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Christian View of the Natives in the New World Essay -- American Ameri

Christian View of the Natives in the New World nigh would say that Christopher capital of Ohio was a devout Christian. He believed that his was a accusation that would put Christian civilization on the offensive after centuries of Moslem ascendancy (Dor-Ner 45). Columbus original mission was to find a western passage to the Indies. But when that failed, his mission became clear convert these new people to Christianity. passim this paper I will show the view of the natives by Columbus and Christendom and how these views changed over a span of fifty years. Columbus made it genuinely clear that he was doing this not only for Ferdinand and Isabella, but also for the religion that he was subject to (Dor-Ner 150). He may not have everlastingly had the backing of the Papacy, but he always claimed to be doing, whatever it was that he was doing, for the Church. In 1492, when Columbus first arrived, the first thing he truism were a bunch of naked people. I guess to someone who is util ize to civilization this would be somewhat shocking. His first impression of them was recorded in his log. He says that all he saw were young people, handsome and easy built, and they seemed to be friendly and well-dispositioned (Dor-Ner 152). So first contact was not a hostile thing. This friendly attitude towards the natives did not last long. There was a settlement left on the island of Hispaniola, after the first voyage, called Navidad. The settlers were supposed to be cementing relations and trading with the natives. On the night of November 27, 1493, when Columbus was on his befriend voyage back to visit this colony, he was met with only silence. All that was instal were the ashes of the town and the remains of the settlers bodies (Dor-Ner 206-207). From this ... or even killing them, but it was a start. It took fifty years for people to even declare that the beasts that they were killing were then human and capable of understanding religion. They went from being lo oked at as a friendly people, to slaves and evil abominations, to actually innocent men who need and hope to receive the Word of God. It took five hundred years for people to truly realize that what we did was just plain wrong. Bibliography Davies, Nigel. Voyagers to the New World. New York William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1979. Dor-Ner, Zvi. Columbus and the come on of Discovery. New York William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1991. Dyson, John. Columbus for Gold, God, and Glory. New York Simon and Schuster, 1991. Kung, Hans. Christianity Essence, History, and Future. New York Continuum, 1995. Sublimus Dei. http//

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