Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Building Foundations for The Future Essay -- Education Teaching Teache

Building Foundations for The Future When I think of how my teaching style will be matchless day, a particular parable comes to brainiac that I have known since my childhood days. In the Bible, in the book of Matthew, Peter and several other fishermen were fishing out on the ocean one night when from far out in the distance, they could see a man walking on the peeing toward them. The man was Jesus. Peter was afraid that the figure wasnt Jesus, but instead a spirit, so Jesus told Peter to get out of the boat and walk over to him. So Peter got out, and walked on the water over to Jesus. But then, the wind began to blow furiously, causing Peter to become afraid. He looked down, began to sink, and then screamed out to Jesus to help him. Immediately Jesus stretched onwards his hand and caught Peter, and said O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt? (Matt. 1431). Most children today are fatalitying to learn, but from clock to time in that respect is an obstacle on their path toward knowledge that they cannot overcome on their own. When faced with such obstacles, whether it is the divorce of their parents, or continually failing in one certain subject, they usually become scared and just need someone to cry Help to. Just as Jesus immediately helped Peter, I want to immediately help those students that are doubting that they can overcome something. I do not want my students to ever doubt that they can do something, and eventually become too reluctant to even try anymore just because they failed a time or two. I want to be there to assure my students that they can do anything they put their minds to, and Ill be there to help them along the way. I believe that children are one of Gods gifts on thi... ...le the latter may not be as important as Math, English, Science, and Social Studies, they do still deserve a great sens of attention, because they work to the students benefit as well by making them a more we ll-rounded individual. My professional developmental plans consist of getting my K-6 Elementary cultivation Degree, and even possibly specializing in one subject area. I am still debating at the present time over whether or not to go for the specialization or not, but if I do I might specialize in Math. Also in my plans for after I graduate is the hap of going for my Masters Degree, so that I can become a Principal one day if I decide that I want to do that or not. But overall, I am still very undecided about my after-graduation plans. I am just really excited at the moment to be nearing the date of receiving my Teaching Degree

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