Saturday, April 20, 2019

Employee Relations Evaluation Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Employee Relations military rating Report - Essay ExampleStrong bonding among employer and employees are established by communication.Support for each one and every organizational members need to subscribe each other for achieving goals and objectives of the go with. Employers guide the employees for performing their work effectively. Employees abide the employers by enhancing the productivity of the company.Gratitude In employment relationship, gratitude is an important element. The employers appreciate and recognize the performances and efforts of employees and show gratitude to them. When the employees receive support or help from the employers they also express their gratitude towards them.There are unhomogeneous locatings for managing employee relations of a company. By implementing any of the three perspectives of employee relations the companies try to improve their relations with the organizational members. Work place conflicts and various organizational issues are solv ed with the help of employee relations.Unitarist perspective According to this perspective organization is perceived as a family where all the employees and management of the company emphasize on achieving organizational goals and objectives. Unitarist focuses on employees loyalty, uncouth values, objectives and interest. Employees dissatisfaction is expressed by conflicts which is bad for the company. Organizational conflicts should be solved tactfully. Trade union is unnecessary topic for a company. If strong trust is present between employees and employers then trade union is not required.Pluralist perspective According to this perspective companies perceive that employment relationship is made up of various powerful subgroups which suffer their own leaders, objectives and values. Trade unions and management are the important subgroups which affect employment relationships. For the different aims and objectives of these groups conflicts arises in the company which are solved b y implementing

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