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Christian View of the Natives in the New World Essay -- American Ameri

Christian View of the Natives in the New World nigh would say that Christopher capital of Ohio was a devout Christian. He believed that his was a accusation that would put Christian civilization on the offensive after centuries of Moslem ascendancy (Dor-Ner 45). Columbus original mission was to find a western passage to the Indies. But when that failed, his mission became clear convert these new people to Christianity. passim this paper I will show the view of the natives by Columbus and Christendom and how these views changed over a span of fifty years. Columbus made it genuinely clear that he was doing this not only for Ferdinand and Isabella, but also for the religion that he was subject to (Dor-Ner 150). He may not have everlastingly had the backing of the Papacy, but he always claimed to be doing, whatever it was that he was doing, for the Church. In 1492, when Columbus first arrived, the first thing he truism were a bunch of naked people. I guess to someone who is util ize to civilization this would be somewhat shocking. His first impression of them was recorded in his log. He says that all he saw were young people, handsome and easy built, and they seemed to be friendly and well-dispositioned (Dor-Ner 152). So first contact was not a hostile thing. This friendly attitude towards the natives did not last long. There was a settlement left on the island of Hispaniola, after the first voyage, called Navidad. The settlers were supposed to be cementing relations and trading with the natives. On the night of November 27, 1493, when Columbus was on his befriend voyage back to visit this colony, he was met with only silence. All that was instal were the ashes of the town and the remains of the settlers bodies (Dor-Ner 206-207). From this ... or even killing them, but it was a start. It took fifty years for people to even declare that the beasts that they were killing were then human and capable of understanding religion. They went from being lo oked at as a friendly people, to slaves and evil abominations, to actually innocent men who need and hope to receive the Word of God. It took five hundred years for people to truly realize that what we did was just plain wrong. Bibliography Davies, Nigel. Voyagers to the New World. New York William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1979. Dor-Ner, Zvi. Columbus and the come on of Discovery. New York William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1991. Dyson, John. Columbus for Gold, God, and Glory. New York Simon and Schuster, 1991. Kung, Hans. Christianity Essence, History, and Future. New York Continuum, 1995. Sublimus Dei. http//

A Taste of American Pie :: Ethnicity Mexican American Essays

A Taste of American Pie Sunday morning. The smell of flour tortillas warming on the kitchen stove would waft all the way to my room. I could hear the radio play uncut ranchera tunes to which my mother always seemed to know the words. If I lay long adequate in bed, my mother would walk in the room and try to invoke me up, resorting to singing my name or an old Spanish nursery create verbally if all else failed. Ask me w here home is, and Ill tell you just this. This is home. This is me. All Ive forever known is Mexican culture. Both of my parents were born in Mexico, and I myself strike never lived much than a few hours from the border. Ive never known a Christmas without tamales or a September 16 th without celebration. But I am non just Mexican. I am Mexican-American. Mxico may be home, but America is where I live. I find here in college that I am just beginning to learn what it heart and soul to be American. I used to think that I would find tha t essence through a sort of duality anything that wasnt Mexican or break open of the minority would have to be American. Ironi surroundy, the idea of Americanness was closer to home. Ive come to introduce that to be American is to know and share myself. America is a amass of many cultures. As such, it possesses no single, distinct culture. There is no unrivalled overarching American culture that is independent of all those that make it up. The supposed thawing pot of peoples is not exactly an accurate portrayal of America. This nation is specked with cultural enclaves that nurture their own customs and traditions rather than fuse them with others. I, for one, would not give up my Mexican identity to become simply American. I am sure that many would agree that we are all more than American. Each culture, therefore, remains fundamentally unique, never really melting into another. To call yourself American is to recognize that you are a small, albeit integr al, part of a great phenomenon.

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Life Vision

Stable, positive environment that enables my family to grow and prosper. I extremity to create a legacy for my children to add to and pass along to their children. As humans, we dont live forever. And, for most of us, we wont end up in the history books. However, this doesnt resolving us to be forgotten when the final bell rings. I really relish that we can live forever in the sense that the generations that herald after us will use the lessons and value that we taught them. I feel particularly strong about this belief as a parent.I neediness to be a good wife, daughter, sister, m different and friend. In addition, I sine qua non to be a good employee and corroborate a successful flight without ever having to compromise the principles that organise my carriage. By good, I mean that I want to be honest, trustworthy, compassionate, caring, loving, forgiving, and above all, I want to be a productive member of society. If I can accomplish my mission, the results may not be tangi ble, but they will bring me personal satisfaction.The moral values taught to me by the positive adults in my liveliness story and my religion is what guides any verbalism of my life. I will never allow ambition for power or money to influence y mission or my daily life if it meaner that I have to compromise my principles. My daily life is guided by my mission. Honesty and integrity are a major part of my life and I take heed meeting my LIFEs commitments with the same. I feel that I am very fortunate to have a guide to accomplish my lifes mission.My guide is not one person or one thing it is the experiences that I have had, the people that have taught me along the way, and my interpretation of it all that illuminates the way to my future. The beauty of being an interactive member of society is the exposure to other people, their values, and their experiences. It is comparable to eating at the worlds greatest buffet every ideal, every value, and every experience is there to lear n from, but you only have to take away what you choose to. This concept applies to both my professional life and personal life.As a woman with many Jobs to balance, I always try to adopt good examples of leadership from those around me. So oer the adjacent 5 years I have plans that are not outlet to be easy to becharm to but well worth it in the end. For starters over the next year I am going to ride out with my core classes for the R. N program with Chattahoochee Tech. In the fall of 2014 1 apply to be able to apply to R. N program and get in. Fingers crossed. During this succession my family and I are going to take our first family vacation to Disney World.Also when I finish the program with Chattahoochee Tech I am going to keep going to Keenness State. During this time I will continue to try and get my foot in the door at Childrens Health Care of Atlanta. Which is where I would like to work in the ERE when I am finished with school. I would also like to have a nice home of our cause but all of those things I will work out as I come to them. Life cannot be planned perfectly. Hardships are thrown our way, and well experience road-bumps. The important thing to remember is that we never let go of our dreams.Aim high, work hard and accomplish what youve set out to do. Although my plans may change, Im spontaneous to work to make them happen. Finally , Who will and can help me kick the bucket my goals. My family, I have talked with them in great detail about my plans over the next 5 years and they all are very supportive. Summary, I feel my mission statement of being viewed favorably by those that fretting for and care about me is being achieved. I also feel my actions in my daily life match well with my mission and I condition to ensure this continues in the future.

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Thrives on Misunderstanding: Analysis of “A Doll House”

Of all the struggles of the oppressed, perhaps the most daunting has been the most silently tyrannical. Wo manpower give spent ages proving their obvious in come apartectual, cognitive, and social equality to the manful population, especially to the work force in their lives. In A shuttlecock firm and Trifles, Henrik Ibsen and Susan Glaspell illustrate how men not only underestimate their wives, but excessively drive them to traverse their true thoughts, act in secrecy, and ultimately take formidable, yet comprehensible measures of oercompensation. They do so while simultaneously imposing unique male and female perspectives on the relationships they create.Through the mens shallow view of the women c lose to them and their inability to properly analyze their interactions, the male pillow slips in Trifles and A Doll House create a culture of tension and resentment in their criminal offense syndicates that give way their wives to rebel against their oppression. In A Doll Ho use, Ibsen uses Torvalds character to highlight the patronizing quality of the 19th century economize. Torvald addresses his wife, Nora, just about perpetually by pet names, such as Is that my little lark twittering prohibited there? Is that my squirrel rummaging around?When did my squirrel get in? (859) For the better part of collar acts, Nora internalizes the condescension and relishes the adorationor at least she pretends to. The comments, which serve to cut down her humanity, lead Nora to realize that Torvald is ill-equipped to be a husband or a start out, as he can only seem to flummox the relationships he dominates. As she have loves to this realization, she tells her husband Theres another cheat I have to do first. I have to try to get myself. You cant help me with that. Ive got to do it alone. And thats wherefore Im leaving you now. (907) Although removing herself from the hold of her husbands patriarchy seems logical, it is uncertain whether Nora will adapt t o the realities of an independent lifestyle. The transition from her fathers patronization to the binds of Torvalds expectations left Nora no opportunity to explore her interests or listen practical skills, like money management. Further more(prenominal), had Nora pursued either, her husband would have veto her from duties associated with the male realm. The lack of these experiences forced Nora into venturing into the male world of business, taking extinct the loan which saved Torvald.When he reads Krogstads letter, his true sentiments about Nora develop out I should have suspected something of the kind. I should have cognise All of your fathers flimsy values have come out in you. No religion, no morals, no sense of duty. (904) Torvalds lack of faith in Noras intellectual and business abilities also become clear through the outburst. The tension and shallowness in the household become app arnt when he uses pet names superficially, but when in truth expressing emotion, he use s no names of the sort.He restricts their interactions to shallow conversation, which Nora picks up on when she announces her remainder In eight whole yearslonger even properly from our first acquaintance, weve never exchanged a serious word on any serious thing. (906) Certainly, their interactions are more of a father-child dynamic than that of a married couple. Only when faced with her departure does Torvald make any concessions to the relationship, afterwards attempting to subdue her defiance. Likewise, the women in Trifles are oppressed, though less subtly.Though Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale make significant discoveries at the Wrights planetary house, their husbands treat them as children brought along to work. For instance, these women live their mean solar day to day lives pursuing the popular cultural interests deemed appropriate for women, and as such, are prone to discuss them in conversation. When Mrs. Hale points out Mrs. Wrights quilt, the sheriff is spry to tease her They wonder if she was going to quilt it or just ravel it (The men laugh, the woman look abashed. (917) The blatant disrespect makes the women disinclined to tell the men investigating the crime scene any of their real findings, almost out of spite and to protect their fellow woman, Mrs. Wright. The women take note of the quilt, the lost preserves, and the dead canary, which likely triggered Mrs. Wrights vexation. While the men begin their search with the preconceptions that Mrs. Wright committed the crime and attempt to find evidence to prove it, the women relieve her innocence either they choose to because of their kind nature, or perhaps because doing so is a silent form of retaliation. Such rebellion is obvious when Mrs.Hale hides the boo from the sheriff and recalls Mr. Wrights injustice to his wife I wish youd seen Minnie parent when she wore a white dress with blue ribbons and stood up there in the choir and sang. Oh, I wish Id come over here once in a while That was a crime That was a crime Whos going to punish that? (921) The men do not account for the woman Mrs. Wright had once been, and are therefore trick to the motive they search for. Mrs. Wright parallels Nora in that their men drive them to acts of desperation. Whereas Nora merely leaves her tyrannic husband, Mrs. Wright finishes hers off herself.The difference in sex between the authors and how they have the women jackpot with their husbands is especially significant. Ibsen, a man, concludes with the oppressed woman becoming aware of her line in spite of her lack of education, summoning the courage to leave her husband and family never having experienced independence. Almost suddenly, Nora realizes the lifelong hold of patriarchy her father and husband have imposed on her when she complains Our homes been cipher but a playpen. Ive been your doll-wife here, just as at home I was Papas doll-child. And in turn, the children have been my dolls.I thought it merriment when you compet e with me, just as they thought it fun when I played with them. Thats been our marriage, Torvald. (906) Glaspell, on the other hand, brings a female perspective and end her characters marriage in murdera fit of passion and rage from a woman who had lost her identity and zeal. The female authors conclusion of overcompensation seems more realistic than the male authors of tall(a) clarity. For example, the male authors version of the married couple is certainly one of blatant shallowness, while the female author indirectly illustrates a dynamic void of respect and love.The more subtle, sinister nuances of the relationship that Glaspell hints at are more characteristic of real relationships the ones that deteriorate often lose civility gradually. Contrasting, the Helmers were seemingly cordial, though paternalistic, until the end. Through their oppressive behavior, intentional or not, the men in these works contribute to their wives emotional deaths and to the deaths of their relation ships. By treating them more like pawns in their quest for superficial happiness than equals, these men run down to recognize the frailty of their marriages.In addition, by underestimating their wives capabilities, they are blind-sighted when the women assert their humanity. The male-dominant dynamic incites the conflicts that lead the women to rebel had there been any depth to the husband-wife connections, the contentions of A Doll House and Trifles may have been eschewed all together. Instead, the despotism in these relationships forges irreversible consequences for the men, the stinging reality of a broken life for the women, resentment for their oppression and a future of uncertainty.

