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In your opinion, what is Walt Whitman's message regarding America and Essay

In your opinion, what is Walt Whitmans message regarding America and Americans - bear witness ExampleWhitman reflected all the richness of life in American his poems. leaves of Grass is highly praised by Connor. lay eyes on in Leaves Of Grass the immense and absolute rise. It is all our own. The nation is in it. To understand Greece study Iliad and Odyssey. written report The Leaves of Grass to understand America. The leaves of Grass is the epic of America Whitman delights in giving us catalogues of the variety of professions followed in America. He does not shrink from picturing prostitutes and butchers. The whole wide range of the American physical delineation is brought before us. He succeeded in conveying to the readers, a broad panoramic grasp of Americas spaciousness, her opulence and her veritable and multitude ness of life. Whitmans Song of Myself contains plenty of catalogues of characteristic phenomenon of America. In A Song for Occupation he praises the divine average . Thieves prostitutes and drunkards are regarded by the poet with as much sympathy and love. No human being is treated with content.

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Media Usage Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Media example Behavior - Essay ExampleIn this scenario, the website is offering enhanced techniques of melodic line management and corporate recognition. This line website contains a large amount of research material for others to analyze and investigate. This business website offers a salmagundi of selling techniques and methods for the business correctment and management through online business trade management.In addition, this business website offers corporate accommodate and advocacy for the business management in case of marketing business. This business website also conducts the business marketing educational programs. At this web site, we can see technical support and conferences for the business management and potence enhancement of the business management. This web site also contains an online business registration facility that helps the organization improve its working structure. Through this business registration capability we can potentially gain a recrudesce bu siness support for the business and corporate management.The second business advancemental website that I have selected is promotion marketing association (www.pmalink.org). This business website is aimed at helping the businesses to improve their working. This business website contains online newsletters those are very impressive for business enhancement and corporate management. This business website is offering marketing support in form of shopper marketing, digital marketing, entertainment marketing and experimental marketing. Additionally, this business website is offering advocacy and promotional support for a conformation of the business arrangements. The business website is also offering very effective management capability for improving business operations. This is aimed improving the overall corporate working and business recognition to customers.In addition, this business website encompasses a variety of resources and research publications for the businesses. In this s cenario, this web

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PTSD Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

PTSD - Essay ExamplePeople commit that soldiers had gone through a lot of trainings - too much training that taking lives is just a usual thing to do. But what people do not know is that war leaves a sugar not only to the soldiers body but also to their sanity. Soldiers may be trained to be cleansing machines but the violent experiences that they encounter during the war can have detrimental effects on them which implicate post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.According to Oak, whenever soldiers are at war, they have to hurt or pop their opponents. Their duty forces them to destroy their enemys forces and end lives. However, enemies or allies, they are all human beings subsequently all. This is why they have to bear the grief of the suffering and deaths of their fellow mates as well. (Oak). These situations affect the soldiers emotionally and often results to depression and deprivation of peace of mind among soldiers. The soldiers who experience this go through emotional cont end that often results to severe mental stress. They will also experience different kinds of emotions which will result in great mental strain. Their homesickness can lead to intense feelings of solitude. Their trauma brings them mental insecurity. The violence, the injuries and the heavy destructions result in distress. (Oak)Peter Kilner, a major from the Army, contributed an important essay to the journal Military Review. According to Kilners essay, as cited by Adam Weinstein in his article in Mother Jones magazine, medical consultants of the regular army gave an estimation of 20 percent of soldiers who fought in Iraq had shown symptoms of mental problems. The study also showed that suicide in the military has doubled since 2001. there was even an investigation by the National Public Radio that soldiers with PTSD were punished and kicked out of the army (Weinstein).When a person encounters a traumatic experience that might have harmed the individual physically and/or emotionally, the person is

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Legal History of Film Streaming Websites Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Legal History of Film blow Websites - Essay ExampleOne such disadvantage is the increased risk of infringement of the rights of copyright holders. The lucre provides a faster, cheaper and easier access to entertainment content which inevitably increases the risk of wildcat reproduction, unchecked distri entirelyion and extralegal public performance of copyright content. (Aspen Pub, 2001). The advent of new digital technologies has eased the circulation of movies around the world which has been and continues to be the source of tremendous problems for the entertainment industry. With the advent of movie streaming technology, an individual can view a movie without downloading it from the website therefore the ease of viewing has been enhanced. There are a large number of legitimatize and legal websites that enable internet users to view motion pictures, live sports events, TV programs and other forms of entertainment. However, the problem of unauthorized public performance of mov ies has intensified with the advent of illegal and illegitimate movie streaming websites. (Litman 2001). History of depiction streaming websites and Copyright Law issues The demand for online viewing of movies surfaced in the year 1997 and is now a $1.9 billion industry. In 2001 two major movie downloading websites surfaced which were Movielink and Moviebeam. Both websites failed to establish a profitable market level and were sold in the year 2006. Today, one of the major legal movie downloading sites is Apple iTunes along with Amazon, Veoh, Hulu, Netflix and Blockbuster. (Finney, black Angus 2010). One of the fundamental issues that arose with widespread use of the Internet was violation of copyright laws. In 1997, the Congress enacted the No Electronic Theft operation in an effort to prevent the unauthorized uploading of movies and videogames. In accordance with Telecommunications Act of 1996, Internet Service Providers will not be considered liable of copyright infringements committed by their website users if they chequer to promptly tally the unlawful materials from their website. The advent of social networking and film clips sharing sites such as MySpace and Youtube was shortly followed by lawsuits filed by copyright owners. In accordance, Youtube was sued by Media conglomerate Viacom for $1 Billion for the violation of copyright laws as thousands of copyright videos were uploaded by Youtube users each day. Youtube and Viacom solved the issue by negotiating outside the court but officials from Youtube stated in court that they fall in the reliable harbor category of Digital millennium Copyright Act which states that the Violator will not be liable for the violation if they promptly remove the material blamed with copyright infringement. Therefore, both MySpace and Youtube acted to prevent the resurfacing of such an issue by installing especially designed internal filters which prevent the uploading of copyrighted material. However, the critics of such lawsuits believe that it is perfectly legal to upload copyrighted material under the fair use Doctrine. The year 2010 proved to be hugely successful for Google and Youtube because the tourist court dismissed the billion-dollar infringement claim filed by high profile lawsuits and declared that Youtube falls under the safe harbor

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HW 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

HW 3 - Essay ExampleTerrorism is the offspring of religious radicalization. Terrorist seem to base their atrocious activity on the teachings of prophet and that of the beatified book of record book. The justification, according to the teachings of the holy book is in fetch up contrast, the holy book asserts saving one life is similar to saving the whole humanity. Osama Bin Laden, the remove doyen of solicitude group, Al-Qaida, was thought of a man who was constantly on the book could not induce not ignored this piece in the book. Terror acts against western countries by Islamic fundamental terror groups has in the past been blamed on the United States occupation if Muslim lands and the United States supposed obligate to Israels occupation of (Palestine Katz, p 18).However, most people feel astounded to link several guiltless deaths that are usually lost as a result of those terror attacks. Violence as propagated by the holy Quran is different from the violence meted on innoc ent life as propagated by the terrorists. The Quran asserts that Jihad must be the war which is waged in the cause and struggle for Allah through a digit verses, in fact, the rationale for Jihad was built on the war the Holy prophet waged on his swain tribe people, the Quaresh who were polytheist and were resisting the influence of the prophets new religious ideologies. In fact, according to one of the revelations the prophet received from Allah he was instructed to inform the masses that violence should only be done as defense and not in offence. It is therefore not in doubt that terrorist are fulfilling other obligations that those were instructed by the holy prophet and the holy book.Terrorism as a current world issue is not synonymous to Jihad propagated by the holy book. The terror groups butchering innocent civilians often used the book teachings to justify such atrocious acts. Islam preaches peace

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VA Tech Shooting - Cho Seung-Hui Research Paper

VA Tech wound - Cho Seung-Hui - Research Paper ExampleCho was able to buy these weapons despite the psychological problem he was smitten with and that was in the records. At around 715 AM he killed two students. He send some videos to NBC News proclaiming himself to be Jesus Christ and revealing his contempt towards the wealthy students and deceitful charlatans (Hagan, 2010, p. 212). aft(prenominal) two hours he entered a classroom, shut the main entrance doors and resumed to murder several students and faculty at large in 170 rounds. He had already used 174 bullets and 203 live cartridges were recovered. Several students and professors acted bravely and managed to work and also save some others. If police had not arrived on time, further killings would have occurred. The following motif will analyze the various aspects of the massacre and especially the accused along with the action taken by the VPI Campus Police Department. An analysis of behavioral theory about Seung-Hui Cho would have led to an early identification of this negativism in the student and perhaps could have prevented the massacre.Chos behavior can be analyzed with the military service of Trait Theory, especially Psychodynamic Trait Theory proposed by the Italian criminologist Cesare Lombroso. The theory asserts that criminality is a solution of abnormal biological or psychological characteristics. Biological this might be explained as follows Chemical and mineral imbalance leads to cognitive and learning deficitsand these factors in turn are associated with antisocial behavior (Schechter, 2003, p. 100). Psychological Freud has vagabond forward a theory, which has become significant with time. According to Freud, the residue of the most significant emotional attachments of our childhood, which accordingly guides our future interpersonal relationships (Siegel, 2005, p. 111). This theory comprises of three components id, ego and super ego. The id dominates ones basic involve like slee p, food habits,

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Ending Hunger from the Elderly Population Essay

Ending Hunger from the Elderly nation - Essay ExampleOn the other mess feed insecurity is also increasing at an exceptional rate in less developed countries, but its maturation rate is also evidential in the elderly nation of the developed nations including America. According to the survey conducted by (Weill), majority of the elderly population in US, is suffering from the phenomenon of malnutrition and viands insecurity. However the solution lies in developing a better victuals distribution network in US, which should provide the food according to the need of every individual and family no matter of the race, religion and age. This solution is most logical one, because of the observation registered by (Pothukuchi and Kaufman) that points out a deficency in the food distribution system in US. This unjust distribution system for food is the evidence of racism in the culture of America (Zolberg), where whites have so much food to stock, whereas the pack with colored skin arg on starving from ache. Another factor which is contributing towards growing hunger in elders, is the individualistic culture that motivates people to concentrate on their own lives, therefore, they have little time to c atomic number 18 well-nigh their elders (Savikko). The growing phenomenon of hunger is also causing the health standards of elders to drop significantly, because the medication, these people are taking require healthy food intake for its in force(p)ness. Majority of the researchers are emphasizing on the implementation of the policies to raise the degree of self sufficiency through training and development (Bowenng, Clancy and Poppendieck), but this paper is against this viewpoint, because old people are often futile to grasp new skills and their ability to actively work is also become limited due to aging. However, govermental agencies are also fairly active in providing relieve to the elderly population in America, but these activities are proven to be less t han effective in uprooting the undirsable situation caused by hunger. On the other hand if this condition is not countered effectively, then it will encompass other citizens of US in round about five years, because right now, US agricultural sector is producing food that is more than its need, but the population growth will cause severe food shortage in US food market, during coming years. In this situation Americans will have to import food items from other countries, which will result in abstract in the prices of food items in the local market. This will, therefore worsen the situation for elderly population with negligible income level. It is evident, from the above discussion that, US ought to plan for the demand and supply situation concerning food in the future, other than the shortage of food will increase and encompass other members of the population along with elders. The methods of economical health services along with the less expensive and consistent food supply for el ders in the society, could be an effective measure for counteracting the developing phenomenon of hunger and food insecurity. Conclusion In the light of a thoroughly conducted region survey, 80% of the food deprived population is constituted by African American elderly males in the shiny city of New York (Bowenng, Clancy, & Poppendieck, 1991). This observation compelled this effort to notify that, racism is still present in the very roots of the American Society,

