Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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IntroductionTeaching is a crucial job beca routine it is designed to empower students to give them to a greater extent freedom, more power and more prestige. Teachers hold in their hands the success of our country and the wellbeing of its citizens they argon the key to help every person to realise his/her full potential.In belief process, teachers use the target language to promote their talk with learners. They use this language so that they could encourage the communication between learners and themselves. This language is called teacher tattle. Teacher talk is the exact linguistic process that teachers say to their students (Dickson, 2005 Crawford, 1999). In the opposite word, it is the content of lesson each teacher taught during each period of the class. Although teachers use kindred textbook as their teaching materials, each teacher has his/her own methods and words for their teaching process. Teacher talk is used in class when teachers ar conducting instructions, culti vating their intellectual ability and managing classroom activities (Qican, 1999, p.23). In the other word, teacher talk is a kind of communication-based talk. Teacher talk is considered as an important atom in language teaching (Cook, 2000). Researchers (Cook, 2000 Chaudron, 1988 Xiaohong, 1998) believed that teacher talk makes up near seventy percentage of classroom language. In the teaching process, teachers organize their teaching activities and consequently help students practice through their teacher talk. In English classroom, teachers language is not the only objective of the course, moreover also the medium to achieve the teaching objectives. Teacher talk has round features. One feature refers to the teacher talks form such as speed, pause, repetition and modific... ...s such as positive reinforcement, encouragement, trusting, caring and accepting, toward students in the classroom.Communication Longman lexicon of Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics defines com munication as the convince of ideas, information, etc., between two or more persons. In an act of communication there is usually at least one speaker or sender, a message which is transmitted, and a person or persons for whom this message is mean (the receiver). Communication is studied from many disciplinary perspectives, is often viewed as a discipline in its own right, and is central to sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, and information theory. larn Attitude It is expressions of positive or negative feelings towards learning which may movement ease or difficulty of learning a language. Language attitudes tack together on second/foreign language learning.

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