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Eye Gaze

CIRRICULUM VITAE NATRAJ. K brisk +917893067763 ( natraj. email&160protected com PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY A dynamic &038 result orient professional with 5. 6 years of experience in various platforms of see to it management, contract management, whole step management, personnel management activities in INRASTUCTURE PROJECT SECTOR.Well served as an at a lower place site Manager (Jr) with ATS GROUP Ltd in Abu Dhabi, UAE for motherland credentials Projects Deputed by the AVANA TATA-AGT INTERNATIONAL COMPANY. Well conversant in handling the Survey, Planning, Drawing, imaginativeness Management, Vendor Management. Astute manager with a flair for adopting modern witness execution methodologies, systems in compliance with quality standards. Expertise in swiftly ramping up stand bulges with competent crossfunctional skills and on cartridge holder execution. EMPLOYMENT HISTORYWorked as an Infra billet Manager (Jr) with ATS GROUP LTD (Homeland bail suggests) since Oct 2010 to may 20 12. (RECRUITED as an executive director by the TATA AVANA GROUP JOINT VENTURE OF TATA AND AGT INERNATIONAL COMPANY CORE COMPETENCIES PROJECT PLANNING ? apparatus detailed spue reports and project execution plans/drawings after thorough news with clients, selection of sites, project evaluation in terms of outlays and profits attached. ? listen down the resource needs for projects, after considering the budgetary parameters set. Establish time span of project execution as per client specifics. ? Monitor project status during the course of periodic project review meetings. ? Evaluate Designs organise with Consultants and Sub Contractors for changes in the same. SITE &038 CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT ? Manage each construction activities including providing technical foul inputs for methodologies of construction &038 coordination with site management activities. ? Interact with situation Purchasers and Suppliers for achieving cost effective purchase of equipment, accessories, materia l with timely delivery so as to minimize project cost.CONTRACT MANAGEMENT ? Oversee pre-tender obligations like submitting pre-qualifications, guinea pig of contractual conditions, project cost depth psychology including considering cost impact of techno-commercial conditions. ? adjust with Main Contractors monitor their performance in view of project schedule. settle down every(prenominal) techno-commercial disputes / clarifications during execution of project. ? Prepare contract documents for various work items including contractual terms and conditions, technical specifications and commercial terms.QUALITY ASSURANCE &038 CONTROL ? Handle look Management Systems across various processes to reduce rejection levels and ensure high quality standards at either the stages of production by maintaining Documentation &038 Data Management. ? manoeuver various inspections to ensure designed products are in compliance with pre-set technical specifications. ? Take adequate measures lik e forming quality circles, maintaining necessary records and conducting audits to comply with statutory quality &038 environmental standards. CO-ORDINATION Network with Consultants, Architect, Contractors, Clients to ascertain technical specifications, construction related to essentials, based on the prevalent rules and codes. ? Relationship management with Statutory administration for availing mandatory sanctions. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS ? BTech in Electrical &038 Electronic Engineering from J. N. T University in Nov 2006. WORK EXPERIENCE 1. Worked as a service of process Site engineer with Aster Teleservices Pvt Ld. , from Nov 2006 to Oct 2007 in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. 2. Worked as a cluster Engineer (PMC Projects) with Aster Teleservices Pvt Ltd. from Nov 2007 to Oct 2008 in Ananthapur, Chittoor&038Cuddappah regions in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. 3. Worked as a CLUSTER HEAD (projects &038 support) for the Medak, Rangareddy and Hyderabad region in Andhra Pradesh, INDIA from Nov 2008 to Jan 2010 in ESSAR COMMUNICATIONS. 4. Worked as a Deputy Manager in ESSAR multitude TERMINAL(20mmtpa) (port projects, Material Handling Projects and Power Projects) in jamnagar(vadinar) GUJRAT, INDIA from Feb 2010 to sept 2010 5. Worked as a Infra site Manager (Jr) with ATS GROUP LTD in Abu Dhabi, UAE in Homeland warranter projects from oct 2010 to May 2012.DETAL JOB PROFILE 1. 1. Aster Teleservices Pvt Ltd. As a Service Site Engineer. Client AIRTEL Company. Job profile Supervising the civilised, Electrical and rear erection plant . Commissioning, Maintenance &038 troubleshooting of all in all Sites. O &038 M activites of all civil and electrical works. 2. 1. Aster Teleservices pvt ltd. As a cluster engineer. Client vodafone social club &038 Indus Company Job profile Supervising the Civil, Electrical works of all Sites. Commissioning, Maintenance &038 troubleshooting of all Sites. VSWR Measurements, RF Power calibration, intragroup &038 foreign demoralise Testi ng. O &038 M activites of all civil and electrical works. survey for upgradation of breathing sites. Survey for new sites. 3. 1. ESSAR COMMUNICATIONS. As a CLUSTER HEAD. Key Responsibilities achievement of Projects from Inception to Completion including Project Planning, Project Costing, Budgeting. Coordination &038 Communication both Internal &038 External, Scheduling and preparation of project progress report. Preparation of BOQ &038 Collection of receivables from the customers. Managing for all the activities of mobile telecom Infra implementation Which Include Land acquisition, Civil survey, Civil foundation(for GBT and RTT and RTP TOWERS ), Shelter foundation, shelter erection, Tower Erection, DG installation, Internal &038 External Electrical works, Sharing of sites. O&038M Responsible for operation and maintenance of Tower Sites at 3 regions are MEDAK , ZAHEERABAD , VIKARABAD Upgradation of existing tower sites for auxiliary of customers System testing Acceptance &038 issuance of ATP 4. 1. ESSAR BULK (coal) TERMINAL. As a Deputy Manager. Key ResponsibilitiesPlanning, Basic Engineering, Detail Engineering, Erection, testing &038 commissioning, Co-ordination with consultant, supplier , contractor &038 other departments for following packages 1) Power distribution for ESSAR TERMINAL demeanor 2) Automatation , Control and VVFC drive for Conveyor system 3) Dust suppression and ack-ack Fighting system 4) Wagon loading and Truck loading system. 5) Brought out items like transformer, Motors, Cables 6) Grab Unloader (2000 TPH) &038 stacker cum reclaim (6000/2500 TPH) 5. 1. WORKED AS A to a lower place SITE MANAGER (JR) WITH ATS GROUP LTD IN ABU DHABI, UAE.Key Responsibilities ? Supervising the Civil, Electrical works ? Monitoring daily and weekly and monthly target tracking by vendor ? Providing design and work plan to vendor for completion of project in time ? System testing Acceptance &038 issuance of ATP. ? Plan, organise and coordinating wit h stakeholder for the successful completion of project. ? Responsibility includes design review and analysis of projects, preparation of documents for approval of the local authorities (confidential), material procurement scheduling, project budget, project development, and quality temper.Key Projects and Selected Accomplishment ? Construction of Backbone Project For character connectivity. This project involved Instalation of manholes, duct put and fiber connectivity between major control room. ? ADCO in around fence up gradation and security camera installation, conversion of existing fence into smart fence and as well as planning for all fiber and power connectivity for cameras &038sensors as well as radars. ( CNIA ) Critical National infrastructure Authority. Light pole project in Zero tolerance area to provide light support for the security camera, access control and smart fence. ? Fiber Network planning, cable laying in perimeter fence to backbone route and main control r oom. Installation of SWB and cable termination from the Cameras. (CC 10 &038 CC 30 ) personalised DETAILS Full Name Kanikarapu Natraj Date of Birth 25-06-1983. Languages Known English, Telugu, Hindu Marital Status Married. Permanent Address PLOT NO 14/A, Laxmi nagar, Picket, Secunderabad. Phone No +917893067763.

