Sunday, February 2, 2014

Art Is A Better Way Of Knowing

Before stating that greater righteousness arouse be plant in invention rather than in science incomparable needs to subsist what verity, science, and graphics is. Truth fit to the proportionality theory is that a statement is true if it corresponds with a fact, harmonize to the coherence theory something is true if it fits with our overall set of beliefs, and at long shoemakers last according to the pragmatic theory something is true is it is useful or works in practice. Art has been named something man made it or so hold the criteria of 1. Intentions of the artist 2.the quality of the work and 3.the response of spectators. last science has been defined as an organized method or process for gaining more knowledge about a concept. It occurs in an scorely fashion called the scientific method(Canadian Oxford Paperback dictionary 2000). Now one can stray back to the schoolmaster concept in mind of how art presents greater truth than science, think for a moment of the atom an almost mysterious twist was not discovered until recent history, in a scientific explosion of knowledge such as that in that location are not a lot of mint that know of the art behind the discovery. Neils Bohr the creator if the Bohr atom structure was truly influenced by Picassos paintings. Bohr was so influenced by art that he was convinced that some science was truly art in itself. In a statement Bohr said when it comes to atoms, wording can be used only as in rhyme. Like the arise art of Picasso In the deconstructionism of the guitar Bohr would drive relations to an atom and on the basis of abstract and nice ideas one of the most well respected scientific theory emerged. Science can seemingly identify senses as synapses and transitions of neurons attached the various different sectors of the brain. Though is that really the commentary of an emotion? Virgina Woolfe a renown artist once tell that visit for a moment an run-of-the-mine mind on an ordi nary day[tracing] the pattern, however disco! nnected and incoherent in...If you compliments to take a leak a full essay, order it on our website:

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