The oldest Roman spa still in existence today is located in Merano, Italy, providing evidence of the mood that the Romans used natural springs in an organized manner to provide treatments.Types of SpaAfter exercising, bathers entered the tepidarium, a room where they would prepare for their bath. The first step was to remove the oil from their body. Oil was used as a substitute for soap, which was reserved for only the very wealthy in ancient Rome, then scraped off with an implement know as a strigil, removing dirt and grime with it. Upon completing this step, bathers were ready to enter the caladarium. This room was very hot and filled with steam, created by sunken pools of hot water. around baths also included a room that was very hot and dry, very much like our modern day saunas, called a laconicum. Visits to the hot rooms were followed by a visit to the frigidarium. As the name implies, this room was col d and served to close pores that were open from sweating in the hot rooms. This room also frequently contained all a small pool of cold water for washing away sweat or a large pool of cold water for swimming.

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Dark Chocolate Essay

Chemistry Central Journal brings even more good password for burnt umber lovers, stating that dark chocolate contains more flavanols and polyphenols than fruit juice. Cacao seeds are a Super Fruit providing nutritive value beyond that of their macronutrient composition, said Dr Debra Miller. burnt umber and Blood PressureThe important thing is that the antioxidants in dark chocolate can significantly reduce blood oblige in patients with hypertension. According to researchers from the University of Adelaide, flavanols get along vasodilation, which may consequently dismay blood pressure.There have, however, been conflicting results as to the real-life effects of eating chocolate. Weve found that consumption can significantly, albeit modestly, reduce blood pressure for people with high blood pressure but not for people with normal blood pressure. added Dr Karin Ried, who is program manager and research fellow of the PHCRED (Primary Health look at Research Evaluation & Development) program at The University of Adelaide. The analysis concluded that the pressure reduction caused by chocolate consumption was comparable to the effects of 30 minutes of daily physical activity.Chocolate and CirrhosisThere are also potential benefits for liver disease patients. Spanish scientists found that eating dark chocolate lowers blood pressure in the liver and reduces damage to the blood vessels of patients with cirrhosis.A study which was presented at the International Liver Congress 2010 divided 21 cirrhotic patients with lay off stage liver disease into two groups. The first group received liquid meal containing dark chocolate, while the participants in the second group were acquire liquid meal with white chocolate devoid of anti-oxidant properties. As a result, the patients receiving dark chocolate experienced a noticeable reduction of post-prandial increase in blood pressure in the liver. one Square Is EnoughHowever, it is not necessary to eat huge quantities of chocol ate in order to experience all the health benefits. In fact, just one small unanimous a day may be enough to experience the health benefits chocolate is offering. A study performed in Germany that compared 19 357 individuals found that those who ate the most amount of chocolate (an average of 7.5 grams a day) were at a 39% lower assay of developing a heart attack than people with the lowest (1.7 grams) chocolate intakes. To put things into perspective, the six grams of difference are the equivalent of one small square of a typical 100g chocolate bar.Our hypothesis was that because chocolate appears to have a pronounced effect on blood pressure, therefore chocolate consumption would lower the risk of strokes and heart attacks, explains Dr Brian Buijsse from the German Institute of Human Nutrition, who led the research. Small amounts of chocolate may help to prevent heart disease, but only if it replaces early(a) energy-dense food, such as snacks, in order to keep body weight stab le.

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“Death of a Soldier” by Louisa May Alcott Essay

The excerpt Death of a Soldier, taken from Hospital Sketches by Louisa May Alcott features various rhetorical strategies to create an appeal to emotion. She exhibits the compassion of the nurse for John, change sur display case in the face of inevitable demise she displays the altruistic mindset of John, and adds depth to her words by using analogies. She uses these tools in order to inflict a dusky emotional feeling and an understanding of how awful the situation actually was.One of the rhetorical strategies of this piece is her compassion, even when seemingly futile, for the wounded soldier. The way Alcott describes Johns situation as being completely helpless and doomed. The doctors words, not having the slightest hope for recovery, illustrate his condition. Given this information prior to her attempt to shut up his pain, Alcott raises her sheer sorrow for the poor lad. I bathed his face, brushed his bonny brown hair, set all things smooth about him. This quote shows how muc h travail she put into even the slightest difference in his comfort, in hopes of inflicting a satisfied expression on a dying face. She stirred the air about him with a slow wave of air and waited for him to die. She stood by him until his breath helping him bear the agony of his inevitable and anticipated death. These examples of her charity instill feelings of understanding and pity for John.The other side of Alcotts appeal to emotion is Johns mentality. John questions the nurse in reference to the battle do they think it will be my last? He is seemingly eager to return to his position and fulfill his duty. He feels loyal to his cause and indifferent to his own well-being. On his deathbed he is only momentarily worried for himself when introduced to his fate. After that brief moment he seems to feel guilty for his cowardly cause of death, and justifies it as he obeyed orders. With his last bear breath he asks of the people present that they tell the others he did his best, as he wanted so desperately to make his friends and family proud. He sees the tragedy of his death not in death itself, but in the incapability of action, thereby preventing further altruism. His noble mentality draws the reader away from the image of a boorish, stoic, combatant, towards a kind, caring, Virginia blacksmith.To strengthen the appeal of emotion, Alcott integrates analogies into her writing. She embodies a look of helplessness forced by the inevitability of his death, crossing Johns face in her words, over his face I saw a gray veil falling that no human can lift. She shows the reader how close to death he was, and appeals to the reader with her latitude inability to help him. After he has died, she compares his lifeless breathing to the waves of an ebbing tide that bear unfelt against the wreck. This pallid vision shows how although he was not physically dead, he was not really alive.With such proficient use of these rhetorical strategies, Alcott reaches the emotions of th e reader. She shows the compassion of the nurse, to provide the reader with understanding of the atmosphere she provides insight to the frame of mind of John, to show him as a person who is more than a tool of war and she intensifies her emotional appeal with analogies, to deepen understanding for the events of the story. Ultimately Alcott amalgamates all these elements in an overcome effort to capture the readers heart.

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Oceanview Marine Company Engagement Letter

LILTS BERGER & ASSOCIATES 4-1 Certified Public AccountantsCW 11/23/2012 Ocean City, Florida 33140 October 30, 2012 Mr. Donald Phillips, President Oceanvien Marine Company 36 Clearwater Lake Road Ocean City, Florida 33140 unspoiled Mr. Phillips This letter is to confirm our understanding of the terms of our engagement as the auditors of Oceanview Marine Company for the year ended December 31, 2012. We will audit the fraternitys balance sheet for December 31, 2012, and the related statements of income, retained earnings, and cash flows for the year then ended.The purpose of our audit is to form an opinion as to whether these statements are jolly presented in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America. We will review the companys federal and state income tax returns for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2012. In addition, we will be available to consult with you concerning the tax effects of any transactions or changes in company policies .Our audit opinion will be based on our examination, made on a test basis, of your records, documents, assets, and equities. We will not examine all transactions, assets, or equities in detail, and the examination should not be relied on to detect all errors, fraud, or illegal acts that may have taken place. Notwithstanding, should we discover material misstatements resulting from error, fraud, or illegal acts during our audit, they will be disclosed to you. Please note that management of the company has the primary 4-2CW 11/23/2012 responsibility for maintaining adequate accounting records, for the safeguarding of assets, and for the readying of accurate financial statements. If, for any reason, we are unable to complete the audit or are unable to form or have not make an opinion, we may decline to express an opinion or decline to issue a report as a result of the engagement. The timing of our services is schedule for performance and completion as follows Begin field betDecember 15, 2012 Completion of fieldworkMarch 15, 2013Deli genuinely of management letterMarch 22, 2013 Delivery of audit reportMarch 29, 2013 Delivery of tax returnsMarch 29, 2013 It is agreed that your staff will provide assistant with the preparation of data and by providing documents and records as needed. Our fees will be based on our standard hourly rates. Invoices will be submitted periodically as the work progresses and are payable upon presentation. Should we find any conditions that could significantly affect our initial estimated total fees of $21,000, we will notify you immediately.If the above terms are acceptable, and the services sketch are in accordance with the companys requirements, please sign the copy of this letter in the space provided and return it to us. 4-3 CW 11/23/2012 Yours very truly, Per Charles Ward Charles Ward, CPA Partner The services set forbidden in the foregoing letter are in accordance with our requirements. The terms set out are acceptable to us and are hereby agreed to. Per Donald Phillips Donald Phillips, President Oceanview Marine Company November 10, 2012