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Position Arguments on Immigration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Position Arguments on Immigration - Essay employmentAccording to Johnson (138), however, another portion of these analysts resist the free trade point of view affirming that it is subdued by agencies and regulated by international alliances which include the International Monetary Fund in conjunction with northwards America Free Trade Agreement and hence resulting in greater deal of imbalance and halt in the Latin American nations economy. They assert that this economic depression results after enormous agribusiness bodies sustain large tracts of Mexican farming lands and hence force the destitute to relocate. The displaced individuals then end up pursuance asylum in the developed nations such as United States of America.Analysts too have scrutinized the significant contributions vie by emigrants remittances dispensed back to their own maturation nations and hence take part in elevating their fatherland Gross Domestic Product. However, a portion of these analysts content with this affirming that the most visualizeate option is to enlighten the developing nations to boost their economy through reinforcing education and generating more employment opportunities (138).Johnson (139) affirms that, analysts have evaluated the range in which the large emigrants in the emcee countries should be granted the liberty to alter the authentic culture amongst the natives in the host countries. Nations such as the European Nations has emphasised on the need of adopting multicultural systems which stipulate segregation among the emigrants and natives in the host countries. Other persons including President Nicolas Sarkozy affirm that emigrants should master and absorb the prevailing heritage and customs prospering in their host nations. However, a portion of the analysts content with this perspective affirming that it portrays racism and intolerance. These group of analysts urge the natives to consider incorporating unity amongst the

Business Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Business Proposal - Essay ExampleOperating as an acquirer, PayPal processes payment for commercial users at a fee before transferring the money to the other party whom it nurture charges yet another fee. The receiver of the money gets it in a preferred currency including respective topical anesthetic currencies after converting at the prevailing market rates as determined by the foreign stand in rates.This report introduces the service into the market. In doing this, the report analyses the potential market and the probability for profitability. The product demonstration is the canonical marketing procedures that involve market determination. This requires in effect(p) consideration of the opportunities and threats presented by the market and the strengths and weaknesses of the product that the marketer mustiness consider before positioning the product.The market that the service target is an oligopoly implying that it has various firms offering similar function the new produ ct will therefore face intense competition from the existing companies. However, the various companies turn out a marginal control of the market thereby creating room enough for the growth of the new player. With effective marketing, the new service will possibly claim a share of the market and even have a monopoly. This will rely on the marketing features employed by the marketers both at introduction and in subsequent marketing operations.E-commerce is real time and it required a competitive payment musical arrangement that would match the minutes carried out. In essence, the payment systems needed to be instant. This is a feature, which was yet to be realized. PayPal frankincense positions itself as the only intermediary capable of processing and availing the money to the appropriate parties within the time that transactions are made. The demand for online payment solutions has increased with the advent of electronic commerce. Most companies currently have websites and promo te electronic transfer of goods and

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Calculus project Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Calculus purge - Lab Report ExampleQ2. A scalar sum of m unrivalledy can be either ostracize or zero or positive. This depends on choice of the reference situation or zero point. survival of the fittest of reference or zero comes from convention and / or convenience. Suppose round one(a) is conduction an experiment and notice nearly change with time then he can choose zero time as per his convenience and there is nothing that can bar his choice of zero or reference point for time, if some choice of zero reference point is offering him some convenience in formulating some equation or like that he is free to choose it. Once he has assigned some zero or reference point for time, the time corresponding to all the preceding events becomes zero. In occurrence we write 1999 AD which is nothing but +1999 year and similarly a date like 530 BC is as good as -530 years.Similarly, another scalar quantity temperature is often measured in prohibit with melting point of ice being 0o Celsi us and all the temperatures below it being negative temperatures. Similarly one can find many instances where scalar quantities are have negative values.Q3. A vector quantity is formed by vector addition of its components. Therefore, if any of the components has a non-zero magnitude the vector will excessively have a non-zero magnitude. So it is not possible to have a vector of zero magnitude if one of its components is not zero.However, under some operations, in which the magnitude of the resultant depends not only on the magnitude of the individual vectors but on the angle between the two vectors as well one can get a resultant of zero magnitude. This is illustrated below.This mode resultant of two vectors with unequal magnitude can be zero under scalar product provided the two vectors are mutually perpendicular. physically work done by a force is zero if the displacement caused by it is normal to its direction.This means resultant of two vectors with unequal magnitude can be

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History midterm essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

History midterm - Essay ExampleHowever, scholars and ex officio argued that for real strengthening to be realized in China, the country should develop basic westward institution, including the western government organization and education. The reforms give rise to techniques and military technologies. On the other hand, another reform movement was initiated on 1898 after china was defeated in the Sino-Japanese war.Self-strengthening movement and Hundred Days Reforms oblige some common similarities and differences based on the objectives, achievements and targets. Both reforms advocated for introduction of western education to be introduced in China. Self-Strengthening purport was more successful because they had foreign language schools, which led to turning foreign languages to Chinese. The reforms enabled Chinese to guide and understand foreign languages and there was introduction of education missions, which included navigation and study shipbuilding. Approximately, 120 Chin ese were sent oversea between 1872 to 1881.Although the Hundred Days Reforms emphasized on education, the standpat(prenominal) officials banned it. However, the reformers abolished the conservative officials and turned the content of the examination from classical knowledge of current affairs. Education gave a mixture of two Eastern and western studies. Just like the Self-Strengthening reforms, Hundred Days Reforms encourage members of the royalty to go abroad on learning trips. The old eight-legged essays were eliminated and students were to take classes on politics, current affairs and Chinese classical volumes.The self-Strengthening Movement was more successful in developing a relationship with the foreign powers. In this perspective, it led to the kink of the Zongli Yamen in Beijing with the objective of managing the affairs with powers. This reform was a tremendous step for China in embracing diplomatic relationship with

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Employee Relations Evaluation Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Employee Relations military rating Report - Essay ExampleStrong bonding among employer and employees are established by communication.Support for each one and every organizational members need to subscribe each other for achieving goals and objectives of the go with. Employers guide the employees for performing their work effectively. Employees abide the employers by enhancing the productivity of the company.Gratitude In employment relationship, gratitude is an important element. The employers appreciate and recognize the performances and efforts of employees and show gratitude to them. When the employees receive support or help from the employers they also express their gratitude towards them.There are unhomogeneous locatings for managing employee relations of a company. By implementing any of the three perspectives of employee relations the companies try to improve their relations with the organizational members. Work place conflicts and various organizational issues are solv ed with the help of employee relations.Unitarist perspective According to this perspective organization is perceived as a family where all the employees and management of the company emphasize on achieving organizational goals and objectives. Unitarist focuses on employees loyalty, uncouth values, objectives and interest. Employees dissatisfaction is expressed by conflicts which is bad for the company. Organizational conflicts should be solved tactfully. Trade union is unnecessary topic for a company. If strong trust is present between employees and employers then trade union is not required.Pluralist perspective According to this perspective companies perceive that employment relationship is made up of various powerful subgroups which suffer their own leaders, objectives and values. Trade unions and management are the important subgroups which affect employment relationships. For the different aims and objectives of these groups conflicts arises in the company which are solved b y implementing

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Risk management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Risk management - Research Paper manikinnstance are events that create potential threats and uncertainty to an organizational priority, while at the same time tainting the overall reputation, image and identity of that organization. Communication crises, on the other hand involve the visual, written, printed or verbal fundamental interaction that an organization has with the target audience probable after(prenominal) the occurrence of a crisis.Crisis management, therefore, is a process that involves a company dealing with certain critical events and uncertainties that threaten to harm or disrupt the organizational operative course, the public and the companys stakeholders. Crisis management is a practise that begun in early 1980s after several multinational companies encountered defining moments that led to several business closures worldwide. In public relations, crisis management plays a fundamental role. Nevertheless, it is important to understand the management of crisis b y identifying the different types of crises that may befall a company.Crises are disasters that characterize the actual cause of operational difficulty in an organization. A number of types of disasters or crises are possible in several industries (Ushanov, 2010). Natural disasters are caused by exceptional ingrained conditions like floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, droughts, poverty, and storms. scientific crisis arise from human activities concerning scientific application s that may be faulty. Unlike in the natural disasters, it is possible to hold individuals accountable for technological mishaps. Organizational crisis are those that involve disorganization in the organizational workplace, commonly arising from deception, misconduct and inappropriate managerial skills. Other types of crisis include the rumours, confrontational crisis, terrorist attacks and violence in the workplace.It is super hazardous for companies to overlook the possibilities of crisis befalling their organization. The uncertainties and threats that

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Law Synopsis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Law Synopsis - Essay ExampleJustice Holmes of the unequivocal Court began his ruling by giving a brief overview of the case. The Porto Rican leadership based the case. The Porto Rican leadership think to introduce a bill that would enable the locals to dig deeper in their pockets while paying tax. It prompted the appellant to commit a case to stop the writ of execution of the tax collection bill. The appellant succeeded in temporarily preventing the performance of the bills when the District speak to gave an injunction on 31ST of March 1925. It directed the Porto Rican government to put on hold all the plans they had regarding the introduction of the bill while the case was being listed to before the court. Following the court injunction, the hearings for the case began on 7TH April 1925 at the Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal reversed the ruling that had been make by the District Court thereby giving green light to the Porto Rican authorities to begin the implementation o f the tax collection bill. The preparations by the Porto Rican government were nonetheless, put on hold when the Court of Appeal upon auditory sense to further hearings temporarily suspended any preparations for the introduction of the bill and in the process transferring the case to the unequivocal Court. The Act of September 14TH, 1922, c 305 allowed the Court of Appeal to transfer the case to the Supreme Court.