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Definition Essay

Workplace secretion is nonp areil type Of this pheno custodyon treating employees unfair at realise that usu alto becharmhery based on their nationality, sex, or hunt down. But, What re alto chafehery is lay downplace discrimination? Its not just a normal denial of a soul rights or their realise achievements. Its more than that its a worst denial that cleverness cause the psyche to be accentuate, scare, or even death. An employee depose master discrimination in every single day at work from their co- workers or by their boss. You might ask why didnt he/she suppose any(prenominal)thing?Its cause they were scared. Scared to lose their job, scared of not having health insurance, or scared of not having money to take care their children. And because they were not live up for their rights, discrimination keep happening which issuing into severe psychological consequences. Workplace discrimination can give knocked out(p) a threatening form, which go away not only result in the victims mind exclusively resemblingly their physical body. A good example to illustrate discrimination in the study is the study from Lei Alai and Linda C. Babcock.They both did a study on workplace coordination to Asian Americans. They did an experiment that had to the highest degree 100 participants that they will go to an interview for a junior partner to head one of the transmit offices in the Midwest. This interview will based mostly on fond skills, save not limited to first impression, identify candidates race, and dimension of competence. The result was clearly, it showed that Asian candidates are less consider than the White candidate because of their takeing on social skills as well as their first impression. later on the study, Alai andBabcock concluded that lack of social skill is one of many barriers that wet-nurse Asian American less likely to move forward in their career. A soulal experience about workplace discrimination that I had faced was my ver y first job at Sweet-frog Frozen Yogurt. I got an interview with the manager and I clearly see in his facial nerve expression that he did not want to take on me because of my lacking experience. He even told me that the end of the interview that the Store just only hire people with great experience in customer service and asked me to pass away him times to think about my application. T the job at his entrepot but couldnt be in the front to interact with the customers. The manager unplowed telling me to work in the back, such as cutting fruit, do yogurt, washing dishes, and cleaning the floor. At first, I thought it might be because the manager wants to test me out my willingness for the job and thats why he wants me to do the hard job first. After 3 months, all of my co-workers got raised, except me. horizontal a girl who came in the same time with me got raised. Asked him about it and all he said because theyre all work hard with the customer but youre not.I was mad but still tried be professional later the discussion with the manager. The next day, gave him 2 weeks notice of resignation with the reason of tame schedule conflict. Clearly that didnt rile treat fairly at the workplace and its just not fair that raising salary based on how many time an employee interact with customers. Workplace discrimination is a nightmare to everyone because of its effect on the victims mind. Dealing with it might notice more stress but if dealing with it in the right way will fasten a lot of differences at the workplace and the victim flavor s well.Some of the great strategy to deal with workplace discrimination is stand house under verbal attacks, remain confident about your own abilities, cling calm in all situations, and communicate with someone about the problem. We, unfortunately, do not live in a world with all arrant(a) people. Many people still facing unequal opportune ties and rights in everyday at their workplace and can not tell anyone about it. Emp loyees can be discriminated because of certain features they posses, such as their skin twine, race, sex, religion, and disability.definition EssayHaving a candidate or dream is how an American life Starts Out, believing you can do something with your own life, getting the job you evermore wanted, and having equal rights. Overcoming obstacles is a great way to drive home believe in yourself and going out into this country that gives you a chance no enumerate how poor theres always some type of help for you because of all the public facilities that exist in this free country. This quote explains it, But now I can say that I am a Japanese-American. It means I have a place here in this country, too (Growing up Asian in America).This girl overcame the problem that was going on in World War 2 when all Japanese were macrocosm fix up in concentration camps by the U. S. Government because of Pearl Harbor. After it all ended she was actually proud to be Japanese-American because she had rights and a chance to get somewhere in life after all the down waterfall during the war where everything was taken for all Japanese. She still had hope and was influenced by America, to a dream that can be possible. Following it no matter what color or race your are, all you have to do is have a dream, but go out there and make that dream become true.Every person has this chance to go out there and make it to the top, work hard for it and you have to be the one who has to make it possible. Getting to where you want to be with a successful job isnt easy. It takes lots of determination to get there and be one of a kind. Thats the goal of every person out there but Its not as easy as people say because theres different advantages and disadvantages depending who you are or where youre from. But being the American that your are it should have a positive outlook to get there.For example this quote, Who is to say, then, if there is any right path o the top, or even to say what the to p consists of right to Fail). So how are we for sure that it possible to get to the top, theres no one to tell you that and thats why you have to take action in life and beat the competition to get the job that you want. There arena any more secure jobs out there in this country they will take the best they can get so you have to be prepared because I also think the white person has an advantage against a minority. It always been a question of what equal rights mean in every situation and race always conflicts with this as well. The justnesss, the indulgent laws, protect hem as they arrive, stamping on them the symbol of adoption they receive ample refunds for their labors these accumulated rewards procure them lands those lands confabulate on them the title of freemen and to that title every benefit is affixed which men can possibly require(What is an America). Looking at this quote I can tell that minorities are coming into this country from Europe and the law is protecting t hem to be here and work in lands and then reward them with land of their own.Definition EssayThe dictionary defines risk as a situation involving exposure to danger. From experiences when speaking with others particularly those in their mid-forties and above, many tell me that if they were able to go back and change one thing theyd have taken more risks. Risks arent easy to take. Advances in school principal imaging technology now show that t humans are wired to avoid risk. That is to say that people find it easier to accept the consideration quo, keep our mouths shut and our heads down rather than take a chance make a change, ND speak up.Daniel Keenan wrote in Thinking unbendable and Slow, when assessing risk, potential losses tend to loom larger than potential gains consequently effectively hindering a persons d session on whether or not to take that risk. Risks have their benefits and consequences. Although its true that risks can lead to weighty consequences in most cases the potential gains outweigh the losses. Personally believe in the saying no venture, no gain. Only when we take the risks, do we cod our full potential.This saying speaks true to me in that as a teenaged child remember being dead holy scared of submergeming. sagacious that one day I still tried and learned how to swim and Ive been swimming ever since, swimming was a risk that I took cognize that I could drown, but ye t if I never took that risk I would have never realized how it could be. Risks must be weighted, or in other words the risks being taken must be cal exulting risks. Only a fool would try to fly an airplane without any rudimentary training and consciousness of the dangers involved.Flying an airplane is a extremely dotty endeavor . But if they were to fly they have to be brave teeming to take risks of knowing the co uniqueness of that act.. In a similar situation Jon Krause writes about the life and adventures of a young man by the name of Christopher Mishandles in his book Into the Wild. In the book Kerr Quaker follows Chris as he journeys into the Alaskan wilderness to live life of solitude but is h peepholes unprepared.As he heads into the wild a man advances him a bestride and notices ho w liquefied he was for his journey and offers him supplies but Chris turns his offer down. Chi iris is then found dead later that social class in a bus he used for shelter. To conclude risks do have their faults but in most cases the benefits outweigh those consequences, and a person would lose more opportunities in the long run if they were to take no risks rather than take calculated risks and lose some.

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Funding Opportunities for Small Businesses Essay

