Saturday, August 10, 2019

Business Strategic report of Peets Coffee and Tea Research Paper

Business Strategic report of Peets Coffee and Tea - Research Paper Example Peet’s coffee competes with smaller coffeehouses such as Tully’s and Caribou Coffee. For it to gain an upper hand, Peet’s coffee should differentiate its products from those of its competitors. It can achieve this by selling itself to the consumers as a memorable experience. Moreover, it should focus its coffee business to a single distribution channel, for instance, the grocery. As a result, this would enhance the company brand awareness in those areas. The current recession in the US economy could severely affect Peet business since sales revenue based on luxurious coffee brand depends entirely on consumer confidence.Peet coffee focuses on the production of high-quality coffee products. It is known for its introduction of dark roasted Arabica coffee in the US market. The company has one of the finest group of roasters who are considered to have great mastery in their craft after undergoing three of training. Peet runs its roasting activities in a recently opene d facility in California. The facility was developed in a design that conserved energy and had minimal environmental impact.The company has managed to attract and maintain a large group of loyal consumers who call themselves the â€Å"Peetnicks† although the term as evolved to include consumers that adore quality coffee and tea. Peet coffee has a wide variety of signature blends such as French Roast, Espresso Forte, Fair Trade Blend, and Arabian Mocha-Java. Its stores located in most parts of the country offer 2-hour free wireless internet for its customers.

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