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Customer Service VS. Manufacturing Essay

The difference between the manufacturing industry and node divine emolument industy is seen in the trade performances of both. These days, there are lots of call centers that has been built into different establishments. In fact, there are call center agencies that has been a business but of big companies around the globe. Its being used by umpteen entrepreneur and businessman. Why? Is it because of the weakening appeal of the manufacturing agency? Is the customer do more effective than manufacturing? No. Its not because the manufacturing is weakening, but because of the larger chances or opportunities that the customer service offers than the manufacturing. In a customer service outline, if the employee or the customer service representative has the ability or cardinal of the promising and outstanding employees, those who are reliably working, and the comp any raft previse more customer satisfaction from the employee theres a spirited put on the line for the play along to get bigger and earn more because what the employee promotes and builds a sound customer relationship which is basically needed in a business. But this big chance to inspire the political party is also a big chance for the friendships failure because it also causes ban feedback from the customer. It has been happening in many call center agencies that unless a few(prenominal) of the call center agents of their employees last because of different kinds of reasons personal or any, they do not last in the job. The tendency of a customer services impact to the business is that, the risk of the transaction between the customer and the company is on the performance of the employee. Paul Simpson and Dr Vishnu Kanhere (2007) says that service, by its nature, deals with intangibles. Auditors should not foresee to see much in the way of product. When auditing a reception/ surety team, for example, it is important to check that they know what is required of them in terms of system r esponsibilities, but you erect guarantee that no day will be the same and thus youll need to see that the team adapts to situations presented to them at any time. The quality of the service they provide is down to the individual, their own personal characteristics and the study they do received a combination of nature and nurture. The risk is to the company to get along with tHe performance of the employee, whether they will show a unplayful performance or not. In manufacturing, its easy topic that what they have retributive decided to manufacture is only what they will do. The good thing here is the certainty or the assurance of the dealings with the client or the customer. Accuracy, because they the company is woking with tha machines and equipments, so the performanc of those will be based on the master of the people working with it. The competition between the customer service and the manufcturing scheme is that, in customer service, theres an open window for opportunit ies and good customer relationship. That is only if the employee works nice and with the intention to help for the companys growth. But if not, its a high risk. Gamble, but for sure, companies doesnt make it to the point that the company is already in danger in front theyll act on it. Its the quality of the employees performance that the company must secure. In manufacturing, the issue is the quantity of the product to produce because the risk here is that, there are counts on how many is to produce and how many is to be manufactured by the machinery. Aside from the thing that there can not be adjustments sometimes, there are products that are not quotable to produce. Once that there are damagea at the begining, its a incessant process until the edge because the the machineries are systematically programmed and it is already a dress circle up. There is a need to maintain the business quality of the equipments just like the quality that the customer service company must inflict on their employees. In an abstract of an article by Slotnick and Sobel (2005), Inaccurate production backlog information is a major cause of late deliveries, which can result in penalty fees and loss of reputation. We identify conditions when it is particularly worthwhile to improve an information system to provide good lead-time information. We first meditate a sequential decision process model of lead-time decisions at a firm which manufactures standard products to order, and has complete backlog information. Both of he strategy has its problem when it comes to time management for the companys workers. The only difference is just that, the equipments will be repaired but the an employee will be replaced or terminated. this reveals when the partial-information method does well and when it is worth implementing measures to improve information manoeuver between operations and sales (Slotnick and Sobel, 2005).REFERENCESSimpson, Paul., and Dr. Kanhere, Vishnu. Auditing service sector vs. manufacturing. fromhttp//, Susan A. and Sobel, Matthew J. (16 June 2005). Manufacturing lead-time rules customer retention versus tardiness cost. Production, Manufacturing and Logistics, Volume 163, (Issue 3), Pages 825-856 Director,Product Marketing. (February 2002). Guidelines forPreparing CustomerService Standards. 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