Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sample Review

A Critical Review of Mangelsdorf, S.C., McHale, J.L., Plunkett, J.W., Dedrick, C.F., Berlin, M., Meisels, S.J. & Dichtellmiller, M. (1996) Attachment security in very low birth weight infants. Developmental Psychology, 32, 914-920. play down The strongest supposed influence in modern day studies of infant-parent relationships is protraction theory, especially the work of John Bowlby (1969,1973) and Mary Ainsworth (1982, as cited in Pederson, Moran, Sitko, Campbell, Ghesquire & Acton, 1990). Bowlby consolidated psychoanalytic concepts with ethological methods and evolutionary theory. Ainsworth and Wittig (1969 as cited in Pederson et al., 1990) authentic Bowlbys work and devised the inappropriate position procedure to streak shackle. Carried disclose in the laboratory, the Strange Situation allows researchers to rate the feature article of attachments as either secure, anxious-avoidant or anxious-resistant (Pederson et al., 1990). However, Walters and Deane (1985, as cite d in Pederson et al., 1990) highlighted a need for a more naturalistic procession to study attachment behaviour. To facilitate this, they devised the Attachment Behaviour Q-set to rate attachment behaviour in the home. The study under retrospect assesses attachment security in very low birthweight (VLBW) children. The researchers establish their investigation on Bowlbys theory of attachment and both the Strange Situation and Q-sort were employed as measures. The study represents an attempt to post acquaintance of the developmental outcome of VLBW children by focusing on the quality of these infants early social relationships relative to those of their normal birthweight counterparts. outline The paper highlights major technological advances in the care of preterm infants, which (it is argued) energise resulted in children who populate today having very different characteristics to those who were born(p) a some decades ago. Given the range of difficulties experienced b y preterm infants, it has been suggested...I! f you want to add a full essay, order it on our website:

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