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Information Searches Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Information Searches - Term Paper Example A low involvement product can also be one that requires less effort in decision making because it is constantly bought. A regular buying behavior normally occurs if the involvement is low and there is a small brand difference. (Sandhusen, 2000) In this case therefore, the consumer of the product selects it because it is familiar to him or her. A man’s perfume is a good example of a product in this category. Medium involvement purchase is defined as a situation whereby the consumer would not care when selecting a product for purchase. For instance when booking a holiday hotel room, the consumer may not mind about the nature of services at the hotel because he or she there for a short time. Most products and services in this category are normally impulse because there is normally no prior consideration to buy them. An example is the purchase of new dresses, blouse and jewelry for a night out. High involvement purchases are those whereby the buyer spares much time and effort in s earching for the products. Involvement in any type of purchase gets high for those products that are costly and are much significant to ones’ life. (Evans, 1982). Consumer behavior is the study of individual or groups and how they choose, secure and dispose products and services in order for them to get satisfied. ... (Kotler,1986). Consumers normally carry out both internal and external search. Internal search is normally a psychological process that involves a buyer’s perception about a certain product. The consumer may want to know about their direct experiences about a certain product in the market: The feelings, attitudes, beliefs and behaviors about a certain product in the market. For instance, a lady may not want to use certain soap because it dries her skin. Information search is also a tool to determine consumer behavior which is affected by the buyer’s learning, attitude, perceptions and risk.(Kotler,1986). Manufacturers of products will normally come up with the necessary actions which make consumers search for information about their purchases. These include processes such as, standardization of prizes for the products, advertising which creates awareness to customers for them to make the appropriate decision about a product. Again, they can offer promotions and free sam ples in order to motivate the buyers. Thirdly, manufacturing companies of these products should at times brand their products so that the customers can notice something new about the products and buy them. In the production of a lady’s perfume for instance, makers need to pay attention to the above marketing strategies. (Kotler,1986). Problem recognition helps consumers feel a discrepancy about the number of brands of a product in the market. The principles regarding problem recognition and reaching the consumer’s desired state include the following. First is the issue of product analysis. This is whereby makers of products look keenly in to the product before selling it to consumers. Again, the makers need to

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