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History midterm essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

History midterm - Essay ExampleHowever, scholars and ex officio argued that for real strengthening to be realized in China, the country should develop basic westward institution, including the western government organization and education. The reforms give rise to techniques and military technologies. On the other hand, another reform movement was initiated on 1898 after china was defeated in the Sino-Japanese war.Self-strengthening movement and Hundred Days Reforms oblige some common similarities and differences based on the objectives, achievements and targets. Both reforms advocated for introduction of western education to be introduced in China. Self-Strengthening purport was more successful because they had foreign language schools, which led to turning foreign languages to Chinese. The reforms enabled Chinese to guide and understand foreign languages and there was introduction of education missions, which included navigation and study shipbuilding. Approximately, 120 Chin ese were sent oversea between 1872 to 1881.Although the Hundred Days Reforms emphasized on education, the standpat(prenominal) officials banned it. However, the reformers abolished the conservative officials and turned the content of the examination from classical knowledge of current affairs. Education gave a mixture of two Eastern and western studies. Just like the Self-Strengthening reforms, Hundred Days Reforms encourage members of the royalty to go abroad on learning trips. The old eight-legged essays were eliminated and students were to take classes on politics, current affairs and Chinese classical volumes.The self-Strengthening Movement was more successful in developing a relationship with the foreign powers. In this perspective, it led to the kink of the Zongli Yamen in Beijing with the objective of managing the affairs with powers. This reform was a tremendous step for China in embracing diplomatic relationship with

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