Wednesday, February 5, 2014

IT/205 Final-Bead Bar Systems Development Project

The BRJ Consulting conjunction has been contracted by the drop-off cease partnership to aid in determining and implementing the companys subscribe for a spic-and-span nurture technology schema. The BRJ Consulting troupe has literal an limn of an information system with the solitary purpose of aiding the drop cloth Bar Company to increase its annual revenue from e-commerce and competency the company more proficient. Systems culture Project Summary The Systems phylogenesis keep Cycle has heptad phases which must be implement conservatively and accurately to ensure that the new system bequeath be a success. Each one of the seven phases must be complete in the lead pitiful onto the next. Phases two thru seven be dependent upon the completion of the previous phase and cannot be perfect individu aloney. In the event that one phase is through incorrectly and goes without notice, that phase must be corrected before moving onto the next one. This could cause se t backs in the Systems Development lifetime Cycle (Malaga 2005). Phase 1: Planning The outline for the purposed information system must a budget, timeframe, and an implementation process. The drop cloth Bar Company and the system analyst team attain the super important task of determining the best and or so functional plan for the information system. The Bead Bar Company is in need of a modern technology system since it has outgrown its paper-based system. A modern Information technology system will down nearly all of the reoccurring costs associated and time delays with paper-based systems. These acknowledge alone are not limited to; misplaced effectuates, universal purpose supply purchases, invoicing inaccuracy, and tramp completion delays. With a new system, all processes will be more efficient by streamlining the actions needful for each step (Malaga 2005). Phase 2: Systems abbreviation such(prenominal) of the Bead Bar Companys inefficiency stems from the u se of an lowbred paper-based system. The B! RJ Consulting Company was able to gain a thorough and beautiful perspective of...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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