Wednesday, September 18, 2019

My Philosophy of Education Essay -- Philosophy on Teaching Statement

Philosophy of Education One characteristic of a good teacher is a sound philosophy of education. This will ensure the readiness of the teacher in the classroom setting. The philosophy should be thought out with care and contain concrete ideas concerning several aspects of education. My philosophy of education contains my view about: the nature of students, the nature of knowledge, the purpose of public education, teaching methods, and curriculum. People have many different views about the nature of students. Like Rousseau, I feel that students are neither good nor evil. The situations they encounter in their everyday lives shape the way they behave and the person they become. The nature of students isn’t always shaped by money or social status. For example, a poor student may grow up to set a good example for society. They may secure a good position at a successful job regardless of social class. On the other hand, a socially affluent student may grow up and become a criminal. Experiences determine which path every student will take. Students can choose to make the best of their circumstances or let these circumstances control their fate. Children from single parent homes can choose to let their situation be an excuse for lack of progress, or they can choose not to let it stand in their way. I feel that circumstances such as being from a single parent home or losing a parent aren’t sufficient reasons n ot to succeed. Some students may choose to use them as such, but in reality, these are not excuses at all. Rousseau felt that children should only be exposed to the good experiences. In my opinion, this may make the child weak and leave him or her to deal with later life events. I also agree with Rousseau... ...cular career choices. However, all students should have a general understanding of basic scientific processes. Some everyday items can be created through basic scientific knowledge. Fire extinguishers can be created rather quickly if needed for a small emergency. Giving a plant the appropriate proportions of water, sunlight, and fertilizer can be assessed through a basic understanding of some scientific principles. Teachers have many responsibilities to themselves and their students. They are responsible for the knowledge their students gain and sometimes the paths they take. A teacher can â€Å"make or break† a student. Students will respect a good teacher and admire them. They are willing to learn from a good teacher. A sound philosophy and a knowledge of what the teacher expects from his or her self is a step in the right direction with regard to a career.

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