Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Critical Analysis of Taylor Swift’s Red Essay

Grammy award winning artist Taylor alert debuted her commencement ceremony record phonograph album at in 2006. Within six years Swift has grown to be one of the just about renowned kingdom bulk artists ever known. With her fans craving for more from Swift, she released her fourth album titled rubicund on October 15, 2012. The album was an instant hit that sold over 1.2 one million million copies within the first week of being released. Red is one of the top side selling albums in the past five years, coming only back tooth Mumford & Sons recently released Babel. The album block ups 16 tracks that are a strange mix of Swifts country roots, modern pop, and hints of lite-rock.The highly anticipated, supposed album of the year turned out to be a major disappointment. At least Taylor has an easy excuse her horrible end to try out some new producers and song spell outrs much(prenominal) as Max Martin and Shellback, who are known for creating hit radio pop songs for desert 5, Pink and Kelly Clarkson. These two were mainly responsible for the most disappointing tracks I Knew You Were Trouble (a song that bashes ex-boyfriend John Mayer even further than she did in her album Speak right by), 22 (a song closely enjoyment of new(a) grownhood), and the hit single We Are Never Ever Getting cover charge Together. On the other hand, Swift did have Nathan Chapman, her longtime producer, protagonist her with almost half the album, which includes the most notable tracks on Red such as All Too Well, The Lucky One, and unsafe.Another plausible reason for Swifts subpar performance in the production of Red is her obvious self- amazement with her own identity. When Taylor released her first album she was notwithstanding 16 years old. Now, she is 22 but is still trying to write songs about(predicate) the same old heartaches and heartbreaks that she had when she was a teenager.Since she was made famous and praised for the songs about first kisses, first break ups, and dumb boys, it makes sense that she would continue to write songs about the same topics and, natur in ally, a true transition from a forlorn romantic of a teenager to a real adult mustiness be out of Swifts comfort zone and a bit intimidating. But the fact is that now Swift is no chronic a teenager and therefore should not be writing about teenager-like relationships. She never discloses any intimate details about her relationships in her songs remote most 22 year-old artists. Instead, she successfully portrays the perfect role of an untouchable, chaste saturated disguised as a serial dater looking for the next computerized axial tomography to write a song about.The best track on the album, that was co-produced by Nathan Chapman, is All Too Well which is a slower, acoustic-based ballad written all by Swift herself. The song fits Taylors original style perfectly, encapsulating the Platonic ideal of unfair heartbreak as she also does in legion(predicate) songs in her pr evious albums such as Cold As You in her self titled album, Breathe in her second album heroic, and Dear John in her third album Speak Now. All Too Well is about her former boyfriend, actor Jake Gyllenhaal (which of who most of the album is about), and the story of their short, but apparently serious relationship dog-tired specifically on a weekend at his sister Maggies house. The song is emotional and has a powerful climax that describes how he broke up with her over a phone call, which is typical for Taylor Swift and what her fans have it away and expect.Overall, the album lacks originality both lyrically and melodically. As Taylor takes steps further away from her love stricken lyrics and country roots and more towards passive militant pop rock tunes the worse off she gets and consequently leaves her fans disappointed. Although the album does contain a couple genuinely well written and produced tracks, the general confusion of which genre Swift tries to reflect in Red throws off the album as a whole. Hopefully Swift will soon collect how to use all of her potential to become a true adult artist that has evolved from her past glory as a teenage country legend.

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