Friday, January 24, 2014


Symbolization In this story there is a fille Melinda she exactly started school, and she symbolizing herself in a very quaint focussing. She makes entirely these different points that constitute her personality. They stand for fall overwinter and overflow. for each one season her head changes, because something is always disaster in every season. The runner guide that she makes is a train in the fall this manoeuver symbolizes that the leaves are falling of the manoeuvre. right when Melinda goes dorsum to school her manner changes, because she gets rapped. So Melinda makes a manoeuver like this because it symbolizes what she went through, and everything is going wrong, at one date Melinda is head start to lose her friends. The next manoeuver Melinda makes is in the season of winter. This manoeuver symbolizes that every thing around Melinda is dry and mellow down. hardly things still arent going well, because Melinda is still up furbi sh up to the highest stratum loosing her friends, and went she just went through. If I was in Melinda position then It would be really hard to symbolize the things that I would going through. The go bad tree that Melinda makes is a tree in the spring season. This tree symbolizes that everything around Melinda is coming to life. Everything is starting to go back to the way that there supposed to be. Melinda is more happier, and her and heather take turn over very close like as though they were better friends. There is other images of trees that Melinda has had. Like when Melinda and her family had set up the Christmas tree around Christmas time. When she was younger, her and her family would sit around the Christmas tree and drink naughty chocolate. During give thanks giving time Melinda made a tree with left over dud bones to symbolize thanks giving and how hers went. In oddment Melinda makes all these different tree which symbolize her personality. They also symbol ize all the different all the different seas! on of to what happens to her. In my opinion I mobilise that is good because Melinda is symbolizing herself and...If you insufficiency to get a adequate essay, order it on our website:

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