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Nursing Assessment Of Blood Donation Practices :: essays research papers

A residential area assessment of Erie County Volunteer Firefighters and declension DonationDepartment of NursingTable of ContentsI. primer education on Affiliating Agency. II. Definition of Community.. III. Approaches Used to Assess Community..IV. Description of Survey..V. Assessment of Community.A.People 1. Age and gender Distribution 2.Ethnicity 3.Educational Levels 4.Language5.Religion.6.Income7.Occupations..8.HousingB.Community Structures1. establishment or Management ..2.Educational Agencies....3.Agents of Social Control..4.Informal personnel Structures.. 5.Production, Consumption & Distributionof Goods and Services.6.Family StructuresC.Other Aspects1.Geography2.Transportation...3. entertainment4.Communication..D.Health Risk Factors..E.Resources for Dealing with Risk Factors1.Social Changes needful to Combat Risk Factors.F.StressorsG.Analysis of Data..VI. Summary VII. ConclusionsVIII. Recommendations..IX. ReferencesX. Appendices A. American cherry-red Cross Web Site Hom e PageB.Neumans Community Assessment ModelC.Community Blood Donation SurveyD.Survey ResultsA Community Assessment of Erie County Voluntary Firefighters and Blood DonationThe need for extraction grows every day. Blood donation centers continuously request the general creation to donate. Specific populations are expected to participate in residential area activities more, callable to the nature of their work. One such group are the volunteer relievers of Erie County, naked York. These are the men and women who rescue victims of accidents and disasters daily. The purpose of this assessment, done in joint with the American Red Cross, is to determine whether and why volunteer firefighters participate in fund donation.The scope of this assessment offer include a interpretation of the Erie County volunteer firefighter population, the community structures of the Erie County, and other various aspects of the community as well. It will include health risks and stressors relative to firefighting. The identification of volunteer firefighter needs and recommendations to remedy these needs along with conclusions drawn from the research will be provided. An analysis of the data collected will be provided.Background Information on Affiliating AgencyThe affiliating agency used for this assessment was the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross began in 1881 as an set-back of the European Red Cross by Clara Barton in Dansville, NY. Its purpose is to provide emergency aid during civil disasters such as floods and earthquakes, offer improver services for armed forces personnel and their families, and operate centers for the collecting and processing blood and blood products. (Davis, 1993, p. 79) The name of the local chapter in Erie County is the Greater Buffalo Chapter (see auxiliary A).Definition of CommunityCommunity, according to Anderson and McFarlane (2000), is described as a tortuous webs of people shaped by relationships, interdependence, mutual interest s, and patterns of interaction (p. 93). Further, Anderson and McFarlane note The community encompasses people in a particular time and place (p.

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