Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Social Contract Essay -- essays research papers

The Social Contract-     Rousseaus principal aim in composition The Social Contract is to determine how freedom may be realizable in civic society, and we might do well to pause in short and understand what he means by "freedom." In the state of constitution we enjoy the physical freedom of having no restraints on our behavior. By entranceway into the social contract, we place restraints on our behavior, which make it manageable to live in a community. By giving up our physical freedom, however, we gain the civil freedom of being able to think rationally. We can put a check on our impulses and desires, and thus learn to think morally. The term " moral philosophy" precisely has significance within the confines of civil society, according to Rousseau.     not just freedom, hence, but also rationality and morality, are only possible within civil society. And civil society, says Rousseau, is only possible if we agree to the social contract. Thus, we do not only have to thank society for the vulgar protection and peace it affords us we also owe our rationality and morality to civil society. In short, we would not be human if we were not vigorous participants in society.     This last step determines the heavily communitarian perspective that Rousseau adopts. If we can only be fully human under the auspices of the social contract, then that contract is more important than the individuals that agree to it. After all,...

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