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Apple Tows Matrix Essay

Pestel AnalysisPolitical Factors * War, terrorism, geo policy-making uncertainties issues beyond companys ability to control.* 52% of the companys net sales in 2007 coming from countries outside America. * Manufacturing or logistics might be interrupted by political flushts in the manufacturing countries.Economic Factors * Overall global economy outlook is not good.* Inflation reduced consumers expenditure on luxuries.* Economic crisis influencing apples retails business.Social Factors * A variety of regulations & law for health and Safety may adversely affect companys financial condition.* It is account that the improper use of iPod may lead to hearing loss for users.* Technological Factors * Fast technological changes.* Frequent introduction of new harvests and the continual improvement in harvest-tide performance.Legal Factors* Employments laws nationally and internationally* Tax laws in the U.S. and other countries* Foreign trade laws* Environmental Factors* Apple products a rgon made from a steep grade titanium which is to reduce pollution during the making and be recyclable as well* Products atomic number 18 also energy star qualified so they do not burn as much energy as traditional laptops doPorter Five ForcesThreat of New Entrants-Low* As the Apple leads the market with the different products like Pc, iPhone, iPad and iPod which are full of the features.* As the Apples customer are loyal and they are ready to pay even the premium price to the company.* Apple has no debts. New entrants will not affect them initially. * The leaders of the market already capture the major distributors like* AT&T and Verizon in U.S which gain the 60% of themarket. Same thing with Hp, Toshiba, etc.Threat of Suppliers see to it* The supplier of the products like, memory, chips, disks and drive are not the same.* The products that are provided by the companies are standardized and had no substitute.* The companies are going to use the standardize products to reduce the cost hence the suppliers products essential for the industry.* As they are many suppliers in number, so the switching cost is low.* The products that are provided by the companies are standardized and had no substitute.* The industry is the growing industry and for the suppliers it is very profitable.Bargaining Power of Buyers Moderate* The buyers are few and the customers are now moving towards the big stores like superstores, electronic retailers and web based retailers.* The buyers are seemed more concern about the product features and availability.* The products like PCs and the mobiles phones are very individual and the brand is definitely critical for the success.* As there are many suppliers of the products like the* Apple, HP, dell etc in the market and they all struggle for the distribution. The switching cost for buyers is low.Competitive Rivalry High* The industry is fastest growing industry as the product lifecycle is not long.* The business has a high cost as in the ca se the all the players fight for the market share by cutting their cost.* The products are highly differentiated, because all are branded. ** The brand is definitely is critical for the success that is why the* Apple has a larger profit margins.* The competitors in the industry are using the different strategies.* The companies in the industry are in the market with the different strategiesThreat of Substitutes Low* There are many substitute of the technologies* duty period brands sometimes is costly but sometimes is easy. It may depends on the how much the product is standardized with the demanded features.

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A monopoly from start to finish Essay

During out studies this term we have learned a lot about a Monopolistic way a company is able to maneuver in the business market and I would like to refresh your mind by offering a clear commentary. A Monopoly is a situation in which an entity, either an individual or an industry or organization, is the sole supplier of a particular good or service. As such, this supplier has no competition from some other suppliers and is able to control the market value of the commodity. Some monopolies are government-enforced or controlled, while others form natur every(prenominal)y or through company merger.According to our focus of this paper, we are asking about the long-run competitive equilibrium of the Wonks Company that was earning a normal rate of regress and were competing in a monopolistically competitive market building. One of the questions we must answer regarding this smorgasbord in business structure is how the companys shift to a monopoly will benefit the stakeholders involved . One of the stakeholders who may be involved is the government. Monopolies sanctioned by the government are called legal monopolies.These are considered coercive monopolies, meaning that other companies are forbidden by law to compete against them. Governments also maintain some control over monopolies through competition laws, which go along monopolies from engaging in unscrupulous or anti-competitive practices (http//www. reference. com/motif/Society/advantages-disadvantages-of-monopolies). The second question is how a Monopoly will affect other businesses and after research it is quite obvious from the definition of a monopoly that other companies do not have to worry about competition from other companies in the same market.Consumers are touched by this change because they must either purchase the intersection point or service from the monopoly or do without it. When a company transitions from a monopolistically competitive firm to a monopoly, on that point will be changes w ith regard to footings and output from both of these market structures. So, lets take a closer look at how prices are affected when a firm becomes a monopoly. A common practice among some monopolies is price discrimination, in which the monopolist charges some segments of the population more than others for the same harvest-time or service, based on a higher need or a wealthier consumer base.This would usually be called price fixing which is an agreement between participants on the same side in a market to buy or sell a product, service, or commodity only at a set(p) price, or maintain the market conditions such that the price is maintained at a given level by controlling supply and look at. When the monopoly is able to prevent buyers from reselling their product, they may be able to price discriminate to accentuate the effects of monopoly power. In my opinion the most important group that is affected by a Monopoly are the consumers.Monopolies can impact consumer prices in two o bviously incompatible ways, they can cause prices to drop so low that it forces companies out of business or it an cause prices to skyrocket making it difficult for consumers to purchase a product, neither being a good option for the consumer. If one business is the only supplier of a product or service, the consumer is forced to pay whatever the price they demand. This can also lead to the company providing a low quality product or service without fear of losing business (Home, 2009).Since monopolies are the only provider, they can set pretty much any price they choose, regardless of demand, because they know the consumer has no choice. Is this sort of thing fair to consumers? Of course not, but it is how big business is able to stay on top of the market. For example, most people find that orchard apple tree products have an outrageous price tag, but I have come to learn that the quality of their products is outstanding and I estimate that Apple will deal to rise in popularity f or years to come.It has also come to my attention that because Monopolies try to monitor the price of products they may resort to price discrimination. Price discrimination is sometimes defined as the practice of a firm selling a homogeneous commodity at the same time to different purchasers at different prices . Of course, I believe it is important to understand what and how price discrimination occurs. Price discrimination exists when two similar products which have the same bare(a) cost to turn are sold by a firm at different prices.This sort of practice is highly controversial in terms of its impact on both consumers and rivals (Price Discrimination, 2006, p. 1). There are many ways to accomplish these sort of conditions because the transactions surely need not be simultaneous indeed, there is blase discrimination, such as between Sunday rates and week, day rates, matinee and evening prices, peak rates and off-peak rates, season and off-season prices. To sell different qualit ies or products with different marginal cost at the same price, or to buy different qualities or factors of different efficiency at the same price, is also discriminatory.Based on all of this useful information we must also answer the question regarding which market structure is more beneficial for Wonks to operate in and will this market structure benefit consumers? In my opinion it is based on the level of quality and service of the products and how much consumers are willing to pay for the products they want to purchase. In a monopolistic competitive market the consumer may choose to purchase a substitute product for a lower price, but only if the consumer values price over value.Of course with a monopoly there may be only a few companies offering a substitute product. If one companys product becomes too high in price, the consumer will eventually look for another brand that offers similar use. According to economist, the monopolistic competitors demand curve is less elastic than a pure competitor and more elastic than a pure monopolist. Monopolistic competitors have excess capacity which operator that fewer companies operating at capacity could supply the industry output.It is my opinion that Wonks might operate more beneficially as a Monopoly than at a Monopolistic Competitive firm because they will not have as much competition to deal with and they can corner the market with value and price.Resources 1. McChesney, F. S. , Shughart II, W. F. , & Haddock, D. D. (2004). ON THE INTERNAL CONTRADICTIONS OF THE LAW OF ONE PRICE. Economic Inquiry, 42(4), 706-716. doi10. 1093/ei/cbh091 2. Mainwaring, L. L. (1977). MONOPOLY POWER, INCOME DISTRIBUTION AND PRICE DETERMINATION.Kyklos, 30(4), 674. 3. https//www. fcsknowledgecenter. com/uploads/2011_Row_Crops_Industry_Perspective. pdf 4. http//academic. udayton. edu/lawrenceulrich/Stakeholder%20Theory. pdf 5. http//www. answers. com/topic/mergers-and-acquisitions 6. http//www. helium. com/items/1405663-what-is-a-monop oly-what-do-monopolies-do-how-is-the-economy-affected-by-monopolies 7. Case, K. E. , Fair, R. C. , and Oster, S. E. (2009) Principles of Microeconomics (9th ed). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey Pearson Prentice Hall.

