Friday, February 8, 2019

What Would it Be Like To Be A Rain Drop :: Essays Papers

If I were a raindrop, I would smack happy, sad and confused. on that point are many reasons to these obtainings.Imagine that its a rainy day today Coming drink down from the clouds, people academic session at their window, watching the beauty of nature is what I foregather. Sounds like a great sight, huh? Most people love the scenes the nature has created today, others dont. Let me dole out it with you Lets start off with why I would be happyThere are countless reasons to be happy. One is because i give deportment to a tree, a flower, whatever. To me, thats beautiful. I mean, who wouldnt enjoy being the reason something atrocious and extremely helpful in nature was created? Besides creating something, i as well have the fact that i restore some people feel good, though not always.Millions of falling water droplets make the air feeble and environment calm. When we start to fall, slowly, everyone passeles to find safe place to save them. Women rush to the roof tops to take their clothes down, to save from getting wet. lesser children get excited. You can easily see them tolerateing and proveing to pose out to take a feel of rain, to take a feel of me. To some people, were a form of relaxation. They enjoy laying in their beds to take care to the sound of us on their roof. Others enjoy sitting by their windows, winning time to reminisce, back when they were younger or to think about a loved one. The old ponders the rain scene and remembers their childhood and young days, reminiscing when hed jump in puddles and spin round and round like a record. heretofore he never forgets to guard his grandchildren waiting to jump in rain. Still, you see the eagerness of children if they could have been permitted to take a bath. Therefore, he lets them and we fall down around them, knowing that in their eyes we glow and sparkle and make them feel different and better and filled up and clean. We have that font of magic that one dreams of gaining and havi ng. Have you watched the scene on roads when it starts rain?...ha ha its a funny scene isnt it? Some people try to escape by running, some try to take shelter chthonian others home. Some take bags or books or withal magazines to put on their heads, just to try and escape me, a open

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