Wednesday, March 27, 2019

News Media, Money and Infotainment Essay -- Television Media TV Essays

News Media, Money and documentary filmIn the past few geezerhood the media has grown into more than just the facts. The goal of the media is not just to inform us but to entertain. This raw(a) media style is known as Infotainment. The medias goals are ratings based. They use shows like Jerry Springer, Entertainment Tonight, and Hard Copy to append in these ratings. The media of today has grown into a profit-based application that tries to entertain us with the news and with tabloid television shows.In the late 1980s and untimely 1990s the three full-size television stations, of ABC, CBS, and NBC, changed to provide more infotainment. Networks illogical ratings to the heavy competition of cable and home video. The diminishing audience caused the big three to just break even or make a tiny profit. This led to the news having topics such as issues in the sport world and art related stories produce a rating accession. The industry was no longer news based. Their goal over thos e few old age had changed from reporting the news into shows that report what take up in a profit. What brought in the biggest audience was what was shown on the networks. When the rating for these shows were being taken there was an increase in the reporting of sex and violence to increase the viewers. This in tern change magnitude the ratings (Cook 4-5). The new form of news was shaped based on how to bugger off in the biggest audience and make the most money whatever the cost.This new form of infotainment led to the development of Tabloid television shows. These shows, to a fault known as Trash TV, have more sport than news. Thought there is a difference between good and cock-a-hoop trash. With shows like Sally Jesse Raphael, Geraldo Rivera, and Jerry Springer that in many cases exploi... ...ed media world is pit up to be infotaining. These shows attracting viewers with tabloid shows and putting more socialize information in the news. The networks are trying to make the biggest profit accomplishable and with shows that exploit people they seem to be doing it. It doesnt mater who it hurts or what the consequences are. Its no longer just reporting the news, but reporting what will bring in the biggest profit.WORKS CITEDCook, Philip S., Douglass Gomery, and Lawrence W. Lichty, ed. The Future of News. Washington The Woodrow Wilson Center Press, 1992.Olster, Marjorie. Raunchy piano tuner host Stern to get late-night TV show. Infobeat. Online. Electronic Text Center. Internet. 31 Mar. 1998. Available http// To Death. Videocassette. Home Box Office. Parco Productions, Inc., 1996. VHS. 60min

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