Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Dawn of Aids

Biology, 2B History on AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a widely known slant borne indisposition. It weakens your immune system to the argue of devastation by just a popularalty cold, and is a repelling version of HIV. Controversy everywhere was caused because of this new illness. This affection was around popular during the early 1980s and was popular opinion to precisely rear precise groups of people. It wasnt until further research that scientists in condition(p) the admittedly mysteries of this deadly disease. AIDS is caused by contaminateion with HIV. The disease targets alert organs in the immune system and today destroys specific cells needed to fight back infections, viruses, and other common illnesses. The cells whence used to help the torso fight score infections argon turned into more HIV cells making the body good of the infection. Once those defenses are destroyed a psyche is open to many dangerous sicknesses. AIDS was originated from west- central Africa by means of chimpanzees in a hunter gather environment. Somehow, civilians contract the disease with the animal and dispel it throughout their partnership until people travel to other countries and spread it there where it became a global conflict. two diseases are spread through cozy intercourse, semen, blood transfusions, bureau milk, and any other contact with an infect persons blood. You can non get AIDS through general contact and it is non airborne. Disease control thought it could only be spread to homosexuals through intercourse, then lively drug users through the communion of infected needles, and Haitians because of the popularity of the disease among them. Scientists were not even sure if common contact could infect a person. It wasnt until later that they sight it was spread through blood contact. Children everywhere were widely infected through blood transfusions by infected blood donors and babies were organism infected by their conveys breast milk. No one seemed to be se! cure from the new pandemic in the 1980s....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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