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“Of Mice and Men” A comparison between the book and film Essay

The similarity between the book and the film Of Mice and Men is most evident. redden so, there are a few differences, some peanut and other crucial. However, in the majority of the scenes, the dialogs are taken literally from the book.The first difference appears in the introduction of the film. The book starts by describing the surrounding landscape of the Salinas vale where Lennie and George spend the night by the river. We learn that Lennie is mentally challenged and how this affected their stay at the farm where they previously worked. The film starts, however, by showing Lennie and George escaping from this farm and their excursion to Salinas Valley.Another difference that I noticed is concerning Curleys wife. In the book there is a scene where Lennie, Candy and Crooks are gathered in Crooks room. aft(prenominal) a while, Curleys wife emerges and the atmosphere becomes unpleasant. Crooks finds the courage to stand up against her, and when he does, she verbally breaks him down . In the movie this scene never takes place, and by eliminating this hap Curleys wifes destructive nature stays unrevealed.The scene where George is roughly to shoot Lennie is as well as different in the film than in the book. In the book this episode is long and George has a hard time shooting Lennie. I get the impression that George is hesitating and unsure if this is the right thing to do. In the film the scene is much shorter and George appears considerably more secure . The movie ends with a scene where George and Lennie work together on the little farm that they where preparation to buy. This is not in the book at all.Other scenes that were left out in the movieThe scene where Lennie has hallucinations about a giant rabbit and his aunty Clara.The scene after George has killed Lennie. In the book Slim comforts George by taking him for a drink.And the scene where Candy comes into the room when Lennie and Crooks aretalking about the little farm they are buying. In the film Cr ooks never finds out about the little farm.In my opinion both the film and the book has its flaws. In the film some crucial scenes are removed, but I thought that the characters in the movie were better than in the book. In the book, I liked uncomplete George nor Lennie. I got the impression that George was a sensitive and kind man. He always watched over Lennie and tried do the right thing. In the film George is everything he is in the book, but he is also a wise man who people can seek advice from. He has an inquisitive and contemplating look about him. I also liked Lennie better in the movie. In the book he was just a mentally challenged character, but in the film he becomes a individual with real feelings and I understand his actions on another level.I believe that this would be a better film if they had shortened it. It seems to me that the film is an unnecessarily lengthen version of the book. On the other hand, taking to many liberties when adapting this modern classic int o a film would not be a smart thing to do.. Even so, I still think that the filmmakers should have left out some insignificant scenes. The report however, is brilliant the irony in the end where George kills Lennie out of love, how the story is composed of four major issues,(the value of dreams and goals, moral responsibility, social injustice, and the bond of friendship and loyalty,) and how loneliness is one of the main emotions. The story is brilliant and genius, and only an groovy writer like John Stenbeck can create a masterpiece like this.

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Grade Speech Essay

From the minute the teacher mentioned the word SPEECHES i started to frown. I founder neer been a big fan speeches from the start, even though i have been doing them for a few years now i still have trouble with them. Whether its coming up with a topic, revising and editing, or presenting in movement of the class i dont homogeneous it one bit. But when you conceive of it who re eithery does like doing speeches at are age. I have never met someone who has started jumping up and down cheering when they hear the teacher start talking about doing speeches. Or someone who started thinking yaaa i protrude stand up in front of all my friends and my classmates and talk about one subject for 5 to 6 minutes. But in the end we all have to do it one time or another(prenominal). Knowing that I start thinking of different topics to do my speech on, and then i think why not do a speech on the very liaison i have trouble with. Why not do a speech on doing a speech. So heres my speech on speec hes.The first step on creating your speech is too come up with a good topic. You wanna think of something that isnt too boring. The last thing you wish is to be standing there talking with half of the room travel asleep. You want a topic that is something your audience will find interesting or maybe something they can relate to. If your like me, coming up with the rightfield topic to do your speech on can be challenging sometimes. So here are some things to keep in mind date finding a good topic for you. First thing is that the topic you choose has to be one that either you know a lot on or one that will be easy to research. If you cant get information on it then you wont have anything to talk about. Second thing to keep in mind is that you need to make sure the topic is appropriate for whatever audience you will be presenting to. Third thing is that another way to help think of a topic is to brainstorm. You can brainstorm many different ideas then choose the one you want to do most.The adjoining bump to do of the writhing section of your speech is the draft. this is one of the parts that takes the most work. The most important thing to keep in mind era writing your draft is that its a draft A rough copy. You can go back and fix things later when you dont like what u have written. There should be three parts to your speech. 1 the founding. 2 the body. 3 the conclusion. The introduction is where it all starts. Thats where you have your opening sentence. You want your opening sentence to be something interesting that will grab the audiences attention and make them want to keep on listening to the speech. A good introduction is the way to start off a good speech the body of your speech is the middle. Its the biggest part of the whole thing. Then theres your conclusion. Its the ending part of speech, the part where you Finnish up and conclude. Now its time to revise and edit.

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Death Penalty Essay

Roy Brown is a conservative who believes in individual rights and the right to life. He believes there is no deeper violation of a citizens right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness than the government killing them when theyre actually innocent. With the use of the death penalty, mistakes are highly inescapable (Brown 1).More than one hundred and xl death row inmates had been set free after evidence was revealed proving they were wrongfully condemned and this often happened decades after they were sentenced to die. sometimes the mistake was not caught and a few innocents have been put to death. Brown states that the death penalty is as well somewhat bad for the victims families. The families are brought along to this drawn out legal bidding and appear in many court sessions reliving the tragedy as it is impossible to incur peachy punishment quick (Brown 1).Another negative about the death penalty is its cost. Legal expenses alone make each death penalty case much more expensive than a case where a criminal is sentenced to life without the likelihood of parole (Brown 2). Brown values human life and believes that everyone should die a natural death. The same principles that motivate him to oppose abortion also motivate him to oppose the death penalty. in all life is valuable and the only agency that the citizens can be sure an innocent person is never executed is by ending the death penalty completely (Brown 2).Roy Brown has a type of incline with his opposition of the death penalty. He is a Catholic so his religious views get in the way of his perspective on the use of capital punishment. Catholics believe that the fundamental respect for human life includes make up those guilty of crimes. So Brown, as a Catholic, grew up disliking the death penalty as he has been taught in his religion to love human life. So his view with Catholicism might blur out how he truly views the use of the death penalty without religion involved.Brown, Roy. Why Conse rvatives Should Oppose the Death Penalty. The occasional Caller. The Daily Caller, 16 Apr. 2013. Web. 26 Sept. 2013.

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Sins of the Marketplace

The boob of Dalton Is the sin of selling you more than you really indirect request to buy. The electronic stores are the worst sinners of the marketplace. They induce you into buying add-ions, such as expansive power-bars or cables, and all-encompassing warranty. Most of the times you dont need them or could have bought less expensive items that have the same quality. The sin of addition Is a commonly used tactic called packing the deal and Its where the profit is made.The sin of disrespect The sin of omission could be committed when you sign an Insurance policy. A vendor, who has reason to know or suspect adverse prior medical history for you, does not tell you the details that will unfit you from getting compensation. To close the deal and make money, companies only look at your ability to pay. This tactic Is called spatial relation Claim underwriting. They will Walt until you file a claim before spending money to confirm that the charming prints have disqualified you.The si n of creation The sin of creation is committed when a comp all creates a need that induces you to buy a product you would never have thought you would need. The best example to exemplify this Is the need for antibacterial soap. Impasses have made us believe that regular soap does not massacre germs as well as antibacterial soap. Well, tests done in laboratories have proven that this belief is prostitute and even that it can harm us because It can weaken our natural defenses.The sin of salvation When a company says that, if you buy its product, you will be cured of whatever condition you might suffer from, you are witnessing the sin of salvation. So beware, they will leaven to get at you through persuasive testimonials, * sketchy scientists * and paranoiac peddlers who will pretend that doctors dont prescribe this product cause they are afraid of losing their lucrative business destruction As a conclusion, use your common sense, do a lot of research and read the fair prints be fore signing any contract Doing this, youll avoid failing for one of the marketplaces sins.For businesses will always try to reach into your pocket by employ addition, omission, creation, salvation, assurance, persuasion and deception. Questions -What is for you the biggest sin of the marketplace? -Have you ever been victim of any of these? * Do you think that, as consumers, we have a responsibility in the fact that businesses are using these practices?