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Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 11

Ethics - Essay pillowcaseIt too entails the study of common repute, for example, natural or valet rights, the significant equality of all human beings, obeying the laws of the land, and concern for safety and health (Singer 14). Ethics can help me live a better aliveness. The image of morality in the corporation is extremely significant because it is the basic standards and beliefs that make everything function properly. Ethics is include in all institutions and organizations around us whether social, political, religious, lawful, or medical. Ethics may help in meliorate my life by giving me comfort in knowing that I view as the capacity to favor between the right and wrong. For instance, I am able to live a better life because I believe doctors are ethical and can trust their diagnosis. If ethics did not apply in confused areas of life, for example, medicine, a number of health professionals may deliberately misdiagnose their patients for the purpose of getting money ins tead of better the wellbeing and health of the patient. In addition, ethics can help me live a better life through business. Ethics gives me comfort that a business exchange will not fall through. In todays world, contracts and laws are put into effect to ensure that the business exchanges are favorable to both(prenominal) parties and that these parties will keep up their side of the deal. Therefore, without ethics, my life will not improve as the society will be one of uncertainty and dishonesty. Even though there is no perfect society, ethics plays a significant part in improving the lives of individuals. There are several ethical parameters that I utilize to root my actions, thoughts, and the kind of life I live. I reflect and think about the worldview and values of individuals. Everyone has specific worldviews that structure and inform the way they interact and relate with others and the world. Nevertheless, the values system and worldview is not something that I am completel y aware of. My values system and worldview is partly shaped by influences and experiences that I have minimal influence over, for example, teachers and parents. In taking date to reflect and think about the way I perceive the world I am able to determine my actions, thoughts, and way of life. I assess my value system. This helps in adopting an objective or impartial view. It entails recognizing the qualities that I think signify my pleasant points, faults, and components that need enhancement (Singer 18). I attempt to see myself the way other people see me. I also determine my actions, thoughts, and way of life through narration and other cultural activities. I read novelists whose works forbear ethical dilemmas and moral issues, which is acts as a beneficial way of extending my moral and ethical horizons. In addition, reading ethical work of significant philosophers, for example, John Dewey and Plato provides me with a profusion of ideas for thoughts, actions, and life in gener al. I also write down a moral standard for myself to determine my actions, thoughts, and the kind of life I live. This includes both the type of individual that I want to be and the type of world I want to follow in. A moral code refers to an individual statement that forms a manual for personal preferences and choices. Taking the time to extend my ethical parameters indicates that ethical systems come in varying sizes and shapes. It also entails writing down a series of queries that are significant to me and find out how to

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Network effect Essay Example for Free

Network effect EssayNetwork effect is seen as a phenomenon where a network good (SNS or PNS) becomes more than valuable as the number of users increase. This phenomenon encourages continually increasing rank within the network. This can happen when a user adopts a network service initially to connect with current users, or later, when everyone is using the network service.Although there may be a larger increase in new membership for SNSs, it is stated finished off the LinkedIn case that new membership for PNSs is likely to be more valuable to users because of the nature of the connection. Many people will non requirement to change PNSs because they will lose their multiple connections already created (Yoffie et al. , 2009). The case examines the likelihood of SNSs overlapping and taking over PNSs. This outcome seems unlikely.By examining Exhibit 6 (Yoffie et al. , 2009, p. 16), the correlation among factors such as age, income, college education, and position within an or ganization sets LinkedIn squarely within its target securities industry. Also, Yoffie et al. indicates the distinct uses of lord and societal apps on Facebook. The multitude of users who use loving apps vs. lower use of professional apps shows that Facebook users are less likely to draw and quarter their profiles into professional networking tools, leaving PNSs like LinkedIn for leveraging their professional careers (Author, p. 14). Question 2Emerging companies expect to generate new kinetics that are modernized, innovative, and easily holdive to survive in this world. The new dynamics should be economically viable for the industry because they affect issues of whether to pursue a build or a buy approach to expand globally. LinkedIn Corporation, a PNS, is employ by professionals globally to interact professionally. Uses include recruiting, acquire expert advice, group collaboration, and more.Differentiating strategies were adopted by LinkedIn in put to separate itself fro m competition and answer the uestion of whether to hire a build or buy approach. A build approach involves both monetary and an former(a)wise(prenominal) resource investments from the phoner. For LinkedIn, Investments in certain professional apps such as conference calendar, a tool used to indicate when certain conferences will be coming up, and which of a users connections will be attending, are examples of utilizing the build approach. The buying approach is where the accompany buys/merges with an existing SNS/PNS and integrates it within the existing systems.Although this expands a company, it constrains the energy of a company to customize the existing network with its own. Therefore, a company amp its procedures need to adapt to the technology it buys. If they use a build approach, the company can build to their own specifications differentiating itself from existing networks (No Quote, Does not answer question). Question 3 LinkedIns system is straight to the point, be th e best in the market of professional networking services (PNS).By focusing on providing a virtual platform for professional interaction (Yoffie et al. , 2009, p. 2), LinkedIn would provide various productive services to its users. Services provided include professional search, reference checking, recruiting, advice search, job seek amp posting, and workgroup collaboration, which were successful because they allowed their users to become more effective in their professional careers. Also, its success was accounted for being knotty with countless industries, rather than focusing on a specific industry like other PNS providers. indoors its strategy, LinkedIn encompassed three premises which attri preciselyed to LinkedIn being the best in PNS, remain a strongly differentiated division from SNS, maintain a hold on professional users for reasons both constructive and negative, and embrace establishments rather than stir up them (Yoffie et al. , 2009, p. 3). LinkedIns success strongl y accounts for maintaining a fiber PNS by providing a productive atmosphere, which involves being isolated from SNS.It is substantial for LinkedIn to remain separate from SNS capabilities in order to maintain its high PNS quality and core values. The seek of inheriting this strategys premise involves losing the users that want a network that hosts both professional and social networking capabilities. LinkedIn could potentially lose users to SNS businesses, like Facebook, who are starting to provide PNS services in its SNS atmosphere. In the present moment premise for its strategy, holding its users for positive and negative reasons in like manner brings both success and risk.The positivity hold, having users create positive professional identity, is a success because it is a competitive return over SNS providers who only provide social identity or cannot separate the two. But holding onto its users for negative reasons promotes the similar risk as mentioned in the first premi se. When users think to switch from LinkedIn to a SNS that provides both SNS and PNS capabilities, LinkedIn banks on the fact that they believe users would not pose losing its contacts in jeopardy.This negative hold on LinkedIn users is a risk because it is quite possible that sooner or later SNS companies that promote both PNS and SNS capabilities will also produce relatively the same contacts as LinkedIn. It is raging to assume that LinkedIn can keep users instituted on the premise of this assumption. Lastly, the third premise for its strategy brings on success. Having companies embrace the concept of LinkedIn in the end creates more users. LinkedIn is designed so that professionals will be more productive and more effective in their careers. If LinkedIn does eventually provide SNS qualities in its service, this could pose as a risk.Companies might not want to promote a network that could waste work time with their employees vie games and spending time on personal social inte raction on the network. Therefore, companies would end up trash LinkedIn. LinkedIn has always incorporated a control over its network as part of its strategy. Keeping out non-professional information and photos helps keep the quality of its PNS professional and on top. It also embeds value propositions for its professional users as puff up as its corporate users which revolve around a simple user interface.Although this is what maintains its qualitys success, it also brings a risk by shying away companies who do not want to be part of a network that they cannot control. Lastly, LinkedIn is successful because of its strategy of how to obtain its revenue enhancements. Its five sources of revenue include advertising, subscriptions, job postings, corporate solutions, and primal research that evenly contribute to its earnings. If one of the sources does not do as well as expected, LinkedIn has the other four methods to rely on. Question 4 Companies implement strategies to deliver th e goods a target or pass on a goal that may e becoming the market leader of the industry, increasing profits by a certain percent, or even attracting new members to use a professional network service.As mentioned in the second week of classes, a company may choose one of the four ostiarys generic strategies that include differentiation, overall cost leadership, focus differentiation, and focus low cost to achieve competitive advantage (Kumar, 2010, p. 24). LinkedIns strategy is a focus differentiation since it was first founded, and its strategy has helped the company to become a leader in the PNS market.The differentiation strategy involves constant innovation and providing users with what they need and want in a new or better manner than what competitors can provide. Therefore, LinkedIn and many companies in other industries may ward off its competitors through innovation, quality, and reputation although overlapping products may be present. While Facebook may present threats to LinkedIn with the intent to blur the greenback between SNSs and PNSs, LinkedIn would still maintain a competitive advantage in the PNSs.LinkedIn has always focused on differentiating itself in the PNSs by providing users a different degree of privacy, standards, and quality tools to find job candidates for position in their company, to reach out to experts around the world in order to get advice andmake better decisions (Yoffie et al. , 2009, p. 4). LinkedIn differentiates from Facebook and other SNSs not only on the type of service that is provided, but also on the value it adds to the professional identity of each user, and the reputation it maintains.SNSs such as Facebook and MySpace may be very popular and well known around the world for the types of applications available, the connectivity advantages, and the numbers of users within the network. However, the SNSs have presented privacy issues as well as reputation issues. As mentioned in class by prof Kumar and Mehdizadeh (20 10) in her article, SNSs provide a self-presentation characteristic of low self-esteem and high narcissism users.Alternately, LinkedIn targets a long goal in the attempt to create a different type of environment, a professional ecosystem with the plus of applications and modules to help users increase efficiency in their work and portray the professional self. The existence or ontogeny of other PNSs would increase competition for LinkedIn however, LinkedIn already has a well-established professional networks composed of top executives, CEOs/CFOs, and other important professionals that attract individuals who seek advice or just the possibility to connecting professionally.LinkedIns users may have difficulty and a cost to switch networks, but they also find value in the services available. The continuous advance of the benefits that can be obtained and the innovation of new modules such as LinkedIn news and customizable settings will help the company ward off competitors. Questio n 5 Question 5a The distinction between social and professional is clear. This distinction likens LinkedIn to the Wall Street Journal , and SNSs to publications like People, indicating that creating a more social persuasion to LinkedIn will depart from the needs and wants of their target market.The expansion by Facebook into an open platform allowed third parties to augment social apps and created a viral spread across the network. Hoffman (Yoffie et al. , 2009, p. 7) stated that he wanted to prevent this within the LinkedIn network, alternatively insisting on stringent protocols and reviews of all new apps, so as to provide professionals with . . . the right figure of tools to interact with their network. Maintaining a walled garden, as opposed to an open platform, is critical to continuing LinkedIns success. Like stated before, its strategy is based around being the best PNS in the industry.Users flock to this website because of how LinkedIn keeps the network professional, pr omotes productivity, and enables users to advance their careers success. Keeping this prestigiousness will conserve LinkedIns quality and continue to attract its target market, professional users. Question 5b LinkedIn should not broaden the scope to include elements of social networking. LinkedIn began and still operates since 2003 as a PNS. This strategy has allowed it to flourish, generating a guest base of 75 million users spreading around 200 countries, which includes professionals from all fortune 500 companies (Yoffie et al. 2009).This festering can be attributed to its departure from obtaining the majority of its revenues from advertising, like SNSs, and creating a focused concept that does not inescapably remove innovation within the network, but instead indicates a policy of professionalism throughout with the controlled inception of professional applications. Different from SNS, of which the majority of revenue is from advertising, LinkedIn has framed its revenue mode l on five sources (1) Advertising, (2) Subscriptions, (3) Job Postings, (4) corporeal Solutions, and (5) Primary Research.Steve Sordello, CFO for LinkedIn, stated This model gives us a lot of sustainability, even if one of those revenue streams doesnt succeed as we expect, we have others (Yoffie et al. , 2009, p. 6). In order to sustain a competitive advantage, in 2007, LinkedIn change a policy to accommodate users who wished to upload a single professional head gibe for identification. In 2008, LinkedIn launched a product called Company Groups that brought all LinkedIn users who worked for an organization into a closed forum which provides a collected, protected space for employees to talk to each other, as a part of application program interfaces (API). early(a) launches included Conference Calendar, as stated above (Yoffie et al. , 2009). Question 5c LinkedIn has created a successful user base in foreign countries. This fruit is attributed to LinkedIns concept of build not bu y, using an organic growth model, giving it a competitive advantage over its main foreign rival Xing. This advantage is through LinkedIns ability to control segments of its business outside the U. S. , separate from Xing who buys outside networks limiting its control, in humanitarian to Nyes observation that being in English first is an advantage.

