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Genetically modified organism Essay Example for Free

genetically limited organism EssayMy environmental hump is genetically modified sustenances. I will explain why the foods should not be modified and the hazards of consume modified foods. Why this issue is important tell apart shows that food that has been genetically modified is a danger to the health of humans. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine says that the public should not eat genetically modified foods because several studies pack sh sustain that at that place ar a variety of health troubles such as organ damage, reproductive disruption, accelerated aging, immune dysfunction and insulin disorders associated with GM foods. The process of genetically modifying food is done by changing the original DNA by adding other organisms to it, also called GMO which stands for Genetically limited Organisms. Consumers fork up been take in foods that contain genetically modified ingredients in them not knowing the risk factors. (Doctors Warn About Dangers of Genet ically Modified diets, by David Gutierrez) The FDA claims to have no knowledge that these foods were any different than naturally grown foods and tagged them as being Generally Recognized as Safe or (GRAS).The law says that a substance has to go through a certain list of peer-reviewed published studies and has to have a certain amount of consensus among the scientific community that agrees that the product is safe. This allows them to be put on the market without any additional testing. purge though the GRAS labeled them to be safe, in that respect are no proven facts that show that Genetically Modified foods are safe the information that was given to the FDA was altered to expedite the approval of the products at the expense of the sentry go of the consumers.There has been no credible study done on genetically modified food safety. order in Support of the Thesis In 1998 there was a lawsuit against the FDA for not listening to the warnings of their own scientists who were te lling them that GM foods were not safe. The scientists warned that the GM foods could create unpredictable side effects that were hard to celebrate such as allergies, nutritional problems, toxins and new diseases and said that long-term studies needed to be done, but was treat.(FDA ignored own scientists warnings about GM foods by Ken Roseboro) Even though it may be real that food crops are bio-engineered to produce their own pesticides and herbicides, these traits transfer to weeds and insect, which means that there effects are not long lasting. GM foods have not yet been proven to be safe. Rebuttal of the Evidence that Contradicts the Thesis Genetically modified foods have the potential to help benefit consumers by improving nutritional qualities in fruits and vegetables.Some of the crops are genetically engineered with herbicide resistant so that when the farmer uses herbicides to kill the weeds it doesnt hurt the crop, which benefits not only agriculture but also the economi cs. Losing crops due to insects can be a tremendous loss to farmers. Biotechnology also generates crops with genes that are resistant to long periods of drought and frost. Since there is an increase in world, more land will be needed to grow crop on harsh landscapes. Farmers will need to grow crops in places that will be unsuitable for agriculture.With the world population increasing, it will be a challenge in the years to come to make sure that there is enough food for the growing population. Genetically modified foods will help to produce enough crops in these harsh times. It will help to take to the woods malnutrition in third world countries. There is a far-flung of undernourishment in the worlds where people are poor. They depend on one main crop which is rice. sieve by itself doesnt have enough nutrients that a person need. But rice can be genetically modified to contain extra vitamin and minerals.Biotechnology has allowed people to be able to receive crucial vaccines and medicines which are hard to distribute. With vaccines and medicines being so expensive and the need to be stored a special way, they have come up with a way to put vaccines in food products so that they are easier to grant to people and easily transported. (The Benefits of Genetically Modified Food Crops) Rebuttal of the above claims Although malnutrition is a big problem in the world, according to the United Nations World Food Program, there is enough food being produced to feed the world without GM foods.The reasons that people go hungry are, they dont have enough money to buy it or dont have access to growing their own. The UNs world food body is not in favor of using GM foods because of the effects on health and the environment. The Food and Agriculture Organization says although GM crops could help with hunger in the world there are nevertheless questions about their implications for animal and human health and the balance of the ecosystems. (Say No to GMOS) Conclusion Genet ically modified foods have some pros and cons as I have showed you, but I am still a worshipper of the traditional way of growing foods.Since the foods will be labeled, that will give people the choice of rather to eat GM foods or naturally grown foods. that also have pro and cons to them.Reference http//www. naturalnews. com/028245_GM_food_side_effects. hypertext mark-up language http//www. non-moreport. com/articles/october2011/FDAignoredscientistswarningsGMfoods. php http//www. betterhealth. vic. gov. au/bhcv2/bhcarticles. nsf/pages/Genetically_modified_foods http//www. saynotogmos. org/ http//suite101. com/article/the-benefits-of-genetically-modified-food-crops-a218670.

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