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Educating Essay

Individuals venturing into refreshing experiences may encounter obstacles but may also gain signifi roll in the hayt rewards. Do you agree with this post? In your response, refer to your prescribed school sustain and atleast one separate related textual matter of your own choosing.Individuals venturing into innovative experiences may encounter obstacles but may also gain significant rewards. This is present in the text Educating Rita written by Willy Russell and the film The Help written by Kathryn Stockett. In this text we see a fairly un-educated woman blossom and find herself through instruction the obstacles she faces on her way to knowledge argon the stepping stones in finding herself and registering the new homo of education.Rita is a typical uneducated woman her smell history is already planned out for her consisting of children, cooking/cleaning, pub trips and the overall expectation to be content with this life and non expect any more. However throughout the text we see Rita break away from this trim down degree/restricting stereotype to blossoming and finding herself in the world of education.The impoliteing opinion portrays to us the two completely different worlds in which Rita and coarse live. Rita has enrolled in an Open University course as she sees education as a way of moving out of her world she feels out of step with her working class background and wants to discover herself first before having a baby and tying herself down for life. Ritas uninterrupted desire to know everything makes Frank feel that he is an appalling teacher because he feels he has vigor to offer her.Frank is Ritas course tutor he is a very negative and puritanic man who is heavily reliant on alcohol to dull his boredom and frustration. Although being a degenerate alcoholic he is also a very precise, formal and educated professor who is just on a downward spiral in his life. Throughout the text we see Rita and Franks family grow as Rita makes him feel as if he has hope again, and then his drive comes back.In scene one we observe Rita struggling to open the door into Franks responsibility this symbolises her struggle to enter that world, its a barrier, however shes determined to get what she wants in this case education because almost breaks the door in order to get in. Youre the first breath of air thats been in this room for years quoted by Frank symbolises the opening up of a new world for him, hes now got someone new and different to experience. This is a good change for Frank. guessing two beings with Rita oiling Franks office door, then handing the oil to Frank. This is symbolic of giving him the key/ joyride to open up to another world. Rita still doesnt portray herself as a proper pupil and her self esteem/confidence is still very low. She doesnt think she is capable of achieving the great es hypothesises that the other students write and doubts herself that she will even finish the course. This scene really reveals the cost that trying to change herself is probable to have on Rita. She is dissatisfied with her life and has a desire to change it, yet it would be easier in her opinion to simply stay as she is and continue her boring life of hairdressing and different flavoured beers.Frank assigns Rita 3 novels to read as her hunger for knowledge is breaking to grow extremely. The slow change in Rita is starting to rifle evident as she can read/take on any book presented to her, it feeds me inside. Her hunger is growing and making her slowly discover who she is, it makes me stronger comin here.Although Rita feels as if shes ultimately accepted in the university and has a place/fits in with the proper students, she still has barriers to face in her personalisedized life that are important determining points in her progress and choices as an individual. Ritas husband Denny isnt accepting nor euphoric about her doing this whole learning thing and forces her to choose between him and education as he doesnt understand that this is the first time shes happy and felt a disposition of purpose in her life.Denny has made her constantly feel stupid for even considering getting an education and therefore burns all of her books. The burning of the books is symbolic of Denny trying to prevent Rita from moving away. Youd think I was havin a bloody affair the way he behaves And arent you? symbolises Ritas affair with education. Although she may not be cheating on Denny, she still desires to educate herself more than spend time with her husband and is happy with this choice as it is her own choice and no one elses.In scene six we start to see a notable change in the relationship between Rita and Frank. When Rita bursts into Franks office excited to tell him that she saw one of Shakespeares plays it was bleedin great, Frank thought that something serious had happened which indicates that he is beginning to care for her. After inviting Rita to a dinner party at his house Frank feels next to Rita this invite symbolises the change in the basis of their relationship from teacher and student to a more personal one.Throughout the text we have seen Rita grow and shape herself as an individual, no matter what obstacles and new experiences she has encountered with on her way she has got through them with determination and strength, and as a result has been great personal gain. Towards the end of the text Frank presents Rita with a dress this is symbolic of a dress for an educated woman, she is now one and can wear the dress with pride. Frank decides to leave the university, as he does not feel it is the right career for him anymore and would prefer to spend his time doing something else. Rita and Frank have both grown and found themselves throughout this text which is also evident in the film The Help written by Kathryn Stockett.The Help is get in Mississippi during the 1960s, main character Skeeter (Stone) is a southern society girl who returns from college determ ined to become a writer, but turns her friends lives and the Mississippi town upside down when she decides to interview the black women who have worn out(p) their lives taking care of the richer upper class families. Davis, Skeeters best friends housekeeper, is the first to open up and be interviewed to the shock of her friends in the close black community. Despite Skeeters life yen friendships hanging in the balance, she and Davis continue their partnership and soon more women come forward to tell their stories and as it turns out, they have a lot to say. Along the way, unlikely friendships are forged and a new sisterhood emerges, but not before everyone in town has a thing or two to say themselves when they become unsuspectingly/unwillingly caught up in the changing modern times. This is relevant to the text Educating Rita as the women find the courage and self confidence to venture into new experiences to help better either themselves or their community.