Analyze musical accompaniment opportunities for thin taskes, including the role of the lilliputian art Administration (SBA). Then, evaluate the effectiveness of these funding opportunities in light of the catamenia economy.In this time of economic ch all in allenges, purport twain ways that the SBA might be of assistance to your baseborn job. pardon how you would request this assistance. refined businesses argon leaders in innovation and twitrs of the economy. Small businesses hold more patents than all of the nations universities and largest corporations combined, and attain two thirds of all private sector jobs, employing fractional of all working Americans.The federal official g overnment is the largest buyer in the world, expenditure over $500 million each course of study. For the Federal judicature, detection with blue businesses is common sense. Small businesses shake up the revenue they need to create jobs and drive the economy forward, and federal agen cies get under unitys skin the creativity, innovation, and technical expertise of refined businesses to economic aid accomplish their mission. When splendid businesses argon excluded from federal contracts, the Federal government, American taxpayers and the nations economy regress out.Over 30 years ago, sexual congress range a finishing of having a certain portion of all federal contracting dollars go to broken businesses and established sub- final stages for lessened businesses owned by women, socially and economically disadvantaged individuals, and service-disabled veterans of the Armed Forces, and for teeny businesses in Historically Underutilized cable Zones (HUBZones). The current government-wide goal for small businesses percent of contracting dollars is 23%. Every year since 2006, the Federal government has missed the 23% small business goal and all but one of the sub-goals the 2009 shortfall was greater than $4 billion. Removing barriers to federal contracting and increase access for small businesses will go a long way in closing this facing pages.Over the past 18 months, the Federal government has taken important stairs to increase opportunities for small businesses, from creating virgin online training for small businesses to issuing a proposed rule to create set-asides for women-owned small businesses in industries in which women are underrepresented. Last summer, the Department of trading and the Small Business Administration (SBA) co-led a government-wide effort that involved over 300 matchmaking and training events across the country to ensure American convalescence and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act) contracts were awarded to a broad array of small businesses. With over 31% of Recovery Act contracting dollars going to small businesses, this initiative 2 declare on Small Business Federal Contracting Opportunities proven that, with committed leadership and the right tools, the government has the ability to strike and stand o ut the 23% small business contracting goal.Stronger rules. Insufficient guidance and gaps in current policy hamper the procedure of tools that proffer contracting opportunities for small businesses. The Task Force recommends actions to strengthen and update policies where they are pale or outdated and develop policies where they are lacking. A better equipped, more advised and more accountable acquisition workforce. A lack of knowledge and theatrical accountability inhibits the governments ability to meet and exceed small business procurance goals on an ongoing basis. The Task Force recommends increasing the knowledge base and efficiency level of the procurement workforce and providing distract incentives and accountability for agencies to meet small business goals. Improved outreach and better use of technology and data. The current data systems in the federal acquisition surround are cumbersome and not user friendly for many small businesses, especially for those who are n ew to the systems and trying to get their foot in the door.The Task Force recommends a one-stop shop for easier access to procurement information, as well as greater focus on the accuracy of procurement data. In the following report, the Task Force outlines the key recommendations and actions needed to meet these priority objectives. The Task Force will report to the President by December 30, 2010, on progress in the implementation of the recommendations in this report. SBA, Commerce, OMB, and the otherwise members of the Task Force are committed to increasing opportunities for small businesses. Small businesses, including businesses owned by women, socially and economically disadvantaged individuals, and service-disabled veterans of our Armed Forces, essential be able to participate in the Nations economic recovery. They must be able to compete effectively for federal contracts so our agencies, taxpayers, and the broader economy can reap the full benefit of their talents and serv ices. 3 Report on Small Business Federal Contracting Opportunities REPORT INTERAGENCY undertaking FORCE ON FEDERAL CONTRACTING OPPORTUNITIES FOR SMALL BUSINESSES Small businesses are leaders in innovation and the drivers of the economy holding more patents than all of Americas universities and largest corporations combined, creating two thirds of all private sector jobs and employing half of all working Americans.The Federal government is the largest buyer in the world, spending over $500 billion each year. For the Federal government, contracting with small businesses is common sense. Small businesses get the revenue they need to create jobs and drive the economy forward, and federal agencies get the creativity, innovation, and technical expertise of small businesses to help accomplish their mission. When small businesses are excluded from federal contracts, agencies, small businesses, taxpayers and the broader economy dawdle out. For more than half a century, it has been the poli cy of the Federal government to provide maximum practicable opportunity for small businesses to participate in federal contracts. To achieve this objective, Congress established an aspirational goal in 1978 for the percentage of yearly prime contract spending that should be awarded to small businesses each year.Congress later set the government-wide goal at 23% and created a set of sub-goals to support the participation of special segments of the small business community small disadvantaged businesses (5%), women-owned small businesses (5%), service-disabled-veteran-owned small businesses (3%), and small businesses in Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZones) (3%). These goals help ensure that a diverse set of small businesses share in the jobs and opportunities created by federal contracting. Since 2006, the Federal government has missed the 23% small business contracting goal and all but one of the sub-goals the 2009 shortfall for the small business goal was more than $ 4 billion. This gap must be closed.The barriers to entry for small businesses are numerous weak policies and rules that limit the effectiveness of tools that are supposed to facilitate contracting opportunities hapless workforce training to help contracting officers, small business advocates, and chopine offices understand how to successfully use contracting tools and a lack of coordination among and availability to agency training and outreach events designed to help small businesses navigate the contracting system. Action must be taken to remove these barriers and ensure small businesses get access to federal contracts. A number of important steps have been taken or are underway to remove barriers and free more doors for small businesses in the federal marketplace. Later this year, the Small Business Administration (SBA) will implement a new rule on contracting with women-owned small businesses. For the archetypical time, contracting officers will have a tool to set aside con tracting opportunities for women-owned small businesses in 4 Report on Small Business Federal Contracting Opportunities industries where women are under-represented. This is a critical step toward increasing opportunities for women-owned small businesses. This year SBA conducted the first comprehensive review of regulations in ten years governing its 8(a) business development program for disadvantaged small businesses to ensure the programs effectiveness and increase 8(a) firms capacity to obtain contracts. A series of new online training courses have been rolled out ( to walk small business owners through the steps involved in becoming a government contractor. These tools help small businesses navigate the process. SBA is conducting a comprehensive review of its coat standards for small businesses the first in 25 years to ensure they accurately reflect the state of each industry. SBA is working actively to identify and manage waste, fraud, and abuse in its business programs through a strengthened certification, eligibility and enforcement process.

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American Dream Is Still Alive

Ameri kitty ideate is Still Alive My whole life I grew up believing that there is such liaison as the American aspiration. The last couple years my faith in that has been tested for sure. like a shot there be some problems with the economy there atomic number 18 m both volume bulge out there who think theres no such thing as the American Dream anyto a greater extent. The creation of a g all overnment that is out of control, and thus out of touch, robs perpetuallyy citizen, preventing fulfillment of the original American Dream (Thomas 569). I agree with this, however I am still dashing to be an American and I remember that no matter how toilsome it is, you can do anything you put your mind to. Its non pass to be easy in fact it leave alone be much more than challenging than it used to be when the economy was antithetical. But that doesnt squiffy that the American Dream has been lost forever. The American breathing in may not be exactly what it used to be, and it m ay be awkwarder to give than ever in advance however, it is still alive. One reason the American dream is harder to achieve is because America is in a financial crisis.Costly war afterward high-priced war is being fought. Our men and women argon fighting wars in different countries and be gone for years on end legion(predicate) dont return at all. Our economy has taken a twine dive, and at a rate that legion(predicate) wonder if there is any hope of it ever coming back up. It seems that more pot are unemployed than travel rapidly(a), and even those who were highly employable before cant seem to find a parentage anymore. The top 4 part of Americans hold the largest amount of money, and is not trickling down. Many believe we are going through an some other(a) depression. Children are starving and standards of animate are lowering. wheresoever you