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Art Assignment #9

Compargon and contrast the Parthenon with the Colosseum including the induce , function , and history of the buildingLocated in capital of Greece , Greece , the Parthenon was reinforced in 447 BC as a temple to the goddess of Wisdom , Athena . It represents the powerful and influential Athenian empire and the politician who insisted on its construction , Perikles . The Parthenon was likewise build to convert deuce temples for Athena that no longer exists . Its architectural throws kindle be described as doric peristylar . It has a rectangular floor plan with a serial of meek step on every side and Doric columns nearly the periphery of the structure . Various Metopes and Pedimental Sculptures can also be found the Parthenon s design . They represent struggles between two fence ideas or personas in Greek history . everypl ace the old age , the Parthenon was used as a church , mosque , and storageBuilt in capital of Italy , Italy , The Colosseum was in the first century AD as a gift to the Roman people . It was built because the city ask an amphitheater . It represented Rome s grandeur and rigorousness . It is in the Colosseum where barbaric gladiator games were held for the people s entertainment . The Colosseum s normal is oval-shaped and sits on a foundation of two steps . at that place are three floors made of traveltine stone . The after get floor has windows . After the golden age of imperial cartridge holder , the Colosseum was abandoned and was used as a fortress , foundation of building materials , and location for various shows and eventsThe similarities and differences of the Parthenon and the Colisseum are glaring . twain structures were built under prosperous ancient times in Athens and Rome respectively . It symbolized the splendor of both cities as yet , their similariti es end there as they differ in aspects much! (prenominal) as bod and function . The Parthenon was built as a temple , succession the Colisseum was an amphitheater . The originator is rectangular in shape , while the last mentioned was ellipticalCompare and contrast the architectural form of a Romanesque church with that of a chivalric churchRomanesque architecture is widely seen as a step towards the more popular knightly architecture . Romanesque architecture can be described as massive . Romanesque churches hand over thick walls , huge towers , play arches , and hygienic defined . The thick walls of Romanesque churches have few secondary openings and are made from various building stones such as granite , limestone , and heartless . Piers were also built to support the arches . Romanesque churches had columns such as remedy columns , drum columns , and comprehend core columns . They differ in coat and use . Salvage columns were called as such because they were really salvaged age-old Roman columns . Drums are stone cylinders . Since Romanesque columns were massive , they were built stunned of these drums . Extra massive columns were made of ashlor masonry and rubble modify the hollow core . The top of a column is called a heavy(p) . Romanesque capitals were inspired by the Corinthian mien . It is round on the bottom and square on top . An important feature film of Romanesque churches are its alternating piers and columns . Arches were semicircular . There was also the leave out which was very common in Romanesque architectureSucceeding Romanesque was the knightly . Gothic architecture was known as the French elbow room . It is characterized by pointed arches , agile buttress , and ribbed vault . Gothic architecture seemed to be an evolution of Romanesque architecture . Thus , a change in style that will separate it from the latter was introduced . This was in particular the pointed arches . The arch is what can identify an architectural style as Gothic There are mostly t wo types - the jazzy arch and depressed arch The for! mer is more pointy , while the latter is wider that its height Other style developments occurred because of this . Gothic churches have the height and proportion . There is a vertical accent in Gothic churches . Windows started to expand and fill with stained glassReferencesThe Parthenon HYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol / academician .reed .edu /humanities /110Tech /Parthenon .html retrieved October 21 retrieved October 21 , 2007 from hypertext transfer protocol /academic .reed .edu /humanities /110Tech /Parthenon .htmlThe Coloseum HYPERLINK http / entanglement .the-colosseum .net /idx-en .htm retrieved October 21 retrieved October 21 , 2007 from http /www .the-colosseum .net /idx-en .htmBrooke , H (2004 . Some Thoughts on the Origins of Romanesque Architecture . Retrieved October 21 , 2007 from http /amblesideonline .org /PR /PR07p451RomanesqueArchitecture .shtmlCraven , J . Gothic : Engineered for enlightenment . Retrieved on October 21 , 2007 from http /architecture . about .com /library /weekly /aa121800a .htm ...If you sin qua non to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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