Monday, June 10, 2019

Demographics of Democrats vs. Republicans Research Paper

Demographics of Democrats vs. Republicans - Research Paper ExampleHow constantly, now that we atomic number 18 a month away from the presidential elections November 6th and the political arena seems to be on fire as Obama and Romney try to garner votes for their campaigns especially after their debate the last week, this made me funny and made me decide to conduct a research on the demographics of Democrats and Republicans. I know its not that important to many of us, but have you ever wondered which party has the highest number of highly educated members? Which is the dominant religion in the Senate? Or which party has the highest number of military men in the house? The tectonic plates of the American politics are shifting, and the demographic forces are reshaping the electorate and the major political parties. I have done some research on these parties and compiled the population characteristics of the 1) wealthiness (economic status), 2) education and intellect, 3) religion.A large number of Americans consider the Republican Party to be the party of the rich (Osterman, 28). Surprisingly the majority of the banks in America are in support of Romney based on their generous contributions to the Republicans. The investment bank is on the forefront having contributed $637,000, and JP Chase Bank, JP Morgan and Bank of America follow closely and as we all know banks are the hearts of our economic system. On the other hand, Democrats are supported by companies led by Microsoft, which has donated $419,000 for the elections campaign than Google and Harvard University. The wealthiest Americans are Republicans bit the largest number of poor and middle-class Americans favors Democrats. Republicans are economically conservative, and their policies seem to favor the rich people and institutions such as the Wall Street (Levine, 27). The ideological centers of temperance towards the finance industry between the two parties are the causes of the wealth alignment.

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