Tuesday, April 30, 2019

In your opinion, what is Walt Whitman's message regarding America and Essay

In your opinion, what is Walt Whitmans message regarding America and Americans - bear witness ExampleWhitman reflected all the richness of life in American his poems. leaves of Grass is highly praised by Connor. lay eyes on in Leaves Of Grass the immense and absolute rise. It is all our own. The nation is in it. To understand Greece study Iliad and Odyssey. written report The Leaves of Grass to understand America. The leaves of Grass is the epic of America Whitman delights in giving us catalogues of the variety of professions followed in America. He does not shrink from picturing prostitutes and butchers. The whole wide range of the American physical delineation is brought before us. He succeeded in conveying to the readers, a broad panoramic grasp of Americas spaciousness, her opulence and her veritable and multitude ness of life. Whitmans Song of Myself contains plenty of catalogues of characteristic phenomenon of America. In A Song for Occupation he praises the divine average . Thieves prostitutes and drunkards are regarded by the poet with as much sympathy and love. No human being is treated with content.

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