choose to lookat the economy and lines, the public schools, the compute deficits, the nonstop flight warfare overseasyo ull see a bucolic in disturbing shape (Herbert 564). It is evident that things penury to change. The American Dream may be buried, merely we can dig it up and find ways to control it live long and prosperous once again. The innovatives shows that unemployment is slowly dropping, unless I cant help but wonder if that is because those raft who receive unemployment benefits are no longer receiving benefits, not necessarily because they move over a job, but because their money has run out.In order to wangle it at all we need to be earning an income. Not to mention the fact that when we are puzzle toing, most people arent even earning a living lock but what makes matters worse, unemployment is so high these mean solar days, just determination a job is becoming next to impossible. The high unemployment makes things so difficult these days. So many people are scrambling to make a living or to make ends meet. With the economy as fallen as it is, even highly educate people are without a job. Many people are finding out that you can be too educated for a symmetrical job.Others are finding that employers dont want to wage you if you are unemployed. Again, others are highly trainable and would make excellent employees, but employers dont want to take the quantify or spend the money to train. During a recession like this, many people need to be working two jobs just to make ends meet. But even fast provender restaurants view raised their standards to high that they expect a resume before the consider you. With so little people hiring and those hiring having such high standards, people are becoming desperate just to find a job. differentiate and local governments, faced with fiscal nightmares, are reducing services, cutting their work forces, hacking away at health and pension benefits, and raising taxes and fees. In many cases, the austerity measures are punishing some of the most vulnerable people, including children, the sick, and the handicapped (Herbert 565). These cutbacks involve had many ramifications on the American Dream. People who were well on their way to achieving it had their dreams snatched out from under them as employers allow people go, move wages, took away bonuses, and raised the fees on benefits or cut it all together.Suddenly immature grads needed more experience and education to get their foot in the door while earning barely enough to chip in their rent, let alone their student loans. America has recently fallen into a great recession, and though some claim we are no longer in a recession, our unpolished and has never sooner bounced back. Our economy is fragile and dubious. In June 2009. inborn born workers lost 1. 2 million jobs (Herbert 565). Businesses are afraid to hire more workers for fear that consumers arent comfortable spending money quite yet.Consumers are afraid to spend money for fear that they wont be earning any more. People who were once financially stable are barely acquire by , some even homeless. This recession has been said to be equal to, if not worse than, the Great Depression. The human suffering in the years required to recover from the recession will continue to be immense (Herbert 565). Reco actually may be happening, but is definitely an unstable process. Jobs are still hard to come by and a living wage is still almost unheard of. The U. S. needs to develop a full-employment economy that provides jobs for all ho want to work at pay that enables workers and their families to enjoy a decent standard of living (Herbert 565). In this day and age, it is as much about earning a wage that pays the bills as it is to throw away a job. Whats the point of working 45 hours a week if it doesnt pay all your bills? Many people are free to work the jobs that they may take hold never considered before, but those jobs dont come close to paying a living wage. Potential little business sector owners are having a hard time starting up, as banks are uneasy ab out giving business loans, slowing job growth even more.Another hindrance in the comeback of our beautiful coun adjudicate is the enormous gap between our copiousesiest and our poorest. As long as income and wealth keep concentrating at the top, and the great divide between Americas train-mores and have-lesses continues to widen, the Great Recession wont end, at least not in the real economy. Weak national real estate markets, inactive job growth, and slow recovery of liquid assets lost during the recession are obstacles to a full recovery (King 574). in that respect was once a time where you could not exactly be rich, but not exactly be poor.You could afford to live, have a decent job, and even go on vacation. Maybe you couldnt afford to own two brand new vehicles and put your children in expensive private schools, but you had a nest egg account that had money in it and were happy with where your hard work had taken you. That, my friends, is what used to be c realisechated the Middle Class. It is quickly becoming something of the past, and without those striving for the American Dream, may release a mythical fairytale that we tell our children and grandchildren about. The grandness of education has fallen to the back burner as cuts to public school construct greater.As the saying goes, children are our future. They are the people that will be, one day, running our government. When cuts are constantly being made to public schools, children arent getting what they need to get the kind of education that allows them to grow up to be critical thinking adults. A monopolistic government school brass keeps the poor from achieving their dreams, as many remain locked, producing graduates who lag behind other nations in subjects that matter (Thomas 569). The subjects children are taught were chosen with care.Every child has different talents, and those talents need to be fostered. When subjects get cut from schools, many children miss out on learning what th ey need to learn in order to grow and become who they are supposed to do. There was a time when the United States tacit the importance of educating its young people and led the way in unconditional public schooling. It also built the finest higher education system in the world. Now, although no one will admit it publicly, weve decided to go in another direction (Herbert 566). This is sad but true.Somewhere down the line, we must have forgotten that a poor education puddles a poor society. There is only one teacher per classroom, but each classroom has over two dozen children, each having separate learning needs, and each having different learning styles. With funding being directed places other than public education, the entrust is schools closing. All over America school after school after school is being closed. This puts hardworking teachers out of business and crams the classrooms even more with children who require a proper education that consists of one-on-one time. Public figures negotiation endlessly about transformative changes in public education, but the years go by and we see no such thing (Herbert 566). Lately, it seems the only changes weve seen have not been what are best for our education system. School systems close to the country are being hammered with dreadful cutbacks and teachers are being let go in droves, not because they are incompetent, but strictly for budget reasons (Herbert 566). This leaves kindergartens with waiting lists and parents who have to pay upwards of $300 a month kindergarten fees.Some children are put in part time daycare, while others get full time. However, both go to first grade. I cant help but wonder if one is more prepared than the other? But I believe there is a silver cladding to all of this. The American dream is still alive there is incessantly hope for a better future. The fact that there hasnt been an cut back of government proves that we are strong. We can adapt to new challenges that come our w ay. We may get knocked down a time or two, but its that light at the end of the tunnelthe one some call the American Dreamthat get us back up to try again. As a nation, we have dealt with economic downturns in the past, and the American Dream has faced trials and tests beforeWe have adapted the values contained within the American Dream to meet new challenges (King 577). Many people have been hit hard with the economic changes. They acclimated to new situations, new ways of living, reinvented themselves, and in doing so, they have found their way back on top. One way we can help bring back the American Dream to its full potential, is to uphold local business and buy locally.Entrepreneurs create businesses, hire people people get paid, people shop. People have nice things and money in their pockets, they arent so scared to help pay taxes and fund salutary schools. I believe it is necessary and imperative to continue to support the business mechanisms that sustain our economy (King 577). Without a booming economy, we dont have a functioning society. We need to support our brothers and sisters. We need to help those around us, and not let it burden us. All this will help create more jobs, and will in turn help the community.If anyone works hard enough, they can climb out of hardship and achieve success (King 577). strenuous work is key. It pays off. Sometimes it takes longer than we want it to, but if we dont give up, we will reap the reward. If we have proven anything in this day and age, it is that we are persistent. Despite the recent recession, many have faith that as long as people believe they have a see of becoming better off than they are today, then the American dream is intact (King 577). We all have the American Dream inside us, and we will work to achieve it, doing whatever it takes.I believe the American Dream is very much alive. It may not look exactly like it did 50, 60, or 70 years ago, but it is here to stay. Society has adapted and chang ed, and so has the American Dream. No longer is it about becoming as rich as one possibly can, but about being financially secure, having a job that pays a living wage, as well as having a savings. Stability is more important that material wealth. Its a good dream. It may not be so easy to obtain, but it is within reach. With hard work and a positive attitude, I believe it is much closer than we realize.Work Cited Herbert, Bob. Hiding from Reality. They theorize, I imagine with Readings. 2nd ed. Eds, Gerald Graff, Cathy Birkenstein, and Russell Durst. freshly York WW. Norton Company, 2012, 564-67. Print. King, Brandon. The American Dream Dead, Alive, or on Hold? They Say, I Say with Readings. 2nd ed. Eds. Gerald Graff et al. New York Norton, 2012. 572-79. Print. Thomas, Cal. Is the American Dream Over? They Say, I Say with Readings. 2nd ed. Eds, Gerald Graff et al. New York Norton, 2012. 568-70. Print.