No Ordinary Sun and to Sea Essay Example for Free

No nondescript solarise and to Sea EssayIn The Sea, to the Mountain, to the River the use of simile establishes the perspective of the readers about the workmen, Tuwh be leads the readers to see them as despicable- destroying our environment for the sake of progress. Then, he uses personification for the same effect. The readers empathize with the environment and consider the ocean, the mountain and the river as people like them who has feelings. By doing this, Tuwhargon appeals at the readers emotions, making them see how terrible t is to destroy the environment. turn in the first poem, Tuwh ar appeals to readers by encouraging them to feel what the nature is feeling, in No Ordinary Sun imagery is used to show the effects of a man-made weapon, atomic bomb and make them substantiate what would happen to them and the environment. Tuwhare used adjective to create images in the minds of the readers. G altogetherant monsoon flash and dashing trade winds blast are old- fashioned, positive sounding words that Tuwhare used to describe the monsoon and he wind.He wants the readers to know that compared to the bomb, these two are almost benign, almost nonhing. Another example of imagery was in the last stanza shadowless mountains, White plains and drab sea floor. This creates an image of a lifeless planet. Tuwhare is telling the readers, this is what happens. Everything leave behind be destroyed- our lives, nature- all because we seek power and progress. Tuwhare in any case used symbolism to help people understand how ruin an atomic bomb can be.He explored the irony of the comparison to show the big difference between our cheerfulness and the not ordinary sun. Our sun gives us life, energy and warmth. We need it to live. The other sun, the one mentioned in the poem, is a monstrous sun. It kills people and annihilates the environment. By calling it monstrous, Tuwhare is implying that this sun is an unacceptable product of a merger between nature and man. Thu s, what we created for power will destroy us.Also, by using sun as a symbol for atomic bomb, the readers are more than affected as the sun is irectly related to our everyday lives. In this poem, Tuwhare made it clear how much we are affected when our environment is destroyed. We cannot live alone in this planet. Our hunger for power and progress blind us and we need to stop. Both poems used fgurative language to engage the readers and to show the effects of our actions. Tuwhares message is very outstanding as in todays society, especially in New Zealand, destruction of environment for the sake of progress is not uncommon.Earlier on March, news of national parks becoming mining grounds sparked protest from all over the country. The government believes that this will help New Zealands economy prosper. But are we really spillage to forsake the environment for the sake of progress? Also, North Koreas nuclear testing hasnt stopped. To further their power, the government of Korea ignor es the devastating effects of nuclear bombs. Tuwhares poems The Sea, to the Mountain, to the River and No Ordinary Sun urges us to open our eyes and stop destroying our environment.

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Frank Too Big Too Ignore Essay Example for Free

Frank withal Big Too Ignore EssayIncome Inequality Too Big to IgnoreSummaryRobert Frank, a professer at Cornell University, promulgated an article for the New York Times on October 16, 2010. The title of the article was Income Inequality Too Big to Ignore. In Income Inequality Too Big to Ignore, Frank argues that at that place be differences in the social classes of the Ameri squeeze out plurality and that it is having a negative effect on our economys growth. Frank explains that spunk class citizens are in a struggle to maintain a good m matchlesstary position. Meanwhile, the upper class citizens are spending teeming amounts of money which makes it increasingly more difficult for the middle class to meet their basic needs. He says that the middle class are looking toward upper class citizens, comparing their posesions as well as their fiscal positions which makes the middle class feel financially unstable.Frank explains that the income gap between the classes are causing incommode on marriages of American citizens. He states that divorce rates rise when people are in financial distress. in conjunction with finincial uneasyness, Frank explains that the willingness to ignore infrastructure is an effect as well as the movement of lower class families to places that are further away from their places of employment. Frank concludes by how the income gap is not just unfair, but that it would be unwise to continue on the current path of income inequality. ConnectionsFrank has a very(prenominal) bleak view of the economic status of America in which he shares with Herbert. One of the main evidences of this top dog is the comparison of Franks quote in which he states By contrast, during the last three decades, the economy has grown a great deal more slowly, and our infrastructure has fallen into grave disrepair. (580) with Herberts quote It will likely take many years, mayhap a decade or more, to get employment back to a level at which one could fairly say the economy is thriving. (564)In comparison between Frank and Thomas, each author believes that there is something wrong with the system and that the American people need to dosomething about it. This can be reassert within Thomas and Franks articles. Frank states No one dares to argue that rising inequality is required in the name of fairness. So maybe we should just agree that its a bad thing and try to do something about it.(584). Thomas explains We must also understand what got us here and the path that leads upward. (570)Frank can also agree with Brandon King in the fact that America is still repairable. King states If the Great break has taught us anything, it is that planning for the future by saving more and enacting policies that sustain economic growth are what will keep the American Dream alive. In comparison, Frank believes that we need to consult the problem in order to repair it.

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Internet gambling Essay Example for Free

Internet shimmer EssayInternet gambling represents wholeness of the fastest growing segments of online activities with hundreds of websites providing users the opportunity to place bets on anything, ranging from casino games to sporting events. Billions of dollars in bets are determined each day in these online gambling rings. Thousands of these sites exist and many another(prenominal) countries economies benefit from them. Sadly, the Statess leaders fail to gull the benefits in allowing online gambling to take place on Ameri stop soil.Whether it be for recreation or as their only source of income, hundreds of thousands of Americans participate in the phenomenon haven as online gambling. For the countries (Great Britain, France, and a number of islands in the Caribbean) that entertain these sites, it means millions of dollars being assessed each year for allowing the gambling sites to exist. President Bush signed into effect in mid-October a bill that outlaws sending cre dit card payments or other funds to websites involved with online gambling. Consequently, many of the stocks of these corporations are bound to decrease severely, potentially hurting the nations economy.A countless number of college students across America participate in online gambling, a small percentage of those depending solely on the money they make from gambling to pay for their tuition. This new law will leave these masses scrambling to find cheats to stay in school. If the job search fails, these students will be forced to go deep into debt by taking out loans or drop out of college altogether, thereby making the United States lose valuable money that these students are compensable for their education. Putting net income poker aside for now, online sports wagering has been approximately for as long as anyone can remember. beforehand the new bill passed, a person could sign onto a gambling site, enter their handle and password, and keep back unlimited access to hundreds of betting lines, point spreads, and over/under numbers. One more click and they can place their bets on the game or race of their choice. With the new law, the aforementioned is a part of the far-flung past. Place a bet over the phone and rest easy. Place the same bet online and reflexion stiff penalties including steep fines and possibly jail time. This simply doesnt make sense. America has tried prohibition before, in the 1920s.Despite the governments best efforts, Americans continued to consume alcohol. Seeing that they were missing out on a abundant source of revenue, legislators reversed the law and began taxing the alcohol. This new internet gambling law works in much the same way, forbidding the participation in online gambling to everyone on American soil. However, the internets boundaries stretch and than any government on earth can ever begin to regulate fully. With many mass being computer literate these days, it is undoubtedly out(predicate) to stop these people from finding ways around the law.Much like the prohibition law of the 1920s, Americas government is missing out on a Brobdingnagian amount of taxable income. This definitely could help the government pull out of the extreme debt they are in. Prohibiting internet gambling also goes against one of the unalienable rights that America was founded upon the pursuit of happiness. Gambling has the potential to make people happy, and prohibiting them from participating in it goes against the Declaration of Independence that our founding fathers laid down as rules for Americans to abide by.Although legislators retain succeeded in passing a law against internet gambling, it will be found virtually impossible to enforce it. States will begin to grow tired of watching potential tax revenue ball up over to other countries. The move that makes the most sense for the American government is to legalize internet gambling, tax the income it generates, and increase the economy. After all, abiding by the immortal words spoken by Kenny Rogers in The Gambler, Americans should know when to hold ? em, know when to fold ? em, know when to walk away, and know when to run.

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Genetically modified organism Essay Example for Free

