Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Recruitment and Selection of Talented Staff (Tesco) Dissertation

Recruitment and Selection of Talented Staff (Tesco) - Dissertation Example Tesco, one of the largest retailers and largest private employer in the UK, have lost market share and company reputation in recent times due to high employee turnover. They expect to add 20,000 UK but it is not known to what extent they have a structured recruitment and selection process. With the aim to evaluate if retailers align the recruitment and selection of talent with their corporate strategy, three research objectives were stated. The study concludes that Tesco has not given focus to employee recruitment and retention in their corporate strategy. Their corporate strategy focuses on brand building as they have been suffering from an adverse brand image. While Tesco is proactive in the recruitment process they do not employ informal methods of recruitment. Corporate strategies reflect long-term workforce strategy and direct the recruitment and selection policy but this has not found to be valid in the case of Tesco. SMART recommendations have been made which would help Tesco reduce employee turnover. Employee recruitment has been the focus of research by many scholars and there has been an increase in the variety of recruitment topics (Breaugh, 2008) thereby suggesting that recruitment is a critical function of the HRM. Esbjerg, Buck and Grunert (2010) are of the opinion that human resources management (HRM) practices of retailers has not been the focus of researchers although larger retailers face several challenges in managing the work force. The success of the organizations depends upon their ability to tap into the talent and skills of their employees. This requires a holistic approach to recruitment and the selection process. Human resources are now considered valuable capital, valuable assets that should be motivated and retained in the organization. However, this implies that the recruitment and selection of the right people with the right skills in the right position would make the difference between success and failure of an organization (HRMID 2005). Recruitment is no more based on the traditional approach of personnel management. It has undergone tremendous changes due to globalization,

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