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White Collar Crime

Is light Collar Crime an inwardly Job? Simply put, the superlative that Charles Ferguson is trying to get across in his documentary, The Inside Job is that economics is exactly that, its an internal job with many elite employees involved. Economics is a profession, and at the end of the day, it all comes down to power, and the silver be brought home by those at the top. Through prohibited the documentary Ferguson does an excellent job uncover the non so behind the scenes action, that many just dont pick up on, due to the circumstance that companies police themselves.The documentary explains how it effects everyone, veritable(a) those that argon not directly involved or related. Those who are responsible for the financial meltdown in 2008, and the housing bubble are revealed, and an explanation is given as to why they are windlessness in charge of the companies whose actions affected millions of volume not wholly in The United States, but all over the world. Several dif ferent types of black-and-blue neckband plagues were perpetrate ahead(p) up to the financial crisis, and several different companies were engaging in the sizable scale criminal activity.Financial deregulating is one of the main topics discussed in the documentary, and how financial institutions were given to a greater extent freedom thus making more risky investings with their depositors money, and recogniseing no consequences when these investments fell through. The documentary brings forward many thoughts c pretermit to the types of white smash disgust turn overted and how those that are guilty got away with it, how the dupes were affected by the care slight actions of the companies, as comfortably as the reasons and motivation behind the crimes. The documentary stresses that this crisis was no accident, and that it was all caused by an out of control industry.Each crises causes more and more financial damage, while industries continue to make millions. While the do cumentary doesnt once touch the term white snitch crime, it doesnt take much to realize that this was exactly what went on. Not only hurt the vast majority of responsible arrayies not been convicted of any crime they welcoment even been charged (Andrew Leonard, 2012), the employees that destroyed their own companies, and caused crisis all over the world, walked away with all their money, and go forth millions of concourse without their savings.Defining White Collar Crime Defined by Edwin Sutherland(1949), white quail at crime is a crime rouseted by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his lineage. Countless types of white collar crime exist, many people not even universe awake(predicate) of them . It is strongly believed that white collar crime was the cause of the global financial crisis of 2008, which consisted mainly of mortgage, insurance, and security fraud. marshal Clinard and Richard Quinney (1973) defined two types of white collar c rime occupational, and corporate.They defined occupational crime as being committed by individuals over the course of their occupation, mainly for personal gain, whereas corporate crime is committed by the corporations as a whole, the crime is planned and committed for the corporations financial gain. In The Inside Job, several types of white collar crime were committed, such as laundering, cooking books, and defrauding customers money. Even though those who commit white collar crime are labeled as criminals, they lots dont pivot under the typical stereotype that driveway criminals hold.Reducing the amount of white collar crime is something that is very all-important(a) and there needs to be more attention toward it. The media definitely needs to focus more on white collar crime, as most intelligence service usually revolves around street crime, rather than revealing the crimes being committed by large corporations. A stronger punishment is needed to reduce white collar crime. Often, those who commit white collar crimes get off without jail, because they have the money to pay millions of dollars in fines. increase these fines drastically would not allow them to pay for their punishment. Victimization of White Collar CrimeVictimization of white collar crime is not something that is a good deal heard of in the media. Its not uncommon to turn on the news and see countless stories of the victims of murder and robbery, and well as drug related street crimes. But what about the victims of the crime thats vastly underreported, and even more undetected? People who commit street crime are seen as more dangerous, and often receive a harsh punishment, because they generally have less money,therefore less power. One of the many reasons for the underreported incidences of white collar crime, is simply because there is less to show for it.It is estimated by the Canadian Securities Administration, that nearly 5% of adult Canadians have lost money to some type of inves tment fraud. White collar crime is often seen as less damaging than street crime, but in reality, victims of white collar crime do suffer from tremendous damages. Aside from the obvious financial loss, they are known to have struggles with psychological, emotional, and physical health (Kempa 2009). Numerous things can happen after people are affected by white collar crimes, such as possibly triggering them to commit street crimes, such as theft, in order to support their family after losing money.A close relationship is often built surrounded by the perpetrator and the victim, giving them the sense of trust, thus having them believe that no type of fraud could happen to them. As seen in the documentary, not just those directly involved are affected. When the Wall Street Stock commercialize crashed in 2008, other countries were also paying the price. Tens of millions of people were affected either directly or indirectly from the global economic crisis. With the sudden drop of emplo yment in America, budgets of those families also decreased drastically, thus purchase less in order to save money.This cutback caused several large companies in China to cease their achievement cause over 10 million to lose their job. As heard in The Inside Job, Dominique Strauss-Kahn states that at the end of the day, the poorest, as always, pay the most. As mentioned earlier, the employees of the large corporations committing the crimes go home with their hundreds of thousands of dollars, and those affected in poorer countries, are left with nothing. People with money have power, power that can often get them out of situations that many others are not be able to. Self-Control Theory and White Collar CrimeThe obstinacy theory argues that all crime stems from the problem of low self control. (Hirschi & Gottfredson, 1987). This low self control causes people to act impulsively and spontaneously, value risk and adventure, and care more about themselves than they do others. As exp ress in The Inside Job, Jonathan Alpert, therapist to many Wall Street exclusives, says that theyre risk takers, and impulsive. Its part of their behaviour, its part of their personality theres just a blatant disregard for the impact that their actions might have on society, on family.Many of those that commit white collar crimes are often seen as having the need to control, being charismatic and narcissistic, as well as having a fear of losing their power and their position. Greed is often a primary motivator for white collar criminals. As heard in The Inside Job, the bankers showered money on themselves, each other, and their friends, they lived a pixilated and luxurious life living in penthouse suites on Park Avenue, owning many vacation homes in the Hamptons, flying around the world in private jets.Living such a wealthy and elite lifestyle, its quite typical for the guys to go out, to go to strip bars, to use drugs. I see a lot of cocaine use, a lot of use of prostitution A lo t of people feel that they need to really participate in that behavior to make it, to get promoted, to get recognized. (Alpert, 2010). Its quite clear that the main motivation behind many of those involved in committing white collar crimes, usually comes down to the power they hold, and most importantly, the money in their pockets. White Collar vs. Street CrimeThose who commit street crime are often given a harsher punishment and a more shun reputation than those who commit white collar crimes. In reality, the two types of criminals are not that different, even though their methods of crime are unalike. Should there be different punishment or sentences for those who commit fraud or embezzlement, compared to those who distribute illegal drugs? People with a higher status and more money and power often tend to get a lighter sentence, as both the money and power can often get them out of situations, but this isnt fair.White collar crimes generally effect people more than street crime . As seen in The Inside Job, the crimes committed by a few large corporations, caused millions of people to lose copious amounts of money, as well as their jobs. A main distinction that can often specialise those who commit white collar crime, and those who commit street crime, is their level of education. Many people seen in The Inside Job were those who had graduated, or even worked at respected universities. They were often well educated in economics and business, so they knew every last detail of what they were working with.White collar criminals are often known have a desire for control, causing them to engage in corporate crime, hoping to gain power. The financial crisis of 2008 that affected millions of people, causing tremendous losses of both jobs and money, is something that will be around to haunt people for years. Their victims are left to suffer, while the employees of the large corporations walk away with all their money. The people who commit such white collar crimes are selfish, and only care about their own power and money.Even years after the crisis, news is still floating around, and people are still questioning why the corporations and their employees arent seeing punishment. The criminals that commit these large scale crimes, are being treated differently than those that commit street crimes, they get away with no punishment, and continue working, in time committing the same crimes over again. Reference List Barkan, S. E. Criminology a sociological understanding. (5th ed. ). Pearson. Croall , H. (2001). catch white collar crime. Buckingham, England McGraw Hill. Ferguson, C. (Director) (2010). The inside job DVD. Kempa, M. (2009).Combating white collar crime in canada Serving victim needs and market integrity. (University of Ottawa). Leonard, A. (2012, May 18). Corporate criminals gone wild. Retrieved from http//www. salon. com/2012/05/18/corporate_criminals_gone_wild/ Morgenson, G. & Story, L. ,(2011, July 7). As wall st. polices itself, prosecutors use softer approach. in the altogether York Times. Retrieved from http//www. nytimes. com/2011/07/08/business/in-shift-federal-prosecutors-are-lenient-as-companies-break-the-law. html? _r=2=1=wisenberg=cse& Watt, R. (2012). University students propensity towards white-collar versus street crime. (University of Guelph).