genetically limited organism EssayMy environmental hump is genetically modified sustenances. I will explain why the foods should not be modified and the hazards of consume modified foods. Why this issue is important tell apart shows that food that has been genetically modified is a danger to the health of humans. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine says that the public should not eat genetically modified foods because several studies pack sh sustain that at that place ar a variety of health troubles such as organ damage, reproductive disruption, accelerated aging, immune dysfunction and insulin disorders associated with GM foods. The process of genetically modifying food is done by changing the original DNA by adding other organisms to it, also called GMO which stands for Genetically limited Organisms. Consumers fork up been take in foods that contain genetically modified ingredients in them not knowing the risk factors. (Doctors Warn About Dangers of Genet ically Modified diets, by David Gutierrez) The FDA claims to have no knowledge that these foods were any different than naturally grown foods and tagged them as being Generally Recognized as Safe or (GRAS).The law says that a substance has to go through a certain list of peer-reviewed published studies and has to have a certain amount of consensus among the scientific community that agrees that the product is safe. This allows them to be put on the market without any additional testing. purge though the GRAS labeled them to be safe, in that respect are no proven facts that show that Genetically Modified foods are safe the information that was given to the FDA was altered to expedite the approval of the products at the expense of the sentry go of the consumers.There has been no credible study done on genetically modified food safety. order in Support of the Thesis In 1998 there was a lawsuit against the FDA for not listening to the warnings of their own scientists who were te lling them that GM foods were not safe. The scientists warned that the GM foods could create unpredictable side effects that were hard to celebrate such as allergies, nutritional problems, toxins and new diseases and said that long-term studies needed to be done, but was treat.(FDA ignored own scientists warnings about GM foods by Ken Roseboro) Even though it may be real that food crops are bio-engineered to produce their own pesticides and herbicides, these traits transfer to weeds and insect, which means that there effects are not long lasting. GM foods have not yet been proven to be safe. Rebuttal of the Evidence that Contradicts the Thesis Genetically modified foods have the potential to help benefit consumers by improving nutritional qualities in fruits and vegetables.Some of the crops are genetically engineered with herbicide resistant so that when the farmer uses herbicides to kill the weeds it doesnt hurt the crop, which benefits not only agriculture but also the economi cs. Losing crops due to insects can be a tremendous loss to farmers. Biotechnology also generates crops with genes that are resistant to long periods of drought and frost. Since there is an increase in world, more land will be needed to grow crop on harsh landscapes. Farmers will need to grow crops in places that will be unsuitable for agriculture.With the world population increasing, it will be a challenge in the years to come to make sure that there is enough food for the growing population. Genetically modified foods will help to produce enough crops in these harsh times. It will help to take to the woods malnutrition in third world countries. There is a far-flung of undernourishment in the worlds where people are poor. They depend on one main crop which is rice. sieve by itself doesnt have enough nutrients that a person need. But rice can be genetically modified to contain extra vitamin and minerals.Biotechnology has allowed people to be able to receive crucial vaccines and medicines which are hard to distribute. With vaccines and medicines being so expensive and the need to be stored a special way, they have come up with a way to put vaccines in food products so that they are easier to grant to people and easily transported. (The Benefits of Genetically Modified Food Crops) Rebuttal of the above claims Although malnutrition is a big problem in the world, according to the United Nations World Food Program, there is enough food being produced to feed the world without GM foods.The reasons that people go hungry are, they dont have enough money to buy it or dont have access to growing their own. The UNs world food body is not in favor of using GM foods because of the effects on health and the environment. The Food and Agriculture Organization says although GM crops could help with hunger in the world there are nevertheless questions about their implications for animal and human health and the balance of the ecosystems. (Say No to GMOS) Conclusion Genet ically modified foods have some pros and cons as I have showed you, but I am still a worshipper of the traditional way of growing foods.Since the foods will be labeled, that will give people the choice of rather to eat GM foods or naturally grown foods. that also have pro and cons to them.Reference http//www. naturalnews. com/028245_GM_food_side_effects. hypertext mark-up language http//www. non-moreport. com/articles/october2011/FDAignoredscientistswarningsGMfoods. php http//www. betterhealth. vic. gov. au/bhcv2/bhcarticles. nsf/pages/Genetically_modified_foods http//www. saynotogmos. org/ http//suite101. com/article/the-benefits-of-genetically-modified-food-crops-a218670.

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The Psychological And Physical Effects Essay Example for Free

The mental And somatogenic Effects EssayDiscuss the psychological and physical effects of loss and trouble How big businessman an ethical therapist incorporate this knowledge into his/her thrash? Base your answer of the theories and models presented in Module 7. It is a fact of life that every individual allow for experience loss and affliction at any(prenominal) repoint in their lives hardly in certain circumstances they whitethorn be unaware of it. personnel casualty back end come in many disguises from the easily recognis fitting bereavement, to redundancy, children leaving home, divorce, relocation, disfigurement, chronic illness, miscarriage, loss of a close pet, abortion and former(a)s. When a lymph node presents for Counselling, it is vital to be alert for losses, both recent and historical, to term of enlistment if in that respect are overt issues beca commit affliction gouge be easily missed or misinterpreted.Chrysalis (2012) states that thither are tw o bureaus in which a therapist give encounter the need to spirt with loss and grief. These are 1) When a lymph node presents with a recent loss and their goal is to work through the answer and view it, r to each oneing a satisfactory conclusion. 2) When a lymph node presents with other symptoms which you then introduce as being a grief response. In this case the person may not mark that their problems are related to grief or unresolved grief in the past. For the purposes of this assignment, loss and grief provide be focus primarily on bereavement.Worden (2009) states that the overall goal of grief counselling is to move the subsister adapt to the loss of a loved one and adapt to a newfound reality without him or her. He goes on to explain that there mustiness be four adjustments increasing the reality of the loss, relations with behavioural fuss, and helping the client maintain a bond with the deceased while being homey with the new reality. I testament now exa mine the psychological and physical aspects of grief and how a therapist may use grief models and theories in the therapy room and clutch into consideration social and ethical factors.The Physical and Psychological effects of Grief.Before exploring the theories and models of grief, it is important to be aware of the psychological and physical issues which accompany the suffer process. It is possible indeed common that a client may present for Counselling on an misrelated issue and on closer examination by thetherapist it poses apparent that the client is in the grief process, and is in fact stuck at a certain stage in this process, or has failed to grieve in the past. on that point are smackings, cognitive processes, behaviours and physical symptoms which manifest not only in grief however in other psychological issues. It is the job of the Counsellor to make the link between the presenting issue with the unresolved past grief and loss. Many people will assume that the over-r iding feeling associated with grief is wo and if sadness is not being experienced then the issue is not grief. This is most definitely not the case. at that place is often a ray of e bms that individuals experience, such as anger, frustration, some clips and a brain of relief.This is not odd after the deceased has been ill for months or years or if there was a unwieldy birth between the deceased and the client. There are several stages to the grief process and each of these stages has distinct trope of emotions and feelings. Common feelings surrounding grief are shock, numbness, denial, fear, sense of abandonment, disturbance, anger, guilt, loneliness, pining, relief, tiredness and freedom. The same is true for cognitive processes and behaviours which can be frightening and confusing to the client. They accept obsessive thoughts, hallucinations or visions of the deceased, denial that the deceased has died or all the same sensing that the deceased is in the room with the c lient.Behaviours can be disturbed sleep, loss or a gain in appetite, forgetfulness, or lack of interest in life, with constructal from the clients regulation network of friends and family, crying, avoidance, restlessness, a i hatfulisation of the deceased and the treasuring of the deceased objects. The bereaved can also experience a range of physical symptoms which can be disturbing and frightening and may exacerbate any feelings of anxiety being experienced by the client. These can include tightness in the chest, hollowness in the stomach, sensitiveness to noise, shortness of breath, increased sighting or yawning, feelings that they are going to collapse, a sense of disconnectedness from others and the external world.In such cases, it is important as a Counsellor that the client is encourage to visit their G.P. if theIR symptoms become serious or a cause for concern. Sometimes clients need reassurance that their symptoms are normal reactions to the grieving process and that the physical symptoms will pass in time. The physical symptoms of grief can mimic picture but there is a difference. Freud believed that in grief the world looks poor andempty to the client, wheres in depression the person feels poor and empty themselves.The Theories and Models used in Therapy.These dedicate been numerous theories and models proposed by psychologists over the years, these include works by Bowlby, Worden, Murray Parkes and Kubler Ross among others. Bowlby (1907 to 1990) believed that in psychoanalysis the therapist is too interested in fantasy and not sufficiently interested in the present environment and events of the clients occurrent life. Bowlby tried to understand the human tendency to attach to others. He went on to study the reaction of infants when they are separated from their commence and what occurs when this bond is threatened or broken, (he went on in the 1950s he published his Attachment Theory). His ideas on separation response could be said to be the underpinning theory of bereavement. Chryslais (2012) explains the three stages of separation response1) protest (related to separation anxiety)2) Despair (relating to grief and mourning)3) Detachment or denial (related to defence).The models and theories used by psychologists present grief as a curve and that the grieving process (sometimes expressed as phrases or stages) must be worked through. Worden explains that he chooses to use the word t craves because he finds it more useful for the clinician phrases or stages imply certain passivity, something that the sorrower must pass through. The tasks concept on the other hand, can give the sorrower a sense of leverage and hope that there is something that he or she can actively do to adapt to the expiration of a loved one. As there are a lot of similarities between the theories on grief, I will focus on Wordens tasks of mourning. He describes four tasks through which the bereaved must work through1) To accept the reality of the los s (that the deceased will not return). 2) To process the pain of grief, the pain associated with the grief must be worked through. If there is avoidance or suppression then this will be carried through life to surface at a later date. 3) To adjust to a world without the deceased. This will differ from client to client depending onthe type of loss and what the deceased provided for the bereaved. Parkes (1972), explains, it is seldom clear precisely what is lost. A loss of partner may or may not mean the loss of a sexual partner, companion, billant, gardener, someone to help with the children this will obviously depend on the particular roles normally performed by their deceased partner. There are also the financial consequences of losing a partner which can cause a lot of worry and anxiety for the client which also create further change in the clients lifestyle.4) To find an enduring connection with the deceased in the midst of embarking on a new life, the Counsellors role is not t o help the bereaved give up their relationship with the deceased but to help them find an appropriate appear for the person they require lost in their emotional lives, a place that will enable them to go on brisk effectively in the world. I switch discussed already that some people who present for therapy may be unaware that they are experiencing a grief reaction at all. Others, who have suffered a recent loss may not understand the grief process, oddly if this is the first time grief has been experienced. It is appropriate to ask the client this during the therapy, to determine how grief will be handled and whether there is earlier grief that is unresolved, which could signify complex grief as being a problem. To help the client understand the grieving process, the grief curve is a visual tool which can be employed in the therapy room and given to the client to soak up home with them.The therapist can ask the client if explaining to them about the grieving process would be u seful. The curve plots the emotions over the time which the client can expect to experience following bereavement and confirms to the client that the feelings and reactions they are experiencing are entirely normal. The disadvantage of truly showing the client an illustration of the grief curve is that the client may start to put mash on themselves where they feel they should be at this stage of the grieving process The curve begins at the time the loss was first experienced and then continues until the point of resolution. That is to say, when Wordens fourth task has been completed and the mourner is able to reminisce and remember the deceased while forging a new life for themselves. This process does not have a time limit, Chrysalis (2012), explains that the time it takes for a person to complete the process will depend on the situation, the clients previous experience of grief and the environment they are livingin.Worden (2009) states in order to understand how somebody is goi ng to grieve, you need to know if he or she has had previous losses and the circumstances they were grieved. Did they grieve adequately or does the individual bring to the new loss a lack of resolution from a previous loss The grieving process is not linear and the client is likely to move forwards and backwards through the emotions depicted on the loss curve. This can be very confusing and frustrating for the client, who may believe that they beginning to move forward only to take a backward step. This can be explained to the client as a perfectly normal and pass judgment part of the grieving process and although it may seem frustrating and challenging at times, the overall motion is one towards resolution, even if it is two steps forward and one step back.As previously mentioned the grief curve plots the emotions the client is likely to experience during the process. It can be very useful to ask the nominate of the emotion that they are feeling in order to bring it to the client s full awareness. Wordens first task of mourning is to actualise the loss because the process cannot start without full realisation and oppositeness of this fact. He states, the first task is to come to a more complete awareness that the loss in truth occurred and the person is dead and will not return. Survivors must accept this reality in the first place they can deal with the emotional impact of the loss. He goes on to say on occasions the Counsellor needs to use language that reminds the client that the deceased has died. This language can help clients with reality issues surrounding the loss and call forth some of the painful feelings that need to be felt.As can be observed in accessory 1, the emotions on the curve begin with shock. According to Chrysalis (2012) shock is an emotional defence mechanism which allows the situation to free fall slowly into the bereaved awareness in order to protect them from emotional overload. It is a very difficult time and in reality it is not until this stage is over that people usually present for Counselling, unless they have become stuck here. The second stage is separation and pain, during which time there will be periods of very late darkness and periods of easier times. The client may report dreams and hallucinations of the deceased and exhibit searching behaviours.The next stage is despair, during which the client, may experience manyfeelings and emotions to understand. It can be accompanied by depression and lack of concentration or inability to focus on everyday tasks. People in this despair stage may feel unable to function and may say things like I can see no manner ahead and no way out of this. Acceptance comes next on the curve and is the beginning of the up slope towards resolution. Chrysalis (2012) explains that it is important to note that the client will often reach intellectual acceptance before emotional acceptance and can experience mood swings and depressions associated with despair at times. At this point, the client may feel able to begin to adjust to a new life, but may feel criminal and need reassurance and permission from the Counsellor.The final stage is resolution during which time the client will be able to make plans for the future and has found a place for the deceased to be remembered with happiness. The above is a original of a normal grief process (although it is widely accepted that there is no norm), but there can be obstacles which can complicate the process and this is known as Complex Grief. Clients may have unresolved issues from their past which may be affecting the grieving process or stopping it altogether. This is why the therapist must check for unresolved grief in the past. According to Chrysalis (2012) the factors which should be taken into account are 1) The nature of the concomitant (is there an ambivalent attachment or conflict with the deceased). 2) Method of dying (including socially unacceptable deaths such as suicide, violent deaths, missing persons and in other dramatic circumstances). 3) historical unresolved grief.4) soulality, how easily does the client assimilate change 5) Social variables, how is grief handled in the clients culture or faith 6) Concurrent stresses (is the bereavement around the same time as other major life stresses such as relationship breakdown, loss of work, a close relative has a chronic ill and the client is the main carer giver, moving house). 7) What support system (friends and family) does the bereaved haveThere are four types of complex grief these are1) Chronic grief, where the client is unable to find resolution 2) Delayed grief, the client has unresolved grief from the past and a present loss triggers the grieving process. 3) exaggerated grief, the client mayuse maladaptive behaviours such as drugs and alcohol, suffer general chronic anxiety, clinical depression. If a client is struggling to cope with difficult emotions then they may find outlets to help them manage. 4) wra pped grief, the client does not link the symptoms to the grieving process. This is why the Counsellor must check when working with a client that their presenting issue is not masking unresolved grief. Ethical FactorsIt is widely accepted that a Person Centred Counselling approach is required when working with grief. The process cannot be hurried and each person will take their own time to work through the curve. All that may be obligatory is the belongings of the client and allowing them to work through the process. This means allowing the client to take their own time, to create a unassailable space for the client to explore their emotions, to reassure the client that what they are feeling is normal and to be a non-judgemental listener.Inventions however, must be carefully planned and only used towards the end of the grieving process when the client is nearing resolution and has the strength to take them on board. It is important to recognise that clients may display displacemen t activities or using defence mechanisms. In a normal therapeutic session this behaviour would often be challenged but in this instance it is often advisable to continue to support the client without challenging their behaviour, as the client may not have the reserve or strength to confront them at the current time.ConclusionGrief and loss is something that will be experienced by everyone at some point in their lives. Counsellors and psychologists generally agree that grief is a process and generally follows a curve. It can take approximately two years to work through (for someone close to the client) but obviously varies for each individual and this does not include complex grief. A variety of emotions will be experienced by the bereaved. The curve is organic, meaning that the bereaved is likely to move forwards and backwards through these until resolution is reached.The way grief is handled depends on a variety of factors unique to the individual. Grief can be normal or described as complex. Factors associated with complex grief I have mentioned previously in thisassignment, such as the circumstances of the deceaseds death, the importance of the relationship between the deceased and the client, the depth of the attachment between the two, how stressed was the client prior to this loss Another important factor does the bereaved have the chance to express their grief or do they feel pressured to supress their emotions. An example of this, would be a aim who has lost their partner and has dependent children and feels that in order to appear strong, that she must soldier on without the opportunity to express her own emotions around the loss.There are four types of complex grief, chronic, delayed, exaggerated and masked, the therapist must use their skills to determine whether the client who presents for an unrelated issue actually has an unresolved grief issue in their past. Tools can be used in the therapy room to aid the process. These could include asking t he client to draw their own grief curve or ask them to write to the deceased. A person centred approach is necessary to give the client space and time to process the loss in safety. Interventions can be unplowed to minimum unless near resolution and the client has progressed along the grief curve and has the strength to handle them.

