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Conceptual Framework of Industrial Relations

conceptual FRAMEWORK OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS BY ASAKA, DANJUMA SHEIDU ( A PAPER PRESENTED DURING cane ON INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS (SOLG 816) surgical incision OF SOCIOLOGY, AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY, ZARIA. INSTRUCTOR: GAND, Y.K (PhD) NOVEMBER, 2011 CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS. INTRODUCTION In modern era, the relationship among play and other tender activities has been obscured. The remotion of work from the fellowship or the neighborhood to the wide riches of industrial city has tended to block it off as a separate, distinct and close isolated social activity. It becomes clear that all told human societies ar structured in substantial department around work. save how advantageously work is organized and how well it is performed argon the headliner ways to the success or failure, or even the natural selection of all societies in storey (Kerr and Staudohar, 1986). In the past, work and elbow grease were not segregated as distinct from other aspects of life-time as in the contemporary urban community. Then, work and confinement were tailored more into a way of life. No wonder, Arendt maintain that labour is the activity which corresponds to the biologic process of the human body, whose willing growth, metabolism, and eventual decay are bound to the vital necessities produced and supply into the life process by labour: the human anatomy of labour is life itself ( Arendt, 1958:7). Similarly, milling machine & Form (1950) opined that, mediaeval guilds recognized that occupations and industries draw pile together because of sameness of interests. Guilds were the organizational reflections of the need for association, for learning of skills, for shelter of position, for social participation in and out of work. It was only later the industrial revolution, accompanied by urbanization and specialization of occupations, that work began to differentiate itself from leis ure and social life. More importantly, the ! avoidance of the protagonism of Marx about...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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