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Humanities Today Essay

This paper discusses the definition of human raceities and differentiate in the midst of the humanities and different modes of human inquiry and expression. It also embroils examples that reflect current developments in politics, socioeconomics, and examples in the sideline types of humanities art, music, architecture, philosophy, and literature. Defining Humanities The humanities can be defined as knowledge that investigates the human experience, and studies human culture, such as the arts, literature, philosophy, history, including other human endeavors.Gaining knowledge from others records of the human experience offers us the probability to feel a connection to other cultures and to those from the past, as well as with our contemporaries (Stanford University, 2015). Modes of Human dubiousness and Expression The difference between the visualization of humanity and the practical application of humanity is the understanding of the particular observation of what humanity shoul d be as opposed to what humanity is. In other words, they focus on ideas and values, not just the creation or outcome of an action.Other modes of human inquiry include the playing area of non-human subjects like in mathematics or natural sciences and do not have much to do with the creative humanendeavors. The humanities are committed to studying the aspects of the human condition using a qualitative approach that normally prevent a single paradigm from defining any discipline. roughly studies included in humanities can also be regarded as social sciences in other studies that include communications, cultural studies, archaeology, and history. Examples of the Humanities HUMANITIES TODAY 3 Humanities are the experiences of the human organism that can be visual, audible, and even felt by touch.They can be expressed through art, music, architecture, philosophy, and literature. artifice Art include paintings, photography, sculptures, and architecture. The artist can express their emo tions, cultural ideals, even political views through their work. in that location are many classic artists such as Michelangelo who are well renowned which will run centuries after their sequence. Artists, like Michelangelo, were commissioned to produce for organizations such as the Roman Catholic Church (Drake, 2008). Michelangelo viewed himself as a sculptor and quite reluctantly took on the task of painting the ceilings of the Sistine Chapel.No doubt in that location was apolitical agenda and at one point Michelangelo was accused of being a dissenter because his work reflected disturbing, past events by the church. A contemporary example would be pop artist Andy Warhol. starting time in the late 1970s, Warhol created paintings that were abstract, which is an example of how humans have the ability to think conceptually. Now, art can be digitally mass-produced and distributed which creates a large market for sales and profits, although not necessarily for the artist. medicine Music is a prevalent form of expression used to communicate current trends, politics, technology and socioeconomics.The most common genre of music today that expresses all of these messages is hip- skitter music. Specifically Gangsta rap represents part of a big focus on hip hop and politics that is popular within the media and among scholarly research and the gibbousness of gangsta rap in the late 1980s and early 1990s prompted the association between hip hop and violence that contemporary social scientists theorize (Gilliam, 2007). Architecture HUMANITIES TODAY 4 There are s invariablyal different methods within contemporaneity style of architecture. The modernist style looks for function rather than trying to cat the natural environment.There are several forms within the modernism style they include morphologicalism, formalism, Bauhaus, the international style, brutalism, and minimalism. The features of modernism includes the fact there is little embellishment or decoration , man-made supplies are used (metal and concrete). Architects in the twentieth century include I. M. Pei. In the Early Twentieth-Century modern architects used materials such as ferroconcrete and structural steel in conjunction with the cantilever to build beautiful ensembles. Frank Lloyd Wright (1869-1959), was one of the first American architects of world significance.He introduced a new style. He combined the new technology of steel and ice rink with the aesthetic principles of Asian architecture (Fiero, 2006) . In 1909 Wright completed the Robie House in Chicago. This marked the beginning of a long career creating memorable masterpieces. Today most of these techniques have inspired many of the current styles enjoyed by millions. Philosophy Philosophy is defined as a comprehensive system of ideas about human temper and the nature of the reality we live in and is a guide for living, because the issues it addresses are basicand pervasive, determining the soma we take in life an d how we treat other people (Thomas, 2005).Major philosophers of the 20th century include Carl Jung, Albert Camus, and Bertrand Russell. Literature Literature provides readers a written composition comprised of current or previous cultural issues. jibe to the Department of States website Social and economic advances have enabled previously underrepresented groups to express themselves more fully, time HUMANITIES TODAY 5 technological innovations have created a fast-moving public forum (U. S. Department of State, 2007). unity example of a current piece of literature is the novel, The Kite Runner. The book was written by Khaled Hosseini and tells of childhood friends in Kabul separated by the rule of the Taliban (U. S. Department of State, 2007) Conclusion The study of humanities is an ever changing journey. Humanities will changes with the questions and expression about every generation to come. Humanities are laughable in that a quest for the purpose and meaning of the human lif e is being sought. As time goes on, the study of humanities will be become broader, taking with it all the questions of yesterday.HUMANITIES TODAY 6 References Drake, C. (2008, November). Did Michelangelo have a hidden agenda? The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from http//www. wsj. com/articles/SB122661765227326251 Fiero, G. K. (2011). The Humanistic Tradition Book 3 The European Renaissance, The Reformation, and Global Encounter. McGraw-Hill 6e Stanford University. (2015). Home of the Human Experience. Stanford University, Stanford, California. Retrieved from http//shc. stanford. edu/ Thomas, W. (2005). What is philosophy? Retrieved from http//objectivistcenter. org/cth409- FAQ_Philosophy. aspx.

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Work and Professional Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Work and pro Development - Essay Exampleting on the basis of race, colour, gender or disability as opposed to affirming the entry of disadvantaged sections into colleges and institutes of higher education.The main point of contention is the perceived reduction in quality and compromise with merit that equality initiatives are supposed to bring to the organisation in a market economy. Since the very basis of any firm in a market economy is the self-assertion of merit and reliance on the structure that fosters a culture of meritocracy, the debate over the place on merit takes on an edge. What is apparent from the above is that firms in the current market economy have non really been doing enough to positively help the people. Instead they are just paying lip help to hiring and recruiting their employees from different backgrounds.As the following report from a impudentlyspaper in Wales shows, Women with young children are more(prenominal) likely to be discriminated against at wor k than people with disabilities or from an ethnic minority group, a major UK equality report revealed yesterday. According to the Equalities Review, which was commissioned by Tony Blair, a mother with a child younger than 11 is 45% less(prenominal) likely to be employed than a man with a partner. The go off has led to calls for businesses and employers in Wales to be more family-friendly and promote fairer employment practices. Chairman of the review Trevor Phillips, who is head of the new Commission for Equality and Human Rights, said inequality was still a major problem in the UK and was now preventing the majority of people from achieving their potential. The review revealed that, in a survey of recruitment agencies, more than 70% of the 122 companies had been asked by clients to avoid hiring women who were pregnant, or of childbearing age. The report found disabled people were 29% less likely to be in employment than non-disabled people, and that Pakistani and Bangladeshi wom en were 30% less likely to be in work than white women of similar

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Wireless ad hoc network management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Wireless ad hoc network counseling - try out ExampleUntil the completion of implementation, the ICT director informed me that the questions I was posing were irrelevant. They were irrelevant because they were related to practicable self-winding network management systems, currently not in place in our organization.Accordingly, the in setion collected from the ICT director, and which intractable the direction of this report, centered around the management of wireless ad hoc networks and policy-based management frameworks.In designing and deciding upon a wireless ad hoc network management system, it is important to keep an eye on the desirable operational features sought in a management system for deployment in a wireless ad hoc network environment. These features, as elucidated by the ICT director and accompanimented in the literature on the topic, ar discussed below.According to Tian and Cox (2004), any(prenominal) network management system involves a certain amount of addit ional control traffic to vex the various operational characteristics of the network. In bandwidth-constrained wireless networks, it is extremely important to minimize this preindication overhead, ensuring that the links are not congested with management traffic. Thus, as Cardei, Cardei and Du (2005) emphasize, the constrained bandwidth in wireless ad hoc networks greatly influences the plectron of the mechanisms or protocols used for the various managerial tasks.Ad hoc networks generally realise nodes with limited battery life, and may have limited storage and/or processing capabilities (Zhang, Hu and Fujisu, 2006). Hence, as emphasized by the ICT director, the organization needs a management system that does not burden the resource-limited network nodes with undue storage and processing requirements. Efficient signaling and minimal computation requirements will substantially alleviate the demand on the limited battery power.2.3Automated, agile and Self-OrganizingThe ability fo r self-organization is one of the key aspects in the successful deployment of any application in an ad hoc network environment. Indeed, as our ICT Director stressed, given the dynamic nature of most ad hoc networks, an adaptive management framework that automatically reacts to changes in network conditions is required. In order to accomplish this, the management system should be able to automatically learn about the diverse capabilities of the nodes involved, and use this information as one of the criteria to affirm appropriate roles to the different types of nodes. The implication here is that, as Zhang, Hu, and Fujisu (2006) stress, dynamic policies need to be supported for modify network control based on dynamic re-evaluation of communication capabilities and assets of an ad hoc network. 2.4Secure and RobustFinally, an ad hoc network management system should be secure and robust. It should allow secure exchange of management entropy among authorized users, and enhance the over all survivability of the network (ICT Director). This may require the means to authenticate and authorize users, and support encryption capabilities. In addition, the system should allow reliable transmission of management data with means to keep failure and provide fault-tolerance (ICT Director). 3.0Policy-Based Network ManagementIn designing and deciding upon our network management architecture, our ICT department was guided by the concerns outlined in the preceding section. Using these concerns as a roadmap for the determination of the format of our organizations ideal network management system, the ICT department identified policy-based network systems as the optimal option. The reason lies in that

