Friday, January 24, 2014

Where I Sit

Where I sit The capital is a wonderful slur where I can forget in all my problems and Concerns. On the roof, which has a ironic ground, I can specify the three weewee tanks that interpret water to our house. On the roof, which is cold to stand on in the winter and hot to sit on in the summer, I watch the swarms of pigeons that my neighbors raise, which is a fair view. On the roof, where the range plays in as it was its own playground, all the beautiful smells break in a mixture of wonderful natural smells that I enjoy. The beautiful smell is caused from hundreds of flowers, tens of olive trees, and tens of grape, apricot, apple, orange trees and tens of other kinds of trees that I dearmaking. On the roof, which is three floors high gear, I can see the entire neighborhood, wad walking in the street, kids playing football game in the street, guys hanging in the corner of the street, and me watching them all with a pull a face on my face. On the roof, which is qu it for a moment and abuzz in another, I can hear all the conks on the ground and up the sky. I can hear the sound of the kids yelling at each other, cars passing from the street, the coo of swarms of pigeons dancing in the sky, and the Adhan glade my heart and soul. On the roof, which is made from concrete, I learn to be strong and I learn to view as a smile on my face. On the roof that is high I look to the sky and I put my ambitions between the clouds where I can reach. On the roof I distinguish peace treaty and I learn calmness. On the roof I love to drink tea with a mixture of mint, sage, anise, or thyme. On the roof I clearly can see the fireworks that are used in the wedding parties in the neighborhood. Thats the roof of my house back home that still has to a greater extent beauty I didnt describe, I love it and I miss it.If you want to get a practiced essay, assign it on our website:

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