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Investigation into Roles and Contracts of the Music Industry Essay Example for Free

Investigation into Roles and Contracts of the Music Industry EssayScenarioYour local anaesthetic paper has assigned you with a task to present them with information about the roles and contracts in the Music industry. concur out an investigation that describes/explains/comments critically on the roles and contracts of one celestial orbit of the Music Industry and deliver your results as a presentation to the class.Task 1 Using Publisher/ Word, you need to research, write and describe the contracts associated with an area of the Music Industry (Live Performance e.g. artists responsibilities with a label, or a manager/ styles responsibilities with an artist/performer) (P3)In order to gain a MERIT grade, in addition to the requirements of the overstep criteria, you will need to describe and explain the above by providing examples. (P1, P2, M1, M2)In order to gain a DISTINCTION grade, in addition to the PASS and MERIT criteria, you will need to describe, explain and comment crit ically the above by giving examples, drawing conclusions from experience and/or research (P1, P2, M1, M2, D1, D2)2 Know the schoolmaster roles within a chosen area of the music industry Live performance eg performer/artist, DJ, agent, promoter, venues and submit management, crew/ technicians, security, merchandise Record companies eg AR, promotion, distribution and retail, merchandising Music publishing companies eg publishing, copyright, sales, composer and artist development operative management eg artists, songwriter/composer, managerAssessment MethodClass presentation.To include referencing

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Cult Films Essay Example for Free

Cult Films EssayEccentric, offbeat, weird, unique and catering to esoteric tastes of a especial(a)ly low-toned group and number of individuals, religious cult cinemas or cult films are the exact opposite of the blockbuster, hollywood and hollywood-type mainstream lark about films being sort outed in major movie houses today. Cult movies usually acquire a cult following, groups of individuals whose particular tastes and interests fall under the films wing.Classic cult films which come to mind are that of Stanley Kubricks controversial A Clockwork orange tree (1971), Francis Ford Coppolas anti-Vietnam war movie Apocalypse Now (1979), Ridley Scotts loose interpretation of a Philip K. Dick novel, steel Runner (1982), and the quintessential cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) by Jim Sharman. magic spell cult films range from a variety of genres such as crime, suspense, science fiction, horror and so on, close to cult films are deemed uncategorizable and exist i n a genre which could only be labeled as such cult.The cast of characters which appear in most cult films are barely known to the commonplace viewing public. These are artists who are in the initial stages of their careers, others gaining a certain degree of fame and recognition from the express cult movie, and on few occasions, a select number of renowned actors and actresses gracing the part of often oddly quirky and outrageously and/or obscuredly sketched characters in an equally obscure and eccentric setting and environment.The most late(a) cult films of today range from the local independent, to foreign movies packaged for different countries, to even top grossing movies swell received by the mainstream movie viewing populace precisely regarded as a cult movie because of its ability to garner a particular group of dedicated following, which it would seem is growing in numbers, an archetype of such a cult movie is George Lucas Star Wars.The cult movie of today has taken a different form, although catering to esoteric tastes, these movies have also garnered a significant amount of mainstream appeal. Such is the compositors case with Quentin Tarantinos Kill Bill, received by a greater number of following subsequent to his first cult flick, Pulp Fiction, which seemed to have revolutionized and brought considerably significant amount of impact to the aspect of film making as it deals with aesthetic, style and content.The apparent trashy content and material which critics refer to in Tarantinos film approach reflects and likely sums up cult ideologies and what cult movies are generally about. The movie viewing populace of today is decent less discriminate and blurring lines of that of the cult and mainstream movies, and viewing these films for what they are, a pastiche of shared beliefs, opinions, ideologies and meanings as interpreted by a director who subscribes to individuality and captured on over an hour or so of reel and screen time.It may or may not reflect the particular persuasions and leanings of the general populace and the rest of the masses, but as long as it applies to one individual, and an esoteric few, it makes every amount of difference. References Cult Films. Film Site. Org. Tim Dirks. (2007) Retrieved 12 December 2007 http//www. filmsite. org/cultfilms. html net 50 Cult Films. Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved 12 December 2007 http//5mtl. com/ft/culttop. htm Top Cult Films. Dermansky, Marcy and Fauth, Jurgen. Retrieved 12 December 2007 http//worldfilm. about. com.

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Its all about life Essay Example for Free

Its every about life EssayLife is beautiful moreover not always easy, it has problems, too, and the challenge lies in facing them with courage, letting the beauty of life act like a balm, which pee-pees the pain bearable, during trying times, by providing fancyHappiness, sorrow, victory, defeat, day-night argon the two sides of the me coin. Similarly life is full of moments of joy, pleasure, success and comfort punctuated by misery, defeat, failures and problems. in that location is no human being on Earth, strong, powerful, wise or rich, who has not experienced, struggle, suffering or failure. No doubt, life is beautiful and every moment a celebration of being alive, but one should be always ready to face adversity and challenges. A person who has not encountered difficulties in life basin never achieve success.Difficulties test the courage, patience, perseverance and true character of a human being. Adversity and hardships make a person strong and ready to face the chall enges of life with equanimity. There is no doubt that thither can be no gain without pain. It is only when one toils and sweats it out that success is nourish and sustained.Thus, life is and should not be just a bed of roses thorns are also a crack up of it and should be accepted by us just as we accept the beautiful side of life.The thorns cue one of how success and happiness can be evasive and thus not to feel baffle and disheartened rather remember that the pain of thorns is short-lived, and the beauty of life would soon overcome the prick of thorns.Those, who are under the impression that life is a bed of roses are disillusioned soon and become victims of imprint and frustration. One who faces difficulties with courage and accepts success without letting it go to its head is the one who experience real happiness, mirth and peace inlife.Those, who think, that good times last forever, easily succumb to pressure during difficulties. They do not put in required hard work and eff orts because they break down easily.You can take the suit of a student, who burns the mid night oil, makes sacrifices and resists temptations so that he can perform well. Similarly, a victorious executive has to face the ups and downs of life, not forgetting that life is a mix of success and failure, joy and sorrow.If he loses hope during difficult times, he would not achieve success and would be replaced by others. Even the strongest Kings and Emperors have had their form of woes.Life has not been a bed of roses for them. The adage Uneasy lays the head that wears the crown has been rightly apply for people, who are successful and are enjoying power and authority.To sum up, life is beautiful just as roses but it has challenges which are like thorns and have to be faced and overcome by all. Those, who accept these, challenges and succeed, are the ones, who love how to live life in its true sense. Thus, enjoy life but also be prompt to bear the pricks of pain.

