Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Korea threats essays

Korea threats essays The article that I found deals with one of the countrys that President Bush has deemed the axis of evil. North Korea is one of a few counties that pose as a genuine threat, not only to the United States, but to the rest of the world as well. North Korea has finally admitted to an active nuke program after it has promised to discontinue their activity. Their nuclear capability worries the people of South Korea and the United States, which has been expressed numerous times by President Bush. North Korea is the country that poses as a serious threat to the United States. Iraq is the other country that Bush has labeled was part of the axis of evil; Iran is the only other country than North Korea that is seen as a large threat. The United Sates had arranged to help North Korea in 2002; in fact they were ready to take economic and political steps to improve the lives of North Korea civilization. North Korea then admitted they had a mass destruction program; this is after the US rightfully vowed not to harbor any country that supports terrorism. North Korea has continually let the international community that they have the ability to build nuclear warheads since 2002. At the end of 2002, they were found two have enough plutonium two build two nuclear bombs. They were trying to lure the United States to help North Korea in their never ending war with South Korea. North Korea wanted the US to look out for their people and give food to a malnourished country. At the same time they were trying to get our support by threatening our country. In conclusion, according to the just war theory the country that we would have rightfully gone to war with is North Korea. The just cause is seen as to secure the life of not only the people in North and South Korea but also all the countries that are in danger by North Korea. Iraq was never found to have mass weapons of destruction, and that is the main reason people are ex...

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