Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Johnson and Johnson Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Johnson and Johnson - Essay ExampleHowever, the operation of Johnson and Johnson is guided by its famous credo which is translated in 36 languages around the globe.1 This credo has m some other the companys guiding light in fulfilling its role to its various stakeholders which include its customers, its employees, its community, and its stockholders. In its quest to satisfy its customers, Johnson and Johnson promises the delivery of highschool quality products and services and efficient operations to maintain sane prices. The company overly promises to enable its suppliers and distributors make a good profit from their partnerships. Johnson and Johnson recognizes the huge role carried stunned by its employees to ensure its success. With this, its credo promises the elimination of discrimination, hazardous working condition and abuse. Instead, the company provides respect, job security, ingenuous compensation, and opportunities for growth. Johnson and Johnson also encourages it s employee to voice their various concerns. The company is also mindful of the externalities it bring to the society where it operates. With this, Johnson and Johnson strive to become a good corporate citizen by supporting charities, paying taxes, and pushing for sustainable development. Lastly, Johnson and Johnson gives credit to its stockholders by ensuring the profitability of its operations (Johnson and Johnson 3).The credo of Johnson and Johnson provides a glimpse of the companys goals and objectives namely profitability, innovation, social responsibility, growth, and leadership. As with any other business organization, Johnson and Johnsons primary goal is the maximization of profit. With this, the company can have the financial muscle to confirm its operations. At the heart of its goals is the innovation of products which can be released to the public in order to convey great customer satisfaction. Johnson and Johnsons goal of maintaining sustainable development is fueled by its being a socially trusty business organization. The company also continues to push for growth and market leadership.In order to achieve these goals, Johnson and Johnson has crafted strategies. On the corporate level, the company is seen to utilize its credo to achieve its numerous goals. However, the interdependence within its departments and the diversity of its product line leads to multiple strategies within its divisions. Taken altogether, the companys primary strategy in fulfilling its goal is the creation of high quality medicine, medical equipment, and consumer goods at reasonable prices. In order to market its product efficiently, Johnson and Johnson creates an excellent blade image by actively taking part in socially responsible programs and activities. It can also be seen that one of its main strategies is the acquisition of small companies which have embarked on promising new products. The companys bountiful product lines and growth has been the result of numerous acquisitions. However, it can also be seen that the business organization is easy coming to grips with the reality that this strategy is unsustainable in the long run and that it needs to develop new products. Johnson and Johnson is comprised of triplet main divisions-Pharmaceuticals, Devices and Diagnostics, and Consumer Goods (Johnson and Joh

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