Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Innovation and Sustainability

Name Class name Instructor Date transition and Sustainability The actions of human beings can fill a great number on our world and the animals that occupy it with us. Deforestation, pollution, urban sprawl and outgrowth, break ill effects on every(prenominal) living things. These actions communicate to the close and degradation of the habitats of these organisms. This process that we atomic number 18 fetching can lead to the extinction of the species that are key in that ecosystem. Pollution has destroyed some land and fresh pee ecosystems. The destruction of these ecosystems affects the living organisms including humans in many ways. These ecosystems roll us fresh air for breathing and fresh deglutition irrigate. They are in addition the starting point for alone the staple fiber needs that we have, including medicines, and shelter. Therefore, the destruction of the ecosystems has a steer effect on the human health and the requirements for life rough the world. Humans have progress tod drudgery methods for clearing forests and natural purlieus to create room for development and expansion. The phenomenon by which the urban areas extend into the unexploited land is called urban sprawl.
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The human population has grown staggeringly and needs to make room for more housing, buildings, parking gobs and expansion of rustic land. We cut down trees to acquire tone of voice for construction of the houses and also for fuel and heat. We also use the timberland for building of fences and buildings in the urban areas. When we cut down trees for these uses it is c alled deforestation. This business habit ha! s caused an adverse impact on the surrounding environment (Slattery, 2007). Another production method is the careless industrial practices that lead to pollution. The untreated effluents from the industries take to the woods into the water bodies causing water pollution. The emission of sulfur dioxide and atomic number 7 dioxide into the asynchronous transfer mode has resulted in acid rains. The gases cause acidification in the atmosphere...If you extremity to raise up a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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