Monday, February 3, 2014

Textile Designer With 1 Year Exp. In Fashion Indus

PRICING STRATEGIES 1. Cost lie damage: implemented by carefully determining exclusively of the greets associated with carrying a merchandise and selling it to consumers then adding the desired profit to arrive at a selling price. a. Mark-up price 1) utilise primarily by wholesalers and retailers (organizations that debase for resale) 2) Simply adds a shape region to the cost of products 3) This percentage is usually applied to all products carried by the clientele b. Cost-plus pricing 1) utilize by manu positionurers and service organizations 2) Examines cost for individual products or work then adds a modular mark-up 3) This dodge is more modify than mark-up pricing due to the fact that products and services are fancyed each rather than a predetermined percentage being added crossways the board to the cost of all products and services 2. Demand oriented pricing a. closely utile when sell ing products with in expandable demand b. Requires price planners to estimate the foster customers place on products and set prices accordingly c. When selling products with elastic demand, an wrong estimation can undermine the success of a business 3. emulation oriented pricing a. All price planners affair rival oriented pricing to some degree. It would be short-sighted not to examine the competition when setting price b. This strategy is unique in that it does not consider costs and expenses or profit goals in the process 4. Psychological pricing 1. apply by organizations that believe that customers base their perceptions of products on price and that these perceptions knowledge customer buying decisions a. Odd/even cent pricing: based on the principle that prices ending in droll numbers ($5.99) communicate a bargain and prices ending in even numbers ($6.00) communicate quality. This technique is widely use by reta ilers b. Prestige pricing:...If you w! ant to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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