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A Tentative Study of Trademark Translation Essay

Abstract assay-mark is a particular kind of diction signs. It is the concentration of commodities distinct characteristics, the core of commodities purification, and the powerful branch for an enterprise to participate in international competitions. With the development of globalization and the addition in international grapple, the results of importing and exporting strengthen day by day the exposition of posts is gaining much and more(prenominal) attention. Nowadays, more and more flock come pee-peed that a vertical rendering of a provoker in promoting sales is crucial to the development of international merchandises and profits making. con configuration to rise-nigh instances of denounce displacement reaction, this thesis summarizes around main characteristics of stigmatise, and discusses the principles and more or less common methods of trademark interlingual rendition. Key spoken communication Trademark characteristics shift principles displaceme nt reaction methods ?? ???????????? ,?????????? ,??????????? ,?????????????????????????????????????? ,?????????? ,????????????????????? ,?????????? ,????????? ,?????????????????????????????????????????????? ,???????????? ,????????????????????????? ??? ?? ?? ???? ???? fundament harmonize to R.Heis, an Ameri give notice economist A fault nurture, i. e. trademark is a severalise, diagnose water, sign, design or a combine of them that tells who hurls it or who sells it, distinguishing that harvest-time from those make or sold by others. (Guo Guilong & deoxyadenosine monophosphate Zhang Hongbo, 2008 100) A trademark is just like a products key reveal, which is the representative of the realize of a company and the symbolism of quality. In promoting sales, the trademark plays a very(prenominal) in-chief(postnominal) role in arousing consumers desire to shop, rescue the huge economical benefits and even in determining the survival of a company.With mainland Chinas joinin g to the WTO, China strengthens cooperation with other countries, including increasingly frequent economic and trade exchanges. How to introduce our products to foreign countries, bring foreign products into the domestic markets and conduct a undefeated sales business has become kind of authorised. Therefore, a successful translation of trademark becomes urgent and requirement for the enterprises. While trademark translation is not only a h cardinalst con transformation from cardinal engrave to another, and a clear intention of the cross- language commercial, a special cross- heathen communication activity.Thus, it is vital for us to pay more attention to the principles and methods of trademark translation. Chapter1 The Characteristics of Trademark Though there ar various definitions of trademark, they sh atomic number 18 nighthing in common. In prevalent, a trademark should be simple and open to remember, and should be distinctive and favorably associative. 1. 1 Simpl e and docile to Remember It is a basic requirement for a trademark to be simple and easy to spell. Choosing short and simple backchats for composing trademarks provide attend consumers cut through them more tardily, because simple and short intelligence informations ar easy to wait in memory.Nowadays, with the fast development of economy, more and more trademarks flood into the market, how could consumers victimize all of them? Therefore, if a trademark is short and easy to spell and memorize, it heap occupy the market easily. In fact, most closely- completen trademarks are in short form, much(prenominal) as Nike, Sony, Apple and so on. 1. 2 classifiable from Similar Products We all bed that the purpose of using trademarks is to distinguish whiz product from others. Therefore, to be distinctive is another important characteristic of a trademark. Trademarks, in a moxie, are couple to signs and reputations.Distinctiveness freighter athletic supporter customers not t o be easily confused with other trademarks in the market either by clayey or appearance. Distinctive and typical linguistic process may be used to distinguish the relevant product from others. Kodak (camera) created by the manager, is distinctive and easy for the potential consumers to memorize. The Chinese far-famed trademark Lenovo(?? ), bunghole easily be variousiated from other computers, because Lenovo, a coined word, can be associated with the word legend which is particular and attractive. Lenovo is more innovative than legend.Adventurous consumers give opt that trademark distinguishes the relevant product from other computers with consummate ease. 1. 3 Arousing brotherly Association Most trademarks can depend on prospering association, which is an indispensable gambol of trademark. Owing to the requirement of marketing, a trademark is not only a sign, but besides an advertisement. It should arouse the flourishing association and plant the in effect(p) quality to consumers. most trademarks have inherent essence and some have historic or heathenish intensions, both of which can arouse well-to-do associations. sixty (soap) is a product of Unilever Company.LUX, a Latin word, sum sunshine. So the consumer can associate it with bright sunshine and flushed skin. This trademark even let mint imagine the quixotic feeling on the summer beach. Whats more, consumers can associate LUX with rafts and luxury from its appearance and pronunciation. Thus, Unilever Company publicizes the good quality of its products by the booming association of the trademark. From the in a higher place ex adeninele, we can see that the inherent pith of trademarks plays an important part in advertising and can arouse hoi pollois desirable association and let them accept the products.Chapter 2 The Principles of Trademark deracination Trademark translation is an art as well as a science. It is a comprehensive process which is related to linguistics, translati on theory, inter ethnic communication, esthetics, and consumer psychology. broadly speaking, trademark translation is a entangled task of compromising between the meanings of trademarks and their consumers. Therefore, to register trademarks successfully, some principles should be sayn into consideration. 2. 1 Reveal the Products Characteristics Usually, every product has its identification.Trademark translation should suggest the features and functions of the products, so that the buyers could immediately think of the use of products when they see the trademarks. As has been discussed by Xu Hui and Cheng Zhendong, the characteristic of a product heart and soul that it has some basic elements which differ from those of others (Xu Hui, 200455-56). The sayd leaf blade name should match with the characteristics of products and show the idea of the original name. The characteristics of products not only distinguish from others, but in any case contain the ability to communicate with the consumers.Thus, in the process of translation, the spokesperson should hollow the characteristics of the products, so as to promote the understanding of products for consumers, and help learn the characteristics and functions of the products by the first sight. For ex lawsuit Ale, a trademark of suit-dress Hope Show is translated into ?? , in which the word ? instantly reflects in the products for the arrange category, and ? add more promotion of a happy and peaceful feeling to the goods. The translation not only reflects the features of the product but also caters to consumers aesthetic taste.Nobody will have s get a line in products which they are not acquainted. A successful trademark translation should have the trait that customers can learn the category and characteristics of the product. Like Nike, the illustrious American reproach of sports wears, is the name of the goddess Victory in Greek myth. According to its pronunciation, it can be translated into ?? or ?? in Chinese. However, these two name calling cant enunciate the characteristics of the product, but even give people a error that Nike is some products for w symptom. ?? is better. ? meaning something durable.As the sport wear, durability is equal to good quality. ? implies that people can finally overcome difficulties and succeed, conforming with the intension of Victory. These two wrangling in Chinese show the features of the product perfectly. some other example is Procter & Gambles antidandruff shampoo Head & Shoulders. The translation ??? means dandruff disappears when washed, and highlights the distinct characteristics of the product fully. another(prenominal) two examples are Sportsman (bicycle) and Unlsports (sports shoes).The former is translated into ????, the latter into ???? . If you are not long-familiar with the trademarks, who will associate it with their products? 2. 2 Choose the Appropriate Words As the symbol of products, trademarks should be simple and easy to remember and understandable for consumers. So in order to leave the surmount impression on consumers, translators should choose some appropriate words during the process of trademark translation. The more complicated words in the translation, the weaker the trademark enunciates and the less memorable it becomes. For instance, McDonalds was transliterated into ???? in mainland of China before and now is displaced by ??? .Also, in mainland, the scrape name Hewlett & Packard had a long translation of ??? -??? for a long period. Now, the six-character version, long and meaningless, has been replaced by the two-character version ?? . Balancing these two versions, we can see the latter is easier to estimate and memorize. Moreover, ?? contains more meanings and can stimulate more favorable e favorable association of the the productassociation of consumers. Similarly, Head &Shoulder(shampoo) was transliterated into ????? before and now a more compact and meani ngful version ??? is popular. Stafanel, the place name for apparel from US, is translated into ???? now. However, what well-nigh a two-character version ?? ? Also in China, Mercedes-Benz, the pit name for a quality car from Ger galore(postnominal) a(prenominal), was transliterated into ???? ?? before and yet is put into ?? at present. A car from Great Britain Rolls Royce is translated into ???? now instead of the former transliteration ??? ??? . The Chinese version for Fair Child, a semi-conductor from the US, was ????? before and now is ??  instead. ?? is easier to be pronounced and memorized than ???? for Nescafe from Swiss.The upper new versions have replaced the old renderings because they are simple and easy to be accepted by consumers, in pronunciation, form and meaning. Easy acceptance by consumers finally promotes the sales of the products. On the contrary, some translations sound profane or may lead to negative associations in the Chinese language. Thus much (prenominal) translations would not be recognized and accepted by consumers. For examples, Psorales, a drug, was put into ??? when just coming into China.No whiz knew what ??? was and untrue it to be something discarded. It is not hard to imagine nobody would buy things that sound worn and useless. Later, it is replaced by ??? ,a more vivid and meaningful version, and its sales was ameliorate afterwards. 2. 3 Analyze the Aesthetics Features Trademark translation should comply with the characteristics of word structure of trademark in the TL. Getting the best out of the combination of dish aerial in meaning, sound and form is the internal requirement if we want to realize the associated function and the advertising function of a brand name.(Tang Zhongshun, 200275-77) The translated trademark accordingly must be normative, elegant, vivid and visual. Firstly, beauty of meaning means the translated terms should produce an artistic conception through a favorable association of wor ds or component words so that people will have bounteous and nice association and arouse the expected value and pursuit of wonderful things. We have the typical examples of fagot (beverage) and Tide (washing power). Since Sprite was translated into ?? in Chinese, this product has prevailed in China due to the brilliant simulation and abundant connotation.The translated term ?? in sound is not only sooner close to the pronunciation of the original brand name, but also makes people have a favorable association of lustration, neatness and tidiness, showing the sort and feature of the product. Secondly, beauty of sound means a brand name of the original and its translated version should basically share the uniform or like pronunciation with the quality of sonority, rhythmization and musicality so that an aesthetically pleasing use is gained in hearing that brand name (Zhang Quan, 200477-79).There are many successfully translated versions fully reflect the beauty of sounds. Take OMO (washing power) and Clean&Clear (facial cleanser) for example. As OMO is translated into ?? ,it sounds like a compliment great in English. The translated term of Clean&Clear, ???? makes good use of rhyming rhythmic reduplication in order to achieve a combination of phonetic rhythm and verve.Lastly, beauty of form means the translated trademarks should make the best of conciseness and simpleness in structure, namely using few syllables, legibility and understandability of the words and avoiding difficult and seldom-using words. People prefer two or three words of translated versions because this structure better accords with the referential custom and aesthetic psychology. There are many famous translated brand names with the above feature, such as Head&Shoulders (shampoo), Avon (cosmetic), Johnsons (cream) and so on. Especially the translated version ??? is full of the characteristics of concision, elegance and vividness representing the feature and function of the p roduct. 2. 4 deport Attention to Cultural Differences Edward Taylor defined finis as a complex whole which includes friendship, beliefs, art, morals, law, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by mortals as members of a society. (Taylor Edward B, 187136) Namely, the study factors contributing to the making of culture are the religions, habits, customs and story, which vary sizeable from countries to countries.As a carrier of culture, language is an important part of culture which reflects the characteristics of a nation, which not only includes the nations historical and cultural background, but also contains the national outlook on life, lifestyles and ports of thinking. From the kinship between language and culture, it is obvious that translation is not only a process of transferring the outset language into the fag language, but also a process of a mutual communication and exchange between different cultures.Therefore, during the process of trademark translation, as language and culture are intrinsic from each other, it is essential to pay more attention to cultural differences. 2. 4. 1. Differences in Religions Religions, myths, legends, and images from literary works are an in-separable part of culture. They are deeply root in culture and at the alike(p) time contribute a great deal to the formation of peoples concepts about plastered objects.These elements, when involved in brand name translation, call for the translators sensitivity as well as flexibility in cultural adaptation in order that functional equivalence could be succeed between the stock brand name and the brand brand name. For example, Goldlion was not well-liked when it first appeared in the Chinese market with the name?? . It is said that many people would not buy that product just because the name sounds very close to?? in some Chinese dialects. Other people consider that the name was not well accepted because it resembles the sound of??,which is also a taboo idea in China, especially in Hong Kong, where people showing a particular liking for things with luck-bearing names. Anyway, the product did not sell well until the new name??? was adopted by Zeng Xianzi, a famous Chinese entrepreneur. He skillfully took apart the source brand name into metal(prenominal)andlion. The first part was vocally put into? to be faithful to the original, firearm the latter adopted the method of semantic transliteration and was put into?? ,meaningbringing profit. Such an auspicious name has helped a lot in building up the good fame of the product. 2. 4. 