Saturday, October 5, 2019

Mixed Methods - Mixed Methods Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Mixed Methods - Mixed Methods - Research Paper Example However, the problem comes in during analysis of the findings using mixed research approach (Tashakkori, & Teddlie, 2003). In a research field, the results are valued differently according to the use or importance of the outcome. According to Tashakkori, & Teddlie (2003), in a mixed research, an investigator applies both qualitative and quantitative study technique to obtain detailed and reliable information about a particular matter. This may occur at two levels. First, it may occur as a â€Å"single approach design† whereby the results obtained in a particular approach are improved by employing the other technique to acquire additional information. The other one is â€Å"mixed approach designs† where the researcher separates research approach and research design (Trochim, & Donnelly, 2008). Both â€Å"mixed-model designs and mixed-methods designs† apply mixed research approach to yield high quality output. Mixed method is useful when researcher want to develop his or her study from one level to another. For instance, the researcher may use qualitative research method to gather data which will guide him or her to make some assumptions (Tashakkori, & Teddlie, 2003). These assumptions are tested through quantitative study approach. Also, it is applicable in the reverse direction whereby, the researcher starts with quantitative study and then apply qualitative research approach to clarity some assumptions. Therefore, mixed method is useful where neither qualitative nor quantitative research techniques cannot generate meaningful output individually. Also, it is important because it adds value to the outcome of the study (Trochim, & Donnelly, 2008). However, this method poses limitations when it comes to making analysis of investigation

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