Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Cross-cultural Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Cross-cultural Management - Essay Exampled by non-occupied markets, cheap labor force, tax exemptions, convenient locations and they are positioning themselves to the new territories to increase their value (Konecena, 2006). All these factors contribute to the new area of management indulge cultural management. The concept of cross-cultural team management was emphasized on when western countries recognized a huge inflow of expatriates. As a resolve the composition of workforce over in that respect became more diverse in nature. Since the managers were still using the western look of team management, it was not considered the best way of handling individuals who arrived from different parts of the world. This sparked the interest of researchers to focus on cross cultural issues in management literature (Taras & Rowney, 2006).This paper focuses on the particular expectation of cross cultural management team building and their management. Teams are a core characteristic of every o rganization and they are formed and nurtured to achieve organizational goals and objectives. The emerging trend towards cross cultural teams has attracted the attention of many managers as these teams are considered as more innovative and creative than ordinary teams. However there are contentious issues and challenges underlying the above concept. If managers comprehend on these issues thoroughly then only they can derive substantial benefits from it and can enhance organizational effectiveness. This document also focuses on difference in working styles of diverse range of cultures and how they affect team performance.According to Kreitner & Kinicki (2004), Cross cultural management explains the demeanour of people in organizations around the world and shows people how to work in organizations with employee and client populations from many different cultures. Cross cultural team management encompasses the password team in above definition. Multicultural workgroups and teams are now no longer described as a voluntary practice but

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