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Marketing report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Marketing enunciate - Essay ExampleSome of the major findings from the report were that the business was not as aggressive in commercializeing as some of the competitor companies, hence leading to the small grocery store share of the globular market that the company has. The staff motivation was poor and just about of them did not feel appreciated full for their efforts in the company. Introduction The Kings management separate of company is an organisation that deals with imports and exports of new and used motor vehicles from Japan and Germany. For the early(prenominal) five years, the company has grown from exporting only used Toyota and Mercedes models of vehicles to exporting of all makes of vehicles that the two countries makes, in addition, the market has grown from Europe to almost all the six continents with Africa being the most competitive market in the last quarter. However, these statics fall below the projected market share, which necessitated this report to rev iew on our infirm point and the opportunities and strengths in which we can capitalise on. Procedure In coming up with situation analysis of the company, the report undertook to analyse several dimensions that may have an effect on the performance of the company this was to tell that no factor that may have effect on performance was not analysed. Some of the areas that were analysed take competitor, market, environmental, customer, internal and SWOT analysis. the first step in conducting the situation analysis was to lay down the attribute of data that was needed in every factor that was to be analysed, after getting these, we had to look for the penetrate people who were conversant in our competitor firms and how their companies were organised both in their internal and external market approach. Findings Competitor analysis The main competitors in the Japan and Germany cars export and import business are worldwide Motors LTD, Motor World Services and the Kiyosaki Group. Thes e companies have an almost similar approach to the market for vehicles globally and most of their strategies are largely similar. Current and future intents 1. Global Motors Global Motors has two objectives that include the increasing the miscellany of the motor vehicles that they sell to their clients, the second is providing quality vehicles to their clients. This organisation has several agents in the regions it operates, which are mainly in the American market a group of business tycoons from North America are the main financiers of the group who have many connections in the business circles globally. 2. Motor World services This group of companies has their main objective as exporting all models of vehicles in the motor vehicle industry and making them comingible to their clients particularly the high-end consumers. This group has a base in Finland and its strategy as selling the luxurious vehicles at an low-priced price, most of the sport utility vehicles manufacturers s upply the company with spare parts for their products making it easier for clients who buy these vehicles to access spare parts or customise their second hand vehicles. 3. Kiyosaki Group This group, which is from Japan, has put its objectives as provision the need of customers for second hand Japanese vehicles the second objective of the company is to provide a cheaper way of becoming a motor vehicle owner through offering competitive prices for their Japanese vehicles. The strategy that this

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Harvard Business Review Competitive Forces Paper Essay - 1

Harvard Business Review Competitive Forces Paper - Essay ExampleIn the consideration of each constitution IT bay window be both an advantage and a disadvantage in see to a firms battle. The specific role of IT is presented below using examples, as appropriate, for making the germane(predicate) views gather iner. 2. IT and Porters Five Forces on competition 2.1 How IT is intertwined with the effects of Porters Five Forces on competition in a companys industry The Five Forces theory of Porter promotes the idea that in order to survive in its industry a company should identify a strategy for facing effectively five forces a) the threats connect to new entrants, b) threats from substitute products, c) the pressures from suppliers, d) the pressures from customers and e) the increasing competition within the industry (Roy 2011, p.26). In practice, it has been proved that in each organization IT could be intertwined with the effects of these Forces. IT could play this role in two dif ferent ways it could each fix in risk a companys competitive advantages or it could promote these advantages securing the combat of a company. In fact, it seems that in each company IT can influence the performance of the company in regard to the management of all Forces, as including in the Porters Five Forces model. Reference should be made primarily to the potentials of IT to provide to firm critical information in regard to the local or the global market (Roy 2011, p.7). By having access to such information managers can identify strategies that can wait on the firm to face effectively all industrys forces, as these forces are included in Porters Five Forces. For example, information on substitute products avail equal to(p) in the market can lead a firm to make appropriate improvements on its existing products so that its market competitiveness is secured (Roy 2011, p.7). 2.2 Description of five specific areas where IT represents a risk to a companys competitive advantage - h ow IT affects these advantages IT can set a firms competitive advantages into risk. Reference can be made, as an example, to the following areas of an organization a) Internal dialogue networks in most organizations, internal communication is based on IT systems (Naunheim 2011, p.1). The phenomenon is much intense in organizations of medium/ large size where e-mail is used as the key tool of communication in the workplace (Naunheim 2011, p.1). Ineffective IT systems can cause severe communication problems among employees resulting to the delay or thus far the failure of organizational tasks (Naunheim 2011, p.1) b) Development of new products/ services the competitiveness of all organizations is depended on their ability to become products/ services that will have an advantage compared those to the competitors (Dosi, Teece & Chytry 1998, p.216). However, in practice not all firms are able to develop such products/ services especially in the long term (Dosi, Teece & Chytry 1998, p.216). This weakness has been made clear in the following case IBM had been already a successful company when Apple appeared (Dosi, Teece & Chytry 1998, p.216). Still, it was Apple that managed to bruise the global market by emphasizing on personal computers capabilities, even more than IBM, the firm that first introduced the specific device (Dosi, Teece & Chytry 1998, p.216) c) Manufacturing process today, the major part of each firms manufacturing processes is based on IT systems however, the IT systems used in such activities are not always

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Strategic human resource management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Strategic gentle resource management - Essay ExampleStakeholders interests should be primarily touch on with enlisting of the employees in the consequence that it is now run either as a commercial or public company in order for it to realise profits. Special consideration should be given to the nerves recruitment efforts as well as decision making that would be designed to satisfy the needs of both the organisation as well as the stakeholders.Employees are the foundation of every organisation hence effective recruitment as well as improving their performance are the major factors that determine success of blood line during the contemporary period. In most cases, employee recruitment in general depends on the available human resources tools and their ability to take with the environment they will be operating in. Thus, recruitment of skilled and qualified employees is a vital strategy for an organisation to function successfully in the competitive environment. Retention of tho se skilled employees is equally important because such specialist and skilled workers may be in short supply and a company may find it difficult to replace the experienced workers and training of individual employees with more skills in particular jobs. As far as these measures are put in place, the stakeholders would be content knowing that their investments would not be at insecurity since they would be managed by professional and skilled people. No investor would be happy to risk his money where there are incompetent workers in the organisation.Organisations are run on the basis of several(a) decisions that emanate from the situation obtaining in the markets they would be operating in. In practice, decision making is primarily concerned with approving the course of action to be taken in pursuit of certain goals to be achieved and is mainly practised at the top management level within large organisations (Kleynhans et al 2007). Decision making is mainly influenced by the leade rship style

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Communication and Diversity challenges in the Workplace Research Paper

Communication and kind challenges in the body of work - Research Paper ExampleOn the other hand, workplace diversity entails the range of dissimilarities among individuals in an placement. Diversity incorporates background, race, education, gender, organizational function, ethnic group, cognitive style, age, tenure, personality, among other components. Diversity also entails how individuals perceive themselves and other people. These perceptions suck in an stir on the interaction of individuals. The human resource department in an organization should fair to middlingly deal with issues, for example, exchange and adaptability, and discourse for a large number of workers to work properly in an organization. Moreover, profitable organizations realize the moment of rapid action and are willing to utilize resources so as to manage diversity in their organizations. This paper will look at talk and diversity challenges in the place of work. Effective and effective communication is extremely essential for the success of organizations that every member of an organization should be proper communicators. A manager has a duty to ensure all workers charter efficient communication skills. In addition, adequate communication in an organization plays a significant part in establishing everlasting worker motivation. Organizations that have well established communication benefit from enhanced relationships between individuals. It is essential that both management and workers have efficient communication between them because this will ensure organizational functions run smoothly. In addition, proficient communication skill will help members of an organization enhance time management in their places of work. The ability exists for a manager to supervise his own time as well as keeping the workers concentrated on deadlines. Comprehending the communication course opens numerous opportunities to enhance productivity (Eunson 2007, 51). Organizations face a number of communic ation challenges in the workplace. First, manner of speaking barrier may turn into a communication problem. There may be language barrier between individuals of different levels of work experience, ages, and ethnic background. Language barrier may create a misunderstanding or slow down communication that makes communication inadequate. Second, Effective and efficient communication in the workplace depends on professional connection aimed at helping in the continued development of the organization or everyday functioning of the organization (Gerson and Gerson 2007, 78). When workers allow personal concerns to have an impact on play along communication, a communication difficulty arises and could exist for long before being discovered and resolved. Individuals who decline to circulate on the basis of personal conflicts may destroy the organizations capability to engage in business and as a result, slow or deter the development of the organization. Third, one direction communication may result into an inadequate look of exchanging information all around the company. Managerial staff and workers should conduct feedback every time so as to enhance the quality of information being passed on and the delegacy in which the information is communicated. For instance, if the human resource department frequently communicates information in a way that is confusing to other individuals in the organization, then the human resource department needs to be do aware of the communication issues or else the information coming from the human resourc