2 Differences in History.Every sphere has its own history. In the history, many historical incidents happened. These incidents have carved into the culture and have become a part of it. Being unaware of the history when translating a trademark will lead to failure. Opium is a brand of perfume. in truth in the western cul ention to hich reflects nd nice associationame, but also makes ation. things. he producr. ture, such kind of trademark name is popular, such as Poison, another perfume brand. However in China, ?? has a negative meaning. The Chinese people experienced the shameful history related to opium since 1840, when the notorious Opium state of war broke out.Without the consideration of history, this brand encountered the resistance from the Chinese consumers. Finally, the trademark name ?? was banned in China. 2. 4. 3 Differences in Customs and Habits Custom is one of the branches of culture reflecting the specific characteristics of a nation or parts of the nation. It is the fix of long history and closely linked with the surroundings and the way of life. So some customs and habits exist in one culture but may be absent in another, which brings about an obstacle to Chinese-English brand name translation.Many Chinese brand names come from Chinese custom. One of the most famous rice wines named ??? (Daughter Wine) is produced in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province of China . To Chinese customers, the brand name represents the happy events in ones life, temporary hookup they cannot arouse the same feeling in westerners if translated literally and that will utterly cause cultural loss, because the western consumers do not know about the custom of the ancient Shaoxing. It is said that in ancient Shaoxing a wave of this wine was buried under the ground when a daughter was brought into the world.When the daughter grew up and became a bride, the jar was dug out and presented to the guests attending the wedding. As the wine was uncapped, the smell of the wine spread far, and all guests became excited and congratulated the parents, so it was named ??? . When a translator translate the trade mark, it is very necessary to reveal the cultural information of the brand names. It is not only easy for customers to know about the origin of the wine but accept it quickly, because any one from any country would like to equally appreciate the beautiful things, scre w the happy feeling and desire success.Thus, in order to reveal the cultural information of this brand name, perhaps the translation Daughters union Wine is more suitable. 2. 4. 4 Differences in the Attitudes towards Animals and Numbers People nourishment in different cultures hold different attitudes and beliefs towards animals and numbers. What is considered a good omen in one culture may not symbolize the same in another. Therefore, it is generally advisable that people should not use this type of words to name the relative products, and when one translates existing brand names of this type, cultural adaptation may help him find a more proper target brand name.The difficulties caused by such words in brand name translation may be illustrated with the pastime example. As we know, the Chinese people often associate lams with good luck because the Chinese character ? sounds the same as? (meaninggood fortune). Some Chinese legends even say that when a bat lives 100 years, it turn s albumen in color and hangs upside down from a tree, and eating that bat could bring a person longevity. A red bat foretells even better luck for?? sounds exactly the same with?? (being supremely fortunate). Some Chinese stick to the belief so much that they name their products??. But if the translator adapts his linguistic choices to the different attitude towards the animal in European cultures, he would not consider Bat a good name, for bat is regarded as an extremely evil omen in many European folklores. maybe translations like Fortunes would be better. Besides, numbers bring about different associations. Generally speaking, each culture has certain numbers believed to be either palmy or ominous, but this may often differ from individual to individual. Lets take the translation of 7-up, a brand of dim drink, as an example.The number 7 is thought to be a halcyon number to many English speakers, but it does not have the same meaning in Chinese. Considering the cultural diffe rence, the translator, in order to create a similar effect among the Chinese consumers, worked out the name?? . The name is quite satisfactory because its first part? remains faithful to the source brand name without conveying any unfavorable meaning, and its second part? conveys the meaning ofhappiness and good luck,and hence makes up for the loss of connotation in the number7.Chapter 3 General Methods in Trademark Translation Peter Newmark once said that different translation strategies should be adopted according to the different functions of different works (Mou Yan, 2008). It is well-known that trademark translation is not only to convey the cultural information of the source culture, but also to set up a good image in the target culture, and finally to attract the people in the target market to the product. In order to achieve these purposes, translators should adopt the following methods in the process of trademark translation. 3. 1 erratum Translation material translation, referred to as semantic translation by Peter Newmark, is a way of translation which aims at preserving the most possible cultural messages (including the communicative aspect of culture, such as, the formal elements of the SL) of the source text at the sacrifice of the formal elements of the target language and sometimes even the intelligibility of the target text (Zheng Shengtao, 1994). Since the formation of words in the Chinese language is different from that in the Western languages, it is really impossible to achieve trademark translation by word-for-word translation in most cases.Peter Newmark favors literal translation too. He says, I am somewhat of a literalist because I am for truth and verity. (Newmark Peter, 200162) Although sometimes literal translation may create something exotic or even eccentric for the target language readers, it will gradually be accepted by the target language and its culture. As long as the translated brand names from foreign language can be tac it and accepted by the target consumers, literal translation is the best way for promoting cultural exchange through the brand name translation in China.As the brand name translation is to transfer between cultures, translators should make the target consumers understand the source culture. Some people say there is a better way for translators to approach the original. That is literal translation, which can nourish the national feature. For example, some traditional brand names, which are very familiar to the Westerners even to the world like ?? (The Yangtze River), ?? (the Yellow River), and ?? (the Great Wall) are chosen by the producers, as they are the symbols of Chinese wonderful natural history.When translators translate them, they have no need to do any translation. As these brand names are well-known to the world, and these Chinese characteristics of brand names are fresh and mysterious to the Westerners, it is easy to evoke the target consumers purchasing desire. Trans lators can adopt literal translation. The brand names ?? , ??? , ??? carry our ancient cultural information. When translators translate them into the Western languages, they should keep literal translation and add some notes, in order to let the target consumers know the source culture.Literal translation also keeps the general form and keeps the structure of the source language. Today, Chinese culture are getting more and more popular in the world, and more and more Westerners are eager to study our language in order to learn our long history. Therefore, the kind of translation is a necessary way to let more people learn our traditional culture. On the other hand, in the English-speaking countries, there are some brand names which can be literally translated. For example, the very famous brand name White cat is translated into ?? .And the brand name Camel is translated into ?? . All these translated brand names are very suitable for the products, and the products will very credibl y be loved by the consumers in the target market. hither literal translation is not the same as word-for-word translation. Word-for-word translation is to rigidly reproduce every word in the process of translation. purely speaking, it is not a translation method. But, literal translation is a skill of translation, even if there do exist some additions or deletions while the essence of the original is not destroyed.Literal translation makes the target language more smooth and acceptable. Although literal translation can most possibly maintain the cultural messages of the source language, it sometimes will cause misunderstanding of the cultural messages or create unintelligible meanings. Lets take Sprite as an example. If the word Sprite is translated literally or directly, it cogency be ?? . The version would put Chinese consumers into great confusion because ?? is a human-like monster in Chinese culture. Thus translators should consider other methods.Literal translation is adopt ed as the most ideal translation proficiency in reproducing images because it can preserve the original images as much as possible. Some English expressions wearing word-for-word similarity to some Chinese expressions may mean something quite different. In this case, translators should go deeper to find out what these English expressions really mean otherwise mistakes will be make in literal translation. 3. 2 Transliteration Transliteration in a narrow sense is a mapping from one system of writing into another and it is in general based on the pronunciation.Transliteration attempts to be lossless, so that an informed reader should be able to reconstruct the original spelling of unknown transliterated words. To achieve this objective, transliteration may define complex conventions to deal with letters in a source script that do not correspond with letters in a goal script. Transliteration means that trademarks are translated into similar names in pronunciation according to the origi nal ones (Li Yi, 2009232-234) It is generally believed that the adoption of this method can help to achieve various purposes.Some trademarks obtained in this way can efficaciously remind the customers of their classic status. Such trademarks are easier for target consumers to pronounce and memorize. Still, some trademarks are deliberately transliterated in order to cater to the foreign consumers general preference for foreign goods because some thus-translated trademarks sound more foreign-like. The world famous trademark Intel means the ability to learn and reason and the capacity for knowledge and comprehension. Now you see why it is translated into ??? which sounds foreign-like and is easy to memorize and read.Meanwhile, it indicates the characteristic of the product. Another example is the translation of Ya Ya. ?? (down wear) is transliterated into Ya Ya instead of Duck. The translated trademark Ya Ya is a dodgy name that can fulfill the simulating function of trademark effec tively. These two examples show the characteristics of being simple and easy to pronounce and memorize and as well obey the principle of aesthetics. Though transliteration embodies the sound beauty of the original one, the translated trademark dictions should be chosen carefully.During transliteration, it is important to obey the characteristics of arousing desirable association. Philip was once translated into ??? which sounds more similar to the original one than ??? . But the three characters ??? will arouse unfavorable association. People prefer good and appropriate words, and hence, when using transliteration method, translators should do their best to choose beautiful words. For example, Lancome (cosmetics) is put into ?? .The two Chinese characters are beautiful and can be associated with an elegant woman with certain sacred qualities. These two words ?? are always connected with beautiful things, such as ???? ,???? . Thats why Chinese females have a fancy for Lancom e. In translation practice, we find that English trademarks are highly lucid in letters or words and can be pronounced easily in one breath, while the transliteration of Chinese trademarks are lowly into independent words in accordance with the specific Chinese characters. So the English version often lacks coherence.To avoid the disadvantage of transliteration in unappeasable accordance with the standard Chinese pronunciation, we can use transliteration method flexibly. To some extent, we can translate a trademark according to the local pronunciation. The following examples successfully avoid the above problem. ?? (refrigerator) is translated into Frestech instead of Xin Fei. Frestech is composed of fresh and engineering science, which is coherent in structure and pronunciation. Whats more, it also implies that the product is produced with advance technology. ?? (tonic food) means that happiness is coming, suggesting the product will bring happiness and wellness to consumers. The English version Life caters to westerners psychology and is easier for them to pronounce and spell. 3. 3 let off Translation Free translation reproduces the matter without the manner, or the content without the form of the original. Usually it is a paraphrase longer than the original. In order to take advantage of the target language and make translated brand name more idiomatic and acceptable, some imaginary brand names are freely translated.Free translation can communicate the information of products clearly and vividly. It will make a strong impression on the target language consumers and arouse their response. There are many successful examples to show this method. For example, Ariel (washing powder) is rendered as ?? . The word ? means clean and clear. So ?? indicates the super change capability of the washing powder. Similarity, Safeguard (soap) is not literally translated into ?? , but ??? . The translation describes the products function and attributes.Rejoice (sham poo) is not translated into ??, but ?? , meaning softness and glossiness. Slek(shampoo) is also rendered as ?? through free translation. ?? in Chinese can be a noun as well as a verb phrase. If ?? is interpreted as a noun, it means beautiful buds, implying ladies will be like an elegant bud after using the shampoo if ?? is interpreted as a verb, it means nourishing a bud to make it come out. This implies the shampoo can make hair glossier. Zest(soap) is paraphrased as ?? through free translation. ? is a very popular word in China, which brings the soap a fashionable element.This translation is improved from the original one ?? in literal method. ?? is more proper and suitable to meet the needfully of the youth who are the target customers. 3. 4 Liberal Translation positively charged Transliteration In order to reach the criteria of trademark translationbeauty in meaning and sound, and to make the translated versions possess the general features of good brand names, we can use the combination of liberal translation and transliteration to translate brand names, since in many cases liberal or transliteration cannot do the job along.A good translation of a brand name should not only be similar to the original sound but also reflect the connotation of the original. The combination of liberal translation and transliteration may achieve double purposes, as the message of the brand name will be more vividly reflected so that it will be more impressive to guide consumption. Here we take some examples to appreciate the merits of this kind of method. For example, Pampersdiapers from P&G, is rich in meaning and clear in pronunciation. The translated brand name ??? has got a balance between the meaning and the pronunciation. The brand name of a music Bufferin is translated into ??? . The translated brand name does not tell us what the medicine is, but it forms a sound which is very close to that of the source brand name. A drink named Milo is translated into ?? , which not only makes us know that the pronunciation of the translated word is close to that of the original, but tells us what the product is make from and the property of the product.

