Tuesday, April 16, 2019

No Ordinary Sun and to Sea Essay Example for Free

No nondescript solarise and to Sea EssayIn The Sea, to the Mountain, to the River the use of simile establishes the perspective of the readers about the workmen, Tuwh be leads the readers to see them as despicable- destroying our environment for the sake of progress. Then, he uses personification for the same effect. The readers empathize with the environment and consider the ocean, the mountain and the river as people like them who has feelings. By doing this, Tuwhargon appeals at the readers emotions, making them see how terrible t is to destroy the environment. turn in the first poem, Tuwh ar appeals to readers by encouraging them to feel what the nature is feeling, in No Ordinary Sun imagery is used to show the effects of a man-made weapon, atomic bomb and make them substantiate what would happen to them and the environment. Tuwhare used adjective to create images in the minds of the readers. G altogetherant monsoon flash and dashing trade winds blast are old- fashioned, positive sounding words that Tuwhare used to describe the monsoon and he wind.He wants the readers to know that compared to the bomb, these two are almost benign, almost nonhing. Another example of imagery was in the last stanza shadowless mountains, White plains and drab sea floor. This creates an image of a lifeless planet. Tuwhare is telling the readers, this is what happens. Everything leave behind be destroyed- our lives, nature- all because we seek power and progress. Tuwhare in any case used symbolism to help people understand how ruin an atomic bomb can be.He explored the irony of the comparison to show the big difference between our cheerfulness and the not ordinary sun. Our sun gives us life, energy and warmth. We need it to live. The other sun, the one mentioned in the poem, is a monstrous sun. It kills people and annihilates the environment. By calling it monstrous, Tuwhare is implying that this sun is an unacceptable product of a merger between nature and man. Thu s, what we created for power will destroy us.Also, by using sun as a symbol for atomic bomb, the readers are more than affected as the sun is irectly related to our everyday lives. In this poem, Tuwhare made it clear how much we are affected when our environment is destroyed. We cannot live alone in this planet. Our hunger for power and progress blind us and we need to stop. Both poems used fgurative language to engage the readers and to show the effects of our actions. Tuwhares message is very outstanding as in todays society, especially in New Zealand, destruction of environment for the sake of progress is not uncommon.Earlier on March, news of national parks becoming mining grounds sparked protest from all over the country. The government believes that this will help New Zealands economy prosper. But are we really spillage to forsake the environment for the sake of progress? Also, North Koreas nuclear testing hasnt stopped. To further their power, the government of Korea ignor es the devastating effects of nuclear bombs. Tuwhares poems The Sea, to the Mountain, to the River and No Ordinary Sun urges us to open our eyes and stop destroying our environment.

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