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Critique of a research paper Essay Example for Free

Critique of a interrogation paper searchIssues that are to be studied during a interrogation are usually expressed in a landment referred to as a query problem or search question (Lawn et al 2010). The tec needs to have enough companionship concerning the field in which he or she wants to contact a interrogation in order for him or her to be able to infer up with a research problem which is strong enough to be studied (Manzoni et al 2009 Partridge Dickey, 2009).The researcher is supposed to come up with ideas which have non yet been researched on or which needs further development for him or her to be able to come up with a researchable topic. In most cases the research question or problem helps the unrestricted to have better insights in the studied field and even fills virtually experience gaps that may be existing in that field. therefore researchers are supposed to do thorough research to know what has already been researched on for them to be in a better po sition to drive some improvement on the knowledge that exists.The problem to be studied should be signifi squeeze outt to the general public and the professionals in the field of require. According to this study the research problem was the impact of poor essential young care practices on neonatal mortality in rural Karnataka. This research problem is relevant in any medical profession since it addresses an important issue, which affects many healthcare systems in the world (Lawn et al 2010). As outlined in the paper many neonatal deaths occurs yearly resulting from careless or lack of knowledge on how to take care of these neonatal.Even though the authors pinnacle out that some research has been performed on this research topic, they point out the need to understand the local settings of concerned regions for better interventions to be undertaken since kid birth is often tightly linked to traditions of concerned communities especially in the developing countries like India. Th us their research problem is still relevant given that no research has been done in much(prenominal) settings. Research design The case study research has apply both qualitative and quantitative research design.In qualitative research designs, answers are given to experiences related to humans (Kain, Gardner Yates, 2009). Concepts like grounded opening, ethnography, case studies and phenomenology are covered in qualitative research designs (Manzoni et al 2009). This study used interviews to collect entropy. The interviews were recorded in text form which is a characteristic of qualitative research. Thus the research qualifies to be described as qualitative. The concepts covered in the study were ethnography and grounded theory.This is because in the paper, the researchers consider different ethnic pigeonholings found in rural Karnataka. Furthermore, the participants were interviewed on various cares they offer to neonatal after birth hence this cover the grounded theory concep t since giving care is a social responsibility. Therefore the researchers were trying to answer the question on how different birth attendants carry out their services to newborns in rural Karnataka. Quantitative research involves sight of data in numerical form. The authors claim to have used this design to obtain preliminary data for carrying out qualitative research.Even though the authors state that they used quantitative research design it is not clearly stated the data collected since the paper only talks of administration of questionnaires of which we are not told the kind of information that was to be collected. Justification of use of both qualitative and quantitative research designs From the authors point of view, the use of quantitative design was aimed at providing evidence for need to carry out the qualitative research (Lawn et al 2010). It is also pointed out that the quantitative research confirmed anterior research on the like issue on neonatal mortality.Thus it seems the quantitative research was done to also confirm earlier studies on mortality related to newborn. On the other hand, the use of qualitative design is justify. This is because obtaining data such as on breastfeeding, place of delivery, delivery hygiene, cord cutting, cord care, asphyxia and thermal care can only be done using qualitative method actingology. Recruitment of study participants Recruitment of participants was based on pregnancy. All those who were pregnant and those who became pregnant during study period were allowed to voluntarily participate in the study.The study employed proactive research design for sampling purposes. This was used to prevent recall biases, which are common in retrospective research designs. Data collection Interviews, focused group newss and questionnaires were used to collect data from football team villages within rural Karnataka (Kain, Gardner Yates, 2009). The method used to choose these villages is not stated in the paper and and so we do not know whether it was done using statistical methods or not. Interviews which were done were semi incorporated (Partridge Dickey, 2009).They were thirty nine in total with thirteen targeting mothers who had delivered recently, ten targeting grandmothers, nine targeting birth attendants and seven targeting informants. The interviews to mothers lacked specificity in time frame especially to mothers who had delivered and therefore could have been prone to errors. In addition the authors do not outline on how they come with the different numbers that they administered the interviews to. Thus, the numbers may not be statistically significant. The fivesome different questionnaires were administered to pregnant mothers at different times.Three of the questionnaires were administered prior to parturition, one was administered within five days after delivery and the last questionnaire was administered during postnatal period. It is not clear on how those involved in the deliver y of the questionnaires knew when the mothers had given birth to administer them on time. In addition, the significance of the number of questionnaires administered is not justified statistically. Eight focused group discussions were undertaken in the study. Of these, three were among groups of mothers, two were among elders and one was carried out among birth attendants.The group discussions may have been exaggerated by some participants and therefore some of this data may be unreliable to some extent. Furthermore the pick of the number of discussion and the number of participants in the group discussion is not explained hence may be statistically insignificant (Jatana et al 2010). Data analysis From the paper, the authors state that they carried out framework in the analysis of their data. This is a type of data analysis is majorly used in the analysis of qualitative data. The versatility of the method allows it to be used in different qualitative data analysis.This method allows organization of data into structured transcripts. Credibility, auditability and fittingness The truths about the findings as judged by participants constitute the credibility of the study (Lawn et al 2010). This study is credible to some extent given that the source of data used to make the conclusion is not one, that is, pregnant mothers, birth attendants and grandmothers are utilized to get credible data (Kain, Gardner Yates, 2009). However, the choice of the numbers of those involved in interviews, group discussions and the number of questionnaires administered raises credibility issues on the research.Thus, clarity is required pertaining these issues in related studies. If the information presented in the report is accountable then the research is auditable. The coherent of the report determines the auditability of the research paper. The authors of this paper tried their best to remain focused on the problem issue. Thus the paper is auditable. If the participants are faithful then the paper is fitting. From the excerpts from the interviews presented in the paper, the participants seem to be real in relation to mundane realities. Thus, the paper is fitting. References Lawn, J. , Mwansa-Kambafwile, J. , Horta, B. , Barros F. Cousens, S.(2010). Kangaroo mother care to prevent neonatal deaths due to preterm birth complications. International Journal of Epidemiology, 39(Suppl_1) i144-i154. Kain, V. , Gardner, G. Yates, P. (2009). neonatal palliative care attitude scale Development of an instrument to measure the barriers to and facilitators of palliative care in neonatal nursing. Pediatrics, 123(2) e207-e213 Jatana, K. , Oplatek, A. , Stein, M. , Philips, G. , Kang, R. Elmaraghy, C. (2010). Effects of nasal continuous positive airway pressure and cannula use in the neonatal intensive care unit setting. Archives of Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery, 136(3) 287-291.

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Understanding the true meaning of rape and its effects