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Impact of Internet Usage on Academic Performance of the Student Essay

Correlation and regression techniques were utilisationd to find out the authorisation and direction of the relationship. Findings net is unmatchable of the beneficial tools in this era of IT valet not sole(prenominal) for business but for academic point of capture and call downs the skills and capabilities of pupils which assist them in studies and in professional heart. Student with high CGPA use much network for their studies and gain more knowledge and info crosswise the military personnel. Re search limitations/implications The self-report criteria atomic number 18 a limitation.Future research should employ more objective measures of internet use. Also, antecedents of internet use might be explored in separate developing economies. I have chosen limited universities and disciplines from a single city Lahore. Practical implications To encourage internet usage intentions, it appears worthy to create in potential users a sense that the engine room is useful, e asily to use, and that others have expectations demanding its usage. Keywords Information Technology (IT), lucre, Cumulative Grade Point comely (CGPA) IntroductionThroughout the world, training and communications technologies (ICTs) are changing the exhibit of instruction. It has been argued that the transformation of education whitethorn be the most important of the numerous practical revolutions sparked by computer technology. Just as computers are close to to replace books (some would argue this has al demandy happened) as our primary(prenominal) source of study glob each(prenominal)y, computers will come to occupy the central position in education once occupied by books. The Internet was initially developed by the US Defense Department and was at one time only popular within the research community.Its ability to share information crosswise organizations and to interact with people at low cost has gradually enticed other sectors to explore its use. Today, the Internet h as an impact on e rattling facet of our life including business operation, education, communication, entertainment, social activity, shopping, and so on. Many universities around the world are expanding their investment in information technology (IT), and specifically the Internet, and are actively promoting Internet use. From a students perspective, learning employ online tools is multidimensional.It may entail a multitude of variables such as prior student knowledge of IT, experience in its usage, perceptions of IT usage, computer competencies, and background demographics. The Internet is one of the greatest recent advancement in the world of information technology and has become a useful instrument that has fostered the process of making the world a global village. The Internet provides several opportunities for the academia. It is a mechanism for information dissemination and a medium for collaborative interaction between individuals and their computers without regard for geogr aphic limitation of space.The word Internet is derived from two words worldwide and network. The Internet therefore can be defined as an world-wide computer network of information available to the public through modem links so internet is a worldwide system of coupled computers networks. The Internet is the worlds largest and most widely used network. It is an multinational network of networks that is a collection of hundreds of thousands of private and public networks all everywhere the world. There are rich and varied learning experiences available on the Internet that would have been inconceivable just a short sequence ago.The Internet has a range of capabilities that organizations are using to exchange information internally or to communicate externally with other organizations. The primary stand for e-commerce, e-banking, e-business, e-learning and virtual library is provided by the Internet technology. The Internet provides several opportunities for all academia, busi ness organizations, the employed and the unemployed, the young and the old. The Internet is a live incessantly moving, theoretically borderless, potentially infinite space for the production and circulation of information.The Internet might thus be described as a sea of information, containing texts which are not housed between library and bookshop walls and quash areas span across all fields of knowledge. The Internet can be used for other things besides email. One can diagnoseen to international radio station on research and education on the Internet, read national dailies of other countries, speaks to friends around the global, read books and other materials on the Internet. The list of things that can be done on the Internet is a very long one.The Internet contains more information than the worlds largest libraries with get at to the Internet one can retrieve information from the worlds largest information database. Objectives of study A study of different disciplines was co nducted to identify the frenzy of internet usage by student who belongs to different disciples. The purpose of my studies is to assess weather is their any relationship between the usage of internet and students academics performance. To give way understand the relationship how the Internet affects university students learning, the following questions should be answered.What are the benefits of using the Internet as part of a university education? What are the main factors affecting such use? What is the impact of such use on student learning? What does it take to encourage positive attitudes in students toward Internet use? This study tries to answer these questions by exploring the antecedents to, and the impacts of, Internet use in university education. The specific objectives were to Identify attitude of students toward IT. Determine the purpose of internet usage for students. Find out the intensity of internet usage by students. gauge that whether the use of internet improv e the academic performance of students or not. importee of study This study could be beneficial for student as well as for institutions. The valuable feedback from 500 students should help student to realize the benefits of internet in their education. Institutes can invest more in internet facilities to enhance the performance of their students and produce better results. Based on Pakistans experience, international readers may take advantage from this study work. Literature review onward motion in technology brings major impacts on education.

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Confession of a Former Drug Addict: Learning the Value of Family

Confession of a Former Drug nut Learning the Value of Family Misguided Youth Oh direct that I rec over back about it, I was really stupid when I was new(a) and that my m other is really unfortunate to scram a son the wish well me Kong said as he cease with a short humiliated laugh composition he recounts the past he isnt on the nose proud of in mandarin. Kong, 36 , had spent most of his youth in and out of the drug rehabilitation centre and prison. His pargonnts separated musical composition he was inactive young and their mystify dogged to bring him and his jr. familiar along to move into their grandmothers place at Ang Mo Kio.Kong was the eldest among the grandchildren left in his grandmothers care. With his mother lively at work to go for the family and his grandmother busy attendance the younger kids, the mischievous boy al way of invigorations finds the chance to sneak out of the house. It was past when he got acquainted and started hanging out with the old er kids rough his neighborhood. These are the friends that very much influenced and assisted mold him into a teenage delinquent. I was support by them to join their gang, to skip school day and hang out with them.And it was thusly when I learn how to shoplift, cutting chain off bicycles to steal, extorting currency from other kids and acquire into fight for the most minor reason, respect subject for the sake of getting into trouble and seeking thrill out of it. , Kong explained how he was a ungovernable boy that followed whatever his peers instigated. And it felt really good to be agency of the gang and cool to be doing things other normal good kids didnt take for granted to do. It was accordingly when young Kongs misbehaviors and actions, prove that it can bring forth use up consequence on his family, and the first to experience it was none other than his younger brother.Both brothers were studying in the same neighborhood secondary school. Kongs hooky and bad reco rds kept piling up and finally one day, he even threatened to hurt the schools principal while being called to discipline. Thats when the school decided enough is enough, and Kongs extrusion was announced. But not just him alone, his younger brother was to be expelled along with him. Sure the younger brother wasnt exactly the good biddable student, had been seen around Kong, caused some mischief and playful enough to skip school occasionally.But he never crossed the line or got involved with Kongs unlawful activities. Still, the school found these reasons enough to get the siblings off their terms permanently. The principal felt that because hes my younger brother, hes nature is surely as bad as me Just because hes my younger brother. Kong said while shaking his head slightly. You whitethorn think thats unfair still things were different back then(prenominal) during that time. Now if something like this happened nowadays, you will see the principal and school getting onto news Kong ended with a laugh. From Bad to WorseHis mother and grandmother doomed him for dragging his younger brother into that situation because of the troubles he brewed and being a bad influence. But this calamity didnt make Kong reflect on his actions. He didnt think of it as a big deal. He didnt care about anything. The teenagers rebellious nature precisely served to take things for the worse. Soon afterward getting expelled from school, he soon finds himself experimenting with drugs. It was the norm as people around him were doing inhalants and drugs. The first he experimented was glue sniffing. then he moved on to trying out ecstasy and heroin etc.Experimentation turns into dependency. The addiction works in an insidious way, it crept in and slowly took over Kongs life before he realized. Days of drug winning ritual turned to weeks, then months and historic period. It seems like Kong wasnt the one peremptory the drugs, it was the other way round. Spending his life in a drug- displaceled haze, it rotated around being troubled over where to find money to support his next supply of drugs. Keeping up with the addiction proof to be not cheap. Although he had joined and worked for the lion dance troupe that was associated with his gang, it wasnt enough to keep up with his expenses.To satisfy with his drug cravings, he resorted to stealth and robbery, even stealing from his family. The one he hurt most during this detail was his mother. Seeing her cry because of him was nothing new. His desperation for drug even make him turned his hand on his very own mother. Kong recalls that particular incident that he will feel bad for as long as he lived, This one time I was having this great urge for drugs, but I didnt have money with me, I ransacked the house and approached my mother in the kitchen. But she wasnt willing to hand me any money and was screaming at me to quit.I got impatient and this sudden surge of anger rise up and I exploded, He slapped his ow n mother across the face. Kong then continued remorsefully, I was an unfilial and disgraceful son. Unfit to be human for pain sensation my mother like that. Like what they say, I deserved to be stricken down by lightning. Relatives chided him as being useless, and a shame to the family. Kong ended up caught and admitted to the drug rehabilitation centre. After his release, Kong was still mixing around with the bad group of friends as he felt being shunned by the society and this was the group of people most accepting of him.He couldnt extend clean and soon fell back to his old ways after gaining freedom. He was sent back to the drug rehabilitation centre in one case more for relapse. I was stubborn and self-centered. I didnt really try tall(prenominal) or be determined enough to change my life. I just thought I was unlucky to be caught the first few times. Kong says. He continued his old ways, involving in gang fight and robbery with hurt. He was sentenced to imprisonment fo r a total of 7 years and given 10 strokes of cane. Turning PointWhen he was finally released from Changi Prison, Kong, 30 by that time, felt that he had already wasted a large part of his youth. He do sure to remind himself of the guilt and shame. The heart wrenching moment incised in his memories when he saw how his mother broke down in tears when he was sentenced, how his aged grandmother with declining health having to make her way to visit him in prison over the years. I robbed my mother for years because of my rebellious nature, because of my selfishness. All I did was lying and being dishonest with everything they confronted with me.I never thought about the damage I imposed on my family because of my actions. I took advantage on how they dote, only to make them heart-broken. Kong confessed. Now, he deeply understands for mistakes he made, he wont be the only one paying(a) his dues. His family and loved ones will inevitably bear his consequences one way or the other. Among the tattoos that he was inked over his remains during his rebellious younger days, he is now sporting a sak yant on his back, a traditional form of tattoo normally performed on followers by Buddhist monks in Thailand.He decided to embrace Buddhism and was on a religious trip to Thailand to receive a sak yant. But the tattoo wasnt what he received. It was there where he got to come this local young woman from Chiang Mai, who soon became his wife. Kong and his wife now have two young daughters. Unfortunately, their first daughter Elina, 6, is diagnosed with minor autism and currently attending a special school. But their younger daughter has an even more unfortunate fate. Rita, now 3, was born with a severe spinal fault which was curved at 80 to 90 degree in S shape.She is the youngest and one of the most serious cases of congenital scoliosis in Singapore. Two si rods each 15 cm to 20 cm long was inserted into her body to straighten her spine and ribs when she was 2. Every six to nine months, Rita will have to go through operations until she is 14 years old, to expand the rods allowing growth. creation the sole breadwinner of the family, Kong currently works as a cargo auxiliary with a monthly salary of $1600. He tried to working extra time whenever possible so as to provide more support to his family.He was able to cover more about half of the medical expenses from his own Medisave and Medifunds for Ritas medical expenses. He shared how he learnt humility and helpfulness receiving help from relatives and donations arranged by the hospital. Sometimes I think that maybe its because of my past deeds, it might have been my karma that caused even my daughters to have to suffer. Being a father made me realized how much the heart hurts when parents see their children suffer, like how my mother used to feel.Even now, I havent revealed all Ritas condition to my Thai wife. Im worried she may not be able to take it. Sometimes she will cry while looking at the long d eep surgery scars running on Ritas back. . Kong said. Im really grateful for my family and relatives who knew of my past, but still accepted me, loved and cared for my daughters as their own too. Kong added. Even though life may not have turn up perfect, family is now the fuel and motivation for Kong to not turn back his old ways, to be a responsible father and son.