Thursday, October 17, 2019

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Web search (see instruct) - Essay Example Research has shown a number of curriculum models as effective. Creative curriculum is an approach, which is based on theory and research of understanding how children learn ( It focuses on hands on child-centred approach with creativity being the keyword. In a class when children are told a story about ships in oceans, instead of imagining the scene they are taught and encouraged to set their boats in water. This is an example of creative curriculum in place during the classroom instruction. On the other hand, bank street curriculum focuses on building interaction among students and inculcating a sense of community feeling and social responsibility in them ( The activities are designed to turn children into social individuals who care for and work for the well being of others. The attempt is to acquaint the children with the physical world, which is taught through playing with blocks, paint, clay, water etc. The prospect of making children work together for instance by getting them to work with blocks, paves way for social interaction and also builds their association with the outside world. The Montessori method believes in exploring, self-study and focuses more on preparing the environment than the child. ( It is not the teacher who educates the child but the environment and peers around him. Hence the teacher must prepare and adapt to the environment in order to develop the learning opportunity for the child. Yet another interesting feature is that the class size is relatively larger than other classes thereby increasing the scope for independent learning. According to the approach, when a child is left in a room with other children and educational materials for company, the learning is more than through conscious effort. This curricular model can be applied in class by setting a time for such an activity. This method has been hugely successful, as research shows profound effect on

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