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Symbols and Symbolism in To Kill A Mockingbird - Symbols, Themes and Characters :: Kill Mockingbird essays

To cleanup A Mockingbird - Symbols, Themes and Characters Now, youre probably wondering what is To bulge out A Mockingbird all about? Well that is what I am going to be telling you about in this paper. You will beget out that To Kill A Mockingbird is full of divergent themes, symbols, conflicts and existencey a(prenominal) different characters. thither is a theme of a coexistence of good and condemnable in this novel. Harper dramatizes Scout and Jems transition from a perspective of childhood innocence. Many of the characters assume that people are good because they have never seen evil. So in result to this Tom Robinson and Boo Radley are not fully prepared for the evil that they meet up with, and as a result of that they are destroyed. There are a lot of different social classes in this story. The Finches are on the top of the social enumerate in Maycomb. And then the farmers are underneath them. Then whom they call the purity trash is underneath the fa rmers. Even though the blacks are much much gifted than some of those people they are still underneath those exsanguinous trash people. This is the main topic of the whole story. A black man gets accused of attacking a white lady...but he probably wouldnt blush be in the position that he was in if he was white. To Kill A Mockingbird shows the destructive attitude that whites have against blacks. Not so much the period we live in but it still exists. There is also theme of an education of children. The children are taught to move from innocence to adulthood. At the end of the book which only scans by about two years of Scouts life. He knows almost boththing about algebra. This theme is explored by the relationship among Atticus and his kids. Unsympathetic teachers confront Scout a lot through the story. The most important lessons are those of sympathy and understanding. Miss Carolines commitment to the educational techniques that she has learned in college and it makes her ineffective and dangerous. Also, there are some symbols in this story that are very important to the overall story itself. end-to-end To Kill A Mockingbird, one will observe that nearly every character is a mockingbird.

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