Thursday, March 7, 2019

An analysis of the title sequence of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

I am going to talk to the highest degree the photographic camera shots and angles for each pellet the different mise-en-scenes and the fantastic narrative in the beginning, I will also mention the different typefaces (text) used the Characters the language act upon and musicThe Fresh Prince of Bel-air is a typical the Statesn teenage show, with a big multi-media star. The show has been a long-running success and is famous all oer the world. I am going to begin this essay by addressing the unusual narrative. This goes on for the whole of the title sequence. It explains the story in RAP (Rhythm And Poetry). It begins kill by saying Now this is a story all intimately how my life got twisted upside down, and Id homogeneous to take a instant so just sit right there and Ill tell you ab knocked out(p) how I became a prince of a town called Bel-air. The music is an blowzy flog to attract all types of teenagers.The first mise-en-scene which is forget smith who plays the Fresh Pr ince of Bel-Air school term on a rotating throne with the graffiti wall in the background. The titles and The graffiti ar brightly coloured to attract teenagers to the show. The graffiti is also normally very popular to teenagers. A majority of teenagers will also depict graffiti in their country as well as America where the show is filmed. The camera angles (high/medium angle) adds meaning to the shot and links the hold up to the theme. The throne is there to emphasise the phrase Prince and it also represents teenagers thoughts and dreams about organism rich.The second mise-en-scene has about ten seconds filming time, in this short scene Will Smith is seen writing graffiti on the wall and the military officer is shaking his baton constantly at him to stop. The directors make the policeman cheek silly because some teenagers think people with high authority such(prenominal) as policeman can easily be made recreation of.The third mise-en-scene is the basketball court scene, in this scene Will Smith is playing basketball when the ball swerved off course and hit virtually bullies in the head. The camera angle shows the bullies expressions as they approach Will Smith. Will Smiths robes ar bright and colourful and stands out against the bullies black clothes and complexion. The directors made the bullies dress in black to indicate that they are no-account people.In the same scene the bullies grab Will Smith and trigger spinning him around. The camera angle is a high shot, the camera was fit(p) above to make Will look submissive.The fourth mise-en-scene is Will Smiths nauseous mother waving her finger at the camera saying Your wretched with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air. The camera shot was a close up to reflect her expression. The fifth scene is the scene when Will Smith is about to leave for Bel-Air. Will Smith is shown whistling for a cab, the camera is order at the licence plate which reads FRESH and the camera is directed back at Will Smith . The yellow American taxi pulls up besides him, he slaps the drivers hand and walks over to the passenger door, climbs in and calls out Yo home to Bel-AirThe dwell scene is the scene where the taxi pulls up to the Bel-Air mansion and Will climbs out of the taxi and calls to him Yo ho smell ya later. He turns to the Bel-Air mansion and saysLooked at my kingdom and I was finally there to settle my throne as the prince of Bel-AirThis show does target teenagers successfully because the RAP story narrative is what many teenagers will like and take more notice of. The colours are bright and loud not dull and boring to make the audience take more notice.The typefaces(text) are usually in graffiti mood writing to attract teenagers to read it and to be more aware of what they are reading. The music throughout the narrative was an easy beat because its fun and easy to listen to. Many teenagers in America listen to RAP/R&B so the music in the beginning is similar to what they would usually listen to.All the mise-en-scenes have a meaning, they show teenagers things they associate with and things they would like to have. All camera angles are positioned to show eitherMeaning to an object, feeling towards the subject or link themes to their backgrounds. This show has been proved to target teenagers successfully because it is now very highly rated by many teenagers.

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