Thursday, June 13, 2019

Business Model Part 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Business Model Part 3 - Essay ExampleIt makes use of decision shopping center, decision frame, horizon, period, and so on which is described below for an EBE of ResearchArchive.GRAI grid helps to achieve good control and management of activities. The GRAI grid is a two dimensional structure containing horizontal functional blocks with decision centers. A decision centre is an organization unit which is the locus of a decision making process. (Vernadat, F, 1996, p.296) A decision center represents an entity that gives decisions which can be persons or automated machines or estimator programs as well. The flow of decision marks the dependencies between various activities. Diagrammatically it is represented by a double arrow. The information flow is the amount of selective information that is exchanged, referred or shared by different functional units amongst themselves for efficient functioning. For example, the recruitment process will need the information from various units nigh costing plans, about vacancies, roles that need responsibility, etc. In that case the flow of information is marked accordingly to show linkages between units. This information flow is diagrammatically represented by single arrow.Different levels in the grid signify occurrence of activities at that level. Precisely, grid makes it simpler to understand the frequency of repetition of certain activities over other activities with compliance to priorities and duration of execution. The nature of task is also of prime importance while locating the task in grid.The company functions by first making usable and organizing the e-material that is to be traded. Hence it needs to locate sources for its own benefit. Next important step is to acquire and manage humankind as well as non human resources to carry out company tasks. Managing funds, cash inflow and out flow is crucial for company growth and its survival in competitive market. It

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