Understanding the true signifi sensce of muff and its somebodyal effectsWhen peck think of bollocks, they might think of a stranger jumping surface of a dark shadowy home base and sexu t come to the fore ensembley attacking some champion. But the reality to all of this is, its non only strangers who indulge. In event, roughly half of all people who ar raped kip down the someone who attacked them. Females argon most of cardinal raped, but males can besides be raped. close to friendships, friends, and go out rape never lead to vehemence, of course. But, sadly, sometimes it does happen. When forced sex haps between two people who already know each other, it is know as leave rape or acquaintance rape.Even if the two people know each other well, and even if they were sketch or had sex before, no one has the recompense to force a informal act a nonher person against his or her pull up stakes. Although it involves forced sex, rape is not about sex or passion. Rape has nothing to do with love. Rape is an act of aggression and emphasis. You whitethorn hear some people say that those who mother been raped were somehow gather uping for it beca custom of the clothes they wore or the elan they acted. Thats wrong The person who is raped is not to blame. Rape is al federal agency of lifes the fault of the rapist. And thats also the look when two people be dating or even in an intimate relationship. One person never owes the other person sex. If sex is forced against someones will, thats rape. Healthy relationships involve respect including respect for the feelings of others. soulfulness who really c ares about you will respect your wishes and not force or pressure you to lead sex. naming rape is defined as non-consensual inner (vaginal, anal, oral) intercourse that is forced (by way of physical force or psychological coercion) on a person by someone that they know. Date rape is a vile act that is perpetrated by a social acquaintance, a fr iend, or a dating or intimate partner of the dupe. Date rape is a complex and difficult area of criminal faithfulness, given the genius of the relationship between the victim and the defendant. Most jurisdictions, however, make no legal distinction between date rape and rape that is committed by strangers. Alcohol has been use in years to commit rape because it is easy to access, and it is even the most all-inclusively use dose for committing cozy spoil. The use of other date rape medicates to commit rape is becoming more(prenominal) uncouth, however, because these medicates are easily feature with alcohol to upraise their effects. These date rape drugs are oftentimes referred to as club drugs because of their popularity in dance clubs and bars.E actually produce and the federal government treat the act of rape as a shame. Although there are sensitive variations in the terms apply to define the act of rape among the different laws, there is one common element the v ictims lack of consent. The most common and lack of consent is stated when drugs and alcohol are employ to commit a rape. In cases such as these the victim is incapable and is unable to fight finish off the attacker or is unable to say no, regardless of the victims state at the time of the attack it is motionless sufficient to meet the definition of rape. The type of rape that are mainly associated with drugs and alcohol is either acquaintance rape or date rape. Date rape alone has become a real chore in todays society. The issue was introduced to the in the public eye(predicate) because of the high profile trails of Mike Tyson and William Kennedy Smith. More recently basketball track Kobe Bryant has also made headlines in a case related to date rape. In all of these cases the victim stated that they defendants, who they knew well forcibly, raped them.Many rape victims are in the late teens and early twenties. A recent study on the subject of date rape reported that women bet ween the ages of sextetteen and 24 experience rape at rates four times higher than the infract rate for all women. Another study conducted in 1988 by M.P.Koss showed that basketball team percent of the women raped reported the incident, but what is more alarming is that forty-two percent of the victims later had sex with the perpetrator again.Alcohol and DrugsAlcohol is just one of umteen another(prenominal) drugs used to commit a rape. Others substances include marijuana, cocaine, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, chloral hydrate, heroin, morphine and LSD. Three of the most commonly used drugs today is Rohyonol, Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB), and Ketamine. These drugs were originally developed for specific medical reasons, but today they are used illegally in drug related sexual assaults, in cases where unsuspecting victims are incapacitated and odd unable to resist sexual boards. In the last few years, drug related sexual assault has become a growing concern among health and co mmunity educators. There are a wide amount of drugs that has become know as date rape drugs or predatory drugs they are known by these names because they are used to incapacitate individuals for the purpose of committing a crime, often sexual assault. The situation remains that the use of recreational drugs to commit rape is not a new concept. Alcohol has been used for years to commit rape, because of its easy accessibility and today it is still the most widely used drug for committing sexual assault. However the use of other date rape drugs for committing rape is becoming more common, because these drugs are easily accessible, inexpensive, and assimilate a rapid effectiveness on the victim. They can easily be combined with alcohol to enhance their effectiveness. These particular date rape drugs are often referred to as club drugs because of their popularity in dance clubs and bars (Kehner, 2004).Rohypnol is the trade name for flunitrazepam, it is a benzodiazepine similar to Valiu m but it is ten times more potent. It has numerous street names, such as roofies, roache, the forget-me pill, mind erasers and Mexican Valium. The pill was intentional to be used as a rest perioding pill in some countries, but it has never been approved for use in the United States. Rohypnol usually comes in the form of pills. After be slipped into someones drink, Rohypnol leaves no detected taste, color or order, and it will take effect after five to thirty minutes. The effects of this drug can be felt for many hours after being interpreted. close to of the effects that Rohypnol causes are blurry vision, drowsiness, confusion, dizziness and difficulty to move.Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) was designed for medical use it is a popular drug in France and Italy it is used as an aid in childbirth because it relaxes the muscles. It has a great effect on intermission a very lower-ranking amount produce relaxation, tranquility, and drowsiness. A high dose of this medication will induc e sleep with five to ten minutes. However the sleep effects only last for three hours, but not every(prenominal)one can be put to sleep by this drug. It is also used primarily to relieve withdrawal symptoms, cravings and anxiety among alcoholics. There have been reports of colony and death related to Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB), because of this in 1990 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned over-the-counter gross revenue of the drug. This made the drug illegal except under the strict guidelines and monitoring under a doctors care. The self-denial of Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) is a felony punishable by up to twenty years in prison.Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) is known on the street as liquidecstasy, liquid X, Georgia Home Boy, Cherry Meth, Blue Nitro, Water or Soap. Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) is a clear, orderless liquid that has a salty taste that can be masked by putting it into a flavored or mixed drink. The effects of the drug can be felt suddenly after being taken, u sually within fifteen minutes and can last for several hours. The drug reached its highest blood levels in twenty five to forty minutes. One gram of Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) powder can be dissolved in as little as one milliliter of water. There is no way to determine the concentration of Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) once it is in liquid form. Because of this even a small amount can result in temporarily unrousable sleep. When purchased at the club, Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) is generally exchange for a few dollars per dose, but when it is purchased in large quantities it is available for ten to fifty dollars per 100 grams. Some of the effects include drowsiness, deep unresponsive sleep, nausea, and loss of consciousness.Katamrine is known on the street as Special K, Vitamin K or Lady K it is a legal drug sold as a veterinary sedative or hospital grade anesthetic, when used in humans, the drug acts as a divisible anesthetic it renders the user vaguely aware of, but detached fro m all bodily sensations. The pharmaceutical versions of katamine are clear, colorless liquids available in concentrations of ten, fifty, and one hundred milligram solutions. It is the liquid form tha is used as a date rape drug. Liquid ketamine is clear and colorless, and can easily be slipped into a drink without being detected. The liquid form is often baked into a solid form and sold on the street as a fine whiteness powder. This powder can be snorted, smoked, or packed into gel caps and taken orally. The powdered form of katemine is often mistaken for cocaine or watch crystal methamphetamine. In all forms katamine is usually sold for twenty five to fifty dollars per gram. When taken orally this drug takes ten to twenty minutes to take effect. The most common effect includes hallucinations, cardiac excitement, confusion, violent or aggressive behavior and coma.There are many factors that make these drugs desirable to sexual predators, because they are tasteless, odorless and ma inly colorless, these drugs are virtually undetectable. The trace of these drugs usually leaves the body within seventy-two hours from the time it has been taken and they are not found in any routine toxicology screening or blood test. Because of this many physicians and police have to look for these drugs specifically and have to work quickly to find them and get absolve of them in a victims system. Another reason why date rape drugs are used in sexual assaults is because they are easily slipped into drinks and are very fast acting. They make the victim become unconscious(p) but responsive with little or no memory of what happened to what is happening while the drug is active in his or her system. These drugs also led the victim to act without knowledge, often in a sexual or physical affectionate way. Like many drugs that are abused, date rape drugs make a person incapable of thinking clearly or making rational decisions. The use of these drugs guarantees a very vulnerable victi m, one who is still able to participate in sex acts but who will have little or no knowledge of what happened in the sex act, and also will have no knowledge of what happened after the event. Because of this the victim does not have any clear memory of the event or events that took place or that is taking place during the sexual assault, the victim is also unaware that he or she has even been raped. Even if the person is aware of what is difference on or has any suspicions, the victim often make poor witnesses because each of these drugs can cause amnesia while in a victims system.Myths about the VictimOne of the most popular myths about rape is that the victim in some way was leading the wrongdoer on. Either she was seductive or was dressed in a provocative way or because of this she only got what she asked for. Regardless if this is true or not that if the victim did act seductively or was dressed provocatively, she still has the right to change her mind. There is no law against saying no, but it is against the law not to accept a victims refusal. There has been case study of the offenders that has reveal evidence of pathology and ownership of business for the offense. They have admitted to not being able to have self control, respect for the other person and thwarting because of low tolerance. Many people believe that females are the only ones who are victims of rape. But in actuality the victims of rape include males as well as females and they range in age from infancy to old age. The places where assaults have often taken place also have ranged from the victims own house to public parks, cemeteries, beaches, shopping malls, public restrooms, churches, and alley ways. There is no place, time of day, or season in which a rape will occur, or is there a specific type of person to whom it is going to happen to. There has also been frequent believes that if a victim really indirect requested to prevent an assault she could. But the reality still remains t hat rape occurs through intimidation with a weapon, threat of harm or injury, and in many cases brutal force. Every situation is different in one case of a victim screams, the offender might run away. But another offender might cut her throat.Myths about the offenderfair as there are myths about a victim of rape, there are myths about the offender some of those myths are sexual assault is an impulsive, uncontrollable act of passion. The victim is irresistible to the rapist. But the fact is, rape is an act of violence, not of sexual desire. The majority of rapes that take place are planned, the offender stalks out places, he or she does research on what enticement they will use in the attack or they deliberately get their victim to be involved in a sexual relationship with them. It is the photo of the victim that attracts the sexual predator. There are no limits to offenders victims they range from infants to the elderly. Anyone can become a victim, regardless of age, sex, physical a ppearance, marital status, ethnic, religious or socio-economic background can be raped. Another myth is sexual assault occurs only in large cities. The fact is rape have been reported all crosswise the country in large cities and small towns. There is however more sexual assaults occur in large cities this is because larger cities have a greater population. The downside to a victim that lives in a pastoral area is they dont have access to as many services as a victim in a larger city. Victims that are assaulted in rural areas may be less likely to demonstrate anyone, report it to the police or seek support. Women are sexually assaulted when they are out alone at night. If women stay home they will be safe. The fact is many studies have shown that the majority of sexual assaults are committed in either the victims home or the offenders home, especially in date rape cases. Most rapists hide in dark alleys, waiting for a stranger to walk past. The majority of reported rapes occur eit her in the victims home or the home of the attacker. In many cases, the victim met the offender in a public place and then was convinced by the attacker to accompanying him or her to the place where the assault will take place. Rape victims know their attacker at least casually. In many cases, offenders were well known to the victim and were in relationships that one would normally trust, they were a boyfriend, family friend, close neighbor or relative. Most sexual assaults involve a black man raping a white woman. In cardinal three percent of assaults, the rapist and victim are of the same race. In four percent of sexual assault cases, black men did rape white women, while in five percent of the cases, white men raped black women. Most rapists are poor. Rape crosses all class lines. People have been raped by doctors, lawyers, police officers, and other authority figures. Because of their social and financial positions, these offenders are seldom prosecuted for the acts of violence , and their actions are seldom publicized. A victim cant be sexually assaulted against his or her will. Rape is a crime of violence, not sexual passion. In many cases, some type of force is used, such as choking, beating, roughness, or use of a weapon. Often, the victim is threatened with death if he or she resists. Confronted with the fear of being beaten(a) or killed, many victims do not attempt to fight an attacker. While a victim may not resist an attack receivable to socialization and fear of violence, this lack of resistance should not be equated with consent for the attack. Many mugging victims hand over their wallets willingly to maintain their safety, but they did not ask to be mugged. cozy assault is provoked by the victim. Victims ask for it by their actions, behaviors, or by the way they dress. To say that someone wants to be raped is the same as saying that people ask to be mugged or robbed. In fact, most rapes are at least partially planned in advance and the victim is often threatened with death or bodily harm if he or she resists. get offual assault is not a spontaneous crime of sexual passion. It is a violent attack on an individual using sex as a weapon. Sex is used to defile, degrade and destroy a victims will and control over his or her own body. For the victim, it is a humiliating, near death situation. No person would ask for or deserve such an attack. Only bad girls get sexually assaulted. internal assault occurs in all segments of our society. Most rapists convey their targets without regard to physical appearance or lifestyle. Victims are of every type, race, and socio-economic class, young and old alike. Most rapes are reported by women who change their minds afterwards or who want to get even with a man. FBI statistics show that only four percent of rape calls are fake reports. This is the same false-report rate that is usual for other kinds of felonies. Women have rape fantasies and secretly desire rape. If you are going to be raped, you might as well relax and enjoy it. When people have sexual fantasies of seduction, they choose the circumstances and characteristics of their seducer. They are in control. In rape, the victim is never in control. There is a grownup difference between fantasy and reality. Rape is neither relaxing nor enjoyable. Again, victims often submit without struggle due to fear of physical force, or because the assailant is armed with a deadly weapon. Victims responses to rape reflect the violence and intense trauma of the event. Rapists are crazy, deranged, abnormal perverts. They are lonely men without female partnership. Rape is not a crime of spontaneous passion. Studies show that sixty and seventy percent of all sexual assaults are planned. Most rapists are married and having consensual sexual relations while assaulting other women. Rapists themselves do not describe their motivation in terms of sexual gratification, but in terms of hatred and conquest. Sex is used as a weapon to inflict violence, humiliation, and degradation on a victim. Indeed, rapists have tell that rape is lousy sex. Sexual offenders come from all educational, occupational, racial and cultural backgrounds. They tend to test other than from the normal, well-adjusted male only in having a greater tendency to express violence and rage. custody cannot be raped. Sexual assault, no matter the gender of the perpetrator or victim, is a form of violence where sex is used to demean and humiliate another person. Current statistics indicate that one in six men are sexually assaulted or abused in their lifetime. Typically, the perpetrator is a heterosexual male. Sexual assault of males is thought to be greatly underreported.