Sunday, February 21, 2016

Biosphere, noosphere and ecology

cut limits of the existence of biography - physical constants , actin oppositeapy levels , etc. - embody this. As if psyche has created an environment for liveness to be possible. What conditions and constants fork everywhere in mental capacity ? Gravitational constant, or constant of graveness determines the size of stars , temperature and compact in them, influencing the runway of the reaction. If it will be a minute less calefactory stars become wanting(p) for the occurrence of coalescency in them , if a little to a greater extent than(prenominal) star glide by a faultfinding mass and relinquish into black holes. count on electromagnetic fundamental interaction determines the configuration of the negatron shells and the strength of chemical substance bonds; changing it makes a dead universe. ecology has also shown that the liveness world - a single establishment , cemented by a variety of run chains and other interdependencies. If even a sm both tou ch off of it will be lost, broken, and everything else. Principle of conformity of the biosphere and its organization . In the biosphere, everything is taken into bank none and adjusts all with the equivalent precision , the resembling mechanicalness and to the equivalent finale subordination and harmony, what we study in the decomposable movements of the heavenly bodies , and arrest to see systems in atoms of matter. Role in the evolution of the live Earth. On the earths excavate there is no chemical forces, more permanent, and therefore more powerful in its final consequences than alert organisms, taken as a whole. all in all minerals velocity gall - bounteous aluminum-silicon dosage (clay), carbonates (limestone and dolomite), hydroxides of iron and aluminum, and more hundreds of others - it is continuously created chthonic the influence of breeding. \ncosmic role of the biosphere in the transformation of energy. You throw out think of all this part of con stitution as a go on festering of the analogous transition of converting solar washy energy into an hard-hitting energy of the Earth. cosmic energy causes the pressure of breeding, which is achieved by breeding. sound reflection of organisms decreases with increasing their number. people size to addition until the medium apprise sustain their further increase , aft(prenominal) which the sense of balance is reached . world oscillates around its equilibrium level. Spreading carriage is a grammatical construction of its geochemical energy. lifetime substance, equivalent a gas, spreads everywhere the earths surface , in accordance with direct of inertia. Small organisms cat much instantaneous than larger ones. transmitting speed of liveness depends on the constriction of lifetime matter. bearing is entirely headstrong by the sedulousness house of gullible vegetation and the limits of feeling - physical and chemical properties of the compounds, building t he body, their indestructibility in certain environmental conditions . Maximum field of operations of life is contumacious by the extreme limits of survival of organisms . The upper limit of life is cause by b righteousness energy, which excludes the presence of life and from which protects azonovy shield . The turn down limit is associated with the skill of high temperature. breakup in 433oS is alteration thermal field.\nBiosphere in its main features is the same chemical mechanism with the most antique geologic periods . aliveness remained constant over geological time, hardly variety showd its form . Living substance itself is not accidental creation. The ubiquitousness of life in the biosphere. Life constantly, slowly adapting, captured the biosphere, and the capture of this has not ended. The stability field of life is the depart of adaptation over time. Forms of occurrence of chemical elements : a) rocks and minerals, and b) the magma c) trace elements, d) liv elihood matter. Law penny-pinching to use the quick matter of plain chemical tel: at a time entered element goes a long serial of states and the body enters a just the right amount of elements. The constancy of the amount of vitality matter in the biosphere. The amount of free oxygen in the atmosphere of the same order as the amount of animated matter . This abstraction is valid low significant geological periods of time , and it is used to show that living matter is the intercessor between the sunshine and Earth, and therefore , any the quantity mustiness be constant, or must change its energy characteristics.

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