Wednesday, May 22, 2019

“Of Mice and Men” A comparison between the book and film Essay

The similarity between the book and the film Of Mice and Men is most evident. redden so, there are a few differences, some peanut and other crucial. However, in the majority of the scenes, the dialogs are taken literally from the book.The first difference appears in the introduction of the film. The book starts by describing the surrounding landscape of the Salinas vale where Lennie and George spend the night by the river. We learn that Lennie is mentally challenged and how this affected their stay at the farm where they previously worked. The film starts, however, by showing Lennie and George escaping from this farm and their excursion to Salinas Valley.Another difference that I noticed is concerning Curleys wife. In the book there is a scene where Lennie, Candy and Crooks are gathered in Crooks room. aft(prenominal) a while, Curleys wife emerges and the atmosphere becomes unpleasant. Crooks finds the courage to stand up against her, and when he does, she verbally breaks him down . In the movie this scene never takes place, and by eliminating this hap Curleys wifes destructive nature stays unrevealed.The scene where George is roughly to shoot Lennie is as well as different in the film than in the book. In the book this episode is long and George has a hard time shooting Lennie. I get the impression that George is hesitating and unsure if this is the right thing to do. In the film the scene is much shorter and George appears considerably more secure . The movie ends with a scene where George and Lennie work together on the little farm that they where preparation to buy. This is not in the book at all.Other scenes that were left out in the movieThe scene where Lennie has hallucinations about a giant rabbit and his aunty Clara.The scene after George has killed Lennie. In the book Slim comforts George by taking him for a drink.And the scene where Candy comes into the room when Lennie and Crooks aretalking about the little farm they are buying. In the film Cr ooks never finds out about the little farm.In my opinion both the film and the book has its flaws. In the film some crucial scenes are removed, but I thought that the characters in the movie were better than in the book. In the book, I liked uncomplete George nor Lennie. I got the impression that George was a sensitive and kind man. He always watched over Lennie and tried do the right thing. In the film George is everything he is in the book, but he is also a wise man who people can seek advice from. He has an inquisitive and contemplating look about him. I also liked Lennie better in the movie. In the book he was just a mentally challenged character, but in the film he becomes a individual with real feelings and I understand his actions on another level.I believe that this would be a better film if they had shortened it. It seems to me that the film is an unnecessarily lengthen version of the book. On the other hand, taking to many liberties when adapting this modern classic int o a film would not be a smart thing to do.. Even so, I still think that the filmmakers should have left out some insignificant scenes. The report however, is brilliant the irony in the end where George kills Lennie out of love, how the story is composed of four major issues,(the value of dreams and goals, moral responsibility, social injustice, and the bond of friendship and loyalty,) and how loneliness is one of the main emotions. The story is brilliant and genius, and only an groovy writer like John Stenbeck can create a masterpiece like this.

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