Friday, February 7, 2014

The Day the Earth Trembled

The Day the Earth trembled The day the earth trembled is like a day without light for the great unwashed in Dumaguete at  incisively 11:49 AM, an quake stumbles Dumaguete city, Neg. Oriental Philippines. thither were collar earthquakes recorded, the magnitude is as follows: (6.8) six picture eight, (4.8) quadruplet point eight, (5.6) five point six on the Richter scale. The muckle dread and gat here(predicate)d outside the street. The ground seems like swaying from left to right, and you determine dizzy afterwards. It was the first earthquake in Dumaguete city for the category 2012. Thank God at that place were no tsunamis since Dumaguete City is beside the sea. There were many aftershocks experience.  The scope maybe of the earthquake is spacious since it has a great intensity that it makes the concrete creates shake. Places that are affected by the earthquake are as follows: Tayasan, San Carlos, La Libertad, Guihu lngan and Himalalud. In Tayasan a concrete wall has collapsed. In San Carlos several grump panels of a shopping mall shattered. In La Libertad there was a landslide. In Guihulngan a child died during the landslide and 4 students died in Saint Francis College. In Himalalud the landslide affected highways and sunk bridges. This earthquake affected many people, children died because of the landslide that happened caused by the earthquake. some people lost their houses. Other people left there houses here in Dumaguete and went up in Valencia. People were stir because of the tsunami alert, simply students in Dumaguete went to boulevard and waited for it to come. How Ironic is that. Silliman University canceled classes in the afternoon for the supervision of mental synthesiss. Some of the buildings in Silliman University had youngster cracks. College of dividing line Administration building for example had some cracks in the (3rd) tr iad floor. The engineering building as wel! l had some minor cracks. The day the earthquake happened,...If you want to get a full phase of the moon essay, order it on our website:

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