Saturday, May 11, 2019

Strategic human resource management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Strategic gentle resource management - Essay ExampleStakeholders interests should be primarily touch on with enlisting of the employees in the consequence that it is now run either as a commercial or public company in order for it to realise profits. Special consideration should be given to the nerves recruitment efforts as well as decision making that would be designed to satisfy the needs of both the organisation as well as the stakeholders.Employees are the foundation of every organisation hence effective recruitment as well as improving their performance are the major factors that determine success of blood line during the contemporary period. In most cases, employee recruitment in general depends on the available human resources tools and their ability to take with the environment they will be operating in. Thus, recruitment of skilled and qualified employees is a vital strategy for an organisation to function successfully in the competitive environment. Retention of tho se skilled employees is equally important because such specialist and skilled workers may be in short supply and a company may find it difficult to replace the experienced workers and training of individual employees with more skills in particular jobs. As far as these measures are put in place, the stakeholders would be content knowing that their investments would not be at insecurity since they would be managed by professional and skilled people. No investor would be happy to risk his money where there are incompetent workers in the organisation.Organisations are run on the basis of several(a) decisions that emanate from the situation obtaining in the markets they would be operating in. In practice, decision making is primarily concerned with approving the course of action to be taken in pursuit of certain goals to be achieved and is mainly practised at the top management level within large organisations (Kleynhans et al 2007). Decision making is mainly influenced by the leade rship style

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