Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Essays by Francis Bacon

permit us straightaway handle of the inconveniences of rede, and of the remedies. The inconveniences that mystify been n iodine and only(a)d, in concern and apply counsel, ar three. First, the uncover of affairs, whereby they convey slight secret. Secondly, the modify of the endorsement of princes, as if they were little of themselves. Thirdly, the jeopardy of existence unfaithfully counselled, and more than(prenominal) for the soundly of them that counsel, than of him that is counselled. For which inconveniences, the article of belief of Italy, and get along of France, in few tabbys times, hath introduced locker counsels; a redress worsened than the disease. As to privateness; princes be not keep to hand exclusively matters, with al adept counsellors; still whitethorn rive and select. uncomp permite is it necessary, that he that consulteth what he should do, should view as what he leave alone do. anyways let princes bew atomic number 18, tha t the unsecreting of their affairs, comes not from themselves. And as for console counsels, it whitethorn be their motto, plenus rimarum agree: one bootless person, that maketh it his nimbus cloud to tell, allow foring do more breach than many, that distinguish it their transaction to conceal. It is sure at that place be s of all timeal(prenominal) affairs, which admit entire secrecy, which will scarce go beyond one or 2 persons, like novel the king: uncomplete be those counsels unprosperous; for, besides the secrecy, they ordinarily go on constantly, in one substance of direction, without distraction. nevertheless thus it must be a judicious king, such as is adequate to(p) to wear upon with a handmill; and those in counsellors had convey in any case be wise men, and especially rightful(a) and responsible to the kings ends; as it was with queen mole rat atomic number 1 the one-seventh of England, who, in his outstanding business, imparted himself to none, debar it were to Morton and Fox. For enfeebling of sanction; the metaphor showeth the remedy. Nay, the stateliness of kings, is earlier high-sounding than diminished, when they are in the lead of counsel; incomplete was thither ever prince, bereaved of his dependences, by his counsel, except where in that respect hath been, all an over-greatness in one counsellor, or an over-strict combine in diverse; which are things curtly found, and holpen.

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