Thursday, January 23, 2014


I. Choose the word which has different stress from the others. 1. A. technical B. look C. villager D. family 2. A. technology B. important C. commonity D. impossible 3. A. result B. hardly C. manner D. farmer 4. A. medical exam B. familiarity C. possible D. resurface 5. A. farmer B. farewell C. factory D. fairy 6. A. cows B. arena C. canal D. cover 7. A. money B. machine C. many D. nonplus 8. A. lift out B. agree C. await D. prepare 9. A. give notice B. manage C. visit D. listen 10. A. arouse B. direction C. knowledge D. narrow 11. A. decide B. educate C. supply D. provide 12. A. oceanic B. divide C. modem D. water 13. A. pacific B. satellite C. century D. wolf 14. A. temperature B. photograph C. tuition D. consequence 15. A. organism B. investigate C. variety show D. technology 16. A. carnivore B. difference C. scientist D. environment 17. A. condition B. home land C. accident D. paragraph 18. A. entrapment B. gestation C. population D. intellige nt 19. A. dearth B. complete C. eat D. increase 20. A. mysterious B. medicine C. break D. description 21. A. seafood B. pollute C. mammal D. proper 22. A. drop B. satellite C. farmer D. forest 23. A. destruction B. movement C. important D. fashion 24. A. home(a) B. establish C. tropical D. interest 25. A. variety B. temperate C. pagoda D. jaunt 26. A. refusal B. acceptance C. suitable D. minority 27. A. endanger B. invade C. experience D. fauna 28. A. recognize B. contaminate C. orphanhood D. everglade  29. A. survival B. wild C. dependent D. intention 30. A. composer B. artistic C. funeral D. musician 31. A. talk B. important C. occasion D. emotion 32. A. atmosphere B. entertain C. industry D. joyousness  33. A. popular B. different C. integral D. expression  34. A. solemn B. express C. survive D. event 35. A. anthem B. lyric C. excite D. go on  36. A. cinema B. division C. calendar D. disaster 37. A. century B. thriller C. tec D. photograph 38. A....If you want to get a full essay, ! disposition it on our website:

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