Sunday, November 17, 2019

Frontier Airlines Portfolio Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Frontier Airlines Portfolio - Research Proposal Example former Frontier Airlines, together with the founders put together a business plan to reformulate the company into a new incarnation and call it ‘Frontier’. With an investment of $516,000, the business could forge a new place for itself in the market. On February 9, 1994, this plan was put into action as the newly formed company became incorporated. The head office was opened on March 15, starting an airline that could serve both coasts and earn a position as a ‘national’ airline (Our History, 2009). In April of 1994, private stock placements net $1.3 million, and by May 20 public stock offerings earn $7.6 million which covers the startup financing as outlined in the business plan. By June 9, the first reservation is made by our first passenger and the company is ready to fly! By July 1, 1994, Continental Airlines has vacated 25 routes through Denver, which allows Frontier to launch its first flights on July 5th. In the first month of service, Frontier carries 5,922 passengers and in the next five months, the airline has added several new routes. Within the first six months that Frontier has been flying, the airline We are now flying to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and other locations, and will be adding flights to Seatle/Tacoma, San Diego, and St Louis during the year. The airline ends flights to Fargo and Bismarck, N.D., which is an end to the original eight destinations flown by the airline. At the end of 1996, the airline has increased its size in eighteen months of operation to a fleet of 10 737’s, 725 employees, and 1,877,3372 passengers. (1993, 2009). In 1997, Frontier announces that it will merge with Western Pacific, but the merger is called off in September. However, Western Pacific is forced to shut down operations in February of 1998, allowing Frontier to become the principal carrier out of Denver International Airport, offering low-fare prices and quality service. By the end of 1998 we have grown to a fleet size of 17 Boeing 737

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