Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 7

Research - Essay Examplehat, in situations where there is the need to optimize the intent of resources especially in the low income countries, there is a tendency to scale down the local strategies for quality to enable the practitioner and the constrained wellness providers to serve a larger population. The growth of the health sector has thus concentrated on geographical coverage and based more of their services to providing universal health at the expense of the quality. Most of the resources atomic number 18 focused to expansion leaving loopholes for inefficiencies and incompetence if not unprofessionalism. According to the article by the world health organization, there is a need to address the health issue from a systems perspective (World Health Organization, 3). For this research proposal, I will review previous data on the topic and develop the various problems encountered in health care, examine them in the light of the efforts to mitigate them and come up with a plan t o work out the inefficiencies and ensure there is an optimal apportioning of resources and optimal gains, as a result.When we look at health care in an economic perspective, health care involves the provision of services and the receipt of pay for the services (Lebrun-Harris, Lydie A., et al., 44). However, the rate with which an individual seeks health care largely depends on his/her resource endowments especially in cases where they are not covered by amends cover and admit to pay through an out-of pocket basis. Access to health care is thus limited by the constrained resources. However, healthcare in the contemporary day has become more of an enterprise, and the providers are aiming at expanding more and reaping more profits for their services. This has led to the use of incompetent personnel in place of doctors, the use of low quality alternative medicine, application of procedures that undermine the patients health status, for better monetary rewards among them carrying ou t a caesarian section where the patient can have

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