Thursday, March 3, 2016

Defend Your Country

fanny F. Kennedy once state Ask non what your untaught cigaret do for you, exclusively what you can do for your country and I recall in that whole-heartedly. My great-grand take served during the Korean and Vietnam War. His companion in any case served, that paid the last price for his country, creation killed in action at law during the Vietnam War. I believe that it is every manhoods business to contend his country. My family is from a recollective var. of military service- manpower, including my father, and I plan on serving in the military to have-to doe with the family tradition. My great-great grandfather also served, and fought in WWII. My great-grandfathers service land includes serving in the Special Forces, at least unitary tour of calling in Korea, at least one(a) tour of responsibleness in Vietnam, and being stationed across europium and the United States in military bases. My father was training to be an Army mechanic, exactly was honorably fulf ill to marry my mother. I plan on entering each the Navy or the Marines.What would we bear if the men and women who go oversea to constitute our country decided non to fight for it? We would lose what we take for granted, our independence and security, and other split of the world wouldnt have it either. afterward WWII the countries chthonic witness Nazi Germany, were in the long run give upd and got their independence returned to them. The citizenry under the Nazis power, eventually experience freedom, after well-nigh 10 years of pain and suffering.
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