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Isaac Newton is a great man Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Isaac north is a owing(p) man - query Paper ExampleIsaac due north was born in Woolsthorpe, England in 1642 and grew up to be an authority in Mathematics, dynamics, celestial mechanics, astronomy, optics and philosophy (Newton). His life appears to take up been influenced by the death of his father who died few months prior to Newtons birth (English-Online). He took charge of his life early in his life, waiting on tables and doing sm both jobs for wealthy students to pay for his school fees, which shows his great love for education. His mother had remarried and left him under the care of immemorial grandparents who could barely support him, but this did not deter his quest for learning. During his youth, he is known to have been implicated in mechanical devices, doing more experiments and building many devices (Newton). He is known to have built a mill model, clocks and kites among other devices, which he experimented in his neighborhood, with some of the experiments greatly frightening his neighbors. He force many drawings and architectural diagrams on the window edges and walls of his Woolsthorpe home which included drawings of men, animals, birds and also plants. During this time, he is known to have been influenced by the book mysteries of nature by John Bates (Newton). He had his early education at Skillington and tend which is thought to have started when he was five years old. Newton the proceeded to Kings school in Grantham during which time his step father died and his mother went to their Woolsthorpe home (Newton). The mother removed him from school and intended to admit him a farmer, but Newton was not interested in farming but had a great thirst for learning. John Stokes, master of the Grantham School and William Ayscough, Newtons uncle intervened, leading to the decision to prepare Newton for University, which was done in 1661, with entry to Trinity College, Cambridge (Newton). It is at this college where he is thought to have made his numeral discoveries where he had easy access to the college and university libraries where he spent lengthy hours of study. It is also assumed that it was in the suite of the Trinity College where he did the experiments of the dispersion and refraction of light, and probably done the one on the pendulum to explain just about the earths pull of gravity. The experiment about the falling apple, which Newton said explained about the idea of gravitation, was done each at Boothbay or at the Woolsthorpe house (Newton). Isaac Newton was a very ambitious scientist who did his researches very once and for all and had a firm belief that everything in nature had an explanation in mathematics, but not all scientists during his time concurred with him. He was so engrossed in his work and researches that he did not have many acquitances and did not also marry. When for example he was writing the principia, which is the mathematical principles of natural philosophy in the Latin language, he rar ely left his room and ate little food or even no(prenominal) at all, had unkempt hair and worn out shoes, and also very rarely went to the chapel. Isaac Newton contributed much through his research and discoveries in many of the fields in which he was involved. In the field of mathematics, his roughly notable work was in calculus, and other fields of

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Johnson and Johnson Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Johnson and Johnson - Essay ExampleHowever, the operation of Johnson and Johnson is guided by its famous credo which is translated in 36 languages around the globe.1 This credo has m some other the companys guiding light in fulfilling its role to its various stakeholders which include its customers, its employees, its community, and its stockholders. In its quest to satisfy its customers, Johnson and Johnson promises the delivery of highschool quality products and services and efficient operations to maintain sane prices. The company overly promises to enable its suppliers and distributors make a good profit from their partnerships. Johnson and Johnson recognizes the huge role carried stunned by its employees to ensure its success. With this, its credo promises the elimination of discrimination, hazardous working condition and abuse. Instead, the company provides respect, job security, ingenuous compensation, and opportunities for growth. Johnson and Johnson also encourages it s employee to voice their various concerns. The company is also mindful of the externalities it bring to the society where it operates. With this, Johnson and Johnson strive to become a good corporate citizen by supporting charities, paying taxes, and pushing for sustainable development. Lastly, Johnson and Johnson gives credit to its stockholders by ensuring the profitability of its operations (Johnson and Johnson 3).The credo of Johnson and Johnson provides a glimpse of the companys goals and objectives namely profitability, innovation, social responsibility, growth, and leadership. As with any other business organization, Johnson and Johnsons primary goal is the maximization of profit. With this, the company can have the financial muscle to confirm its operations. At the heart of its goals is the innovation of products which can be released to the public in order to convey great customer satisfaction. Johnson and Johnsons goal of maintaining sustainable development is fueled by its being a socially trusty business organization. The company also continues to push for growth and market leadership.In order to achieve these goals, Johnson and Johnson has crafted strategies. On the corporate level, the company is seen to utilize its credo to achieve its numerous goals. However, the interdependence within its departments and the diversity of its product line leads to multiple strategies within its divisions. Taken altogether, the companys primary strategy in fulfilling its goal is the creation of high quality medicine, medical equipment, and consumer goods at reasonable prices. In order to market its product efficiently, Johnson and Johnson creates an excellent blade image by actively taking part in socially responsible programs and activities. It can also be seen that one of its main strategies is the acquisition of small companies which have embarked on promising new products. The companys bountiful product lines and growth has been the result of numerous acquisitions. However, it can also be seen that the business organization is easy coming to grips with the reality that this strategy is unsustainable in the long run and that it needs to develop new products. Johnson and Johnson is comprised of triplet main divisions-Pharmaceuticals, Devices and Diagnostics, and Consumer Goods (Johnson and Joh

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Critical Analysis of a Historical Science Assignment

Critical Analysis of a Historical Science - Assignment ExampleIn deoxyribonucleic acid data is stored in codes consisting four chemical elements adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine(C) and thymine (T) (Watson, 2004). However, we realize that, in human beings, deoxyribonucleic acid consists of more than a one thousand million elements, which be mostly similar in tout ensemble humans. The order in which these elements appear determines the availability of elements to fabricate and sustain a being. This can be likened to the order of letters that manakins different words and sentences. The four deoxyribonucleic acid elements combine in a predetermined sequence, that is, A binds with T while C binds with G. This results in the locating of elements called base pairs. The ratio of adenine to thymine, and guanine to cytosine govern the pattern of desoxyribonucleic acid. Further, each element attaches itself to a sugar molecule and phosphate molecule to form a nucleotide. These nucle otides are then aligned in devil strands to form a double helix, which is spiral in shape running in an anti-parallel manner. These arrangements are referred to as chromosomes, which during the process of DNA replication, divide and are copied or replicated to develop more chromosomes. This results in all cells consisting enough chromosomes to support life fully. The key element of DNA is that it is capable of replicating itself to make millions of copies. A DNA strand in a double helix is the prototype for copying the series of bases. This is of paramount sizeableness in cell division as the newly created cells need to obtain a similar DNA trait as the old cell. DNA together with macromolecules such as proteins, lipids and carbohydrates are essential in the establishment and maintenance of any life form, RNA viruses being the exception. The genetic code is the system employ in reading the material contained in DNA. The genetic code spells out plan of amino acids which form prote ins in the body and is studied by replicating existing DNA strands to RNA acid. This is done by a process referred to as transcription. Beings such as animals, fungi and plants, also referred to as eukaryotic organisms gather their DNA in the nucleus, mitochondria or chloroplast of their cells. On the other hand, beings such as bacteria and other single celled organisms usually referred to as prokaryotes collect their DNA in the cytoplasm. The organization and packing of DNA in cells is tasked upon alkaline establish proteins referred to as chromatin. These proteins include histones. Hydrogen bonds between nucleotides help to stabilize DNA however, we note that interfacing nucleobases in a process referred to as base-stacking is also essential in steadying the DNA helixes. There are two classes of nucleobases, these are purines which are formed when A and G are combined in the ratio of vanadium to six and pyrimidines formed when six C and T bases combine (Watson, 2004). Biotechni cians examine the characteristics if nuclear based acids through a technology referred to as nucleic acid analogues. These techniques are typically utilise by medical and biological science researchers. Furthermore, we note that the arrangement of DNA is referred to as sense which is copied to its RNA and, on the other hand, antisense is the term used to refer to the arrangement of DNA on the reverse side. However, it is common for both sense and antisense to appear in a single strand of DNA. RNA antisenses are churned out in prokaryotes and eukaryotes, these RNA antisenses are mandated with domineering gene expression in the process of RNA-RNA base coupling which is quite